Eating your way Through the Quarantine

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Tonight, it’s chicken street tacos.  Will I limit myself to three? In your dreams. The key is to limit yourself to half a dozen and even then, that may be too few to bring the meal to a conclusion. 
Limiting ingredients is important during the quarantine, so a bag of Costco chicken breasts, some scallions, a bit of red onion and cilantro along with grilled corn tortillas is one solution. I’m sure that you have others that work just as well.  
Tomorrow will be cod, breaded and baked, sliced potatoes and onions fried in bacon grease for flavor, and a sliced tomato with olive oil, balsalmic, salt & pepper. 
Sure, I could open a can of chili or maybe Cream of Bat and eat it with saltines, but that’s for emergencies and we’re not there. Not quite yet.

21 thoughts on “Eating your way Through the Quarantine

  1. I know some people who consider tacos to be an essential food group. They may have something there. For me tonight it was ham and beans with cornbread. Hit the spot.

  2. Mr. Wolf, I get it, I really do. How can you eat just THREE street tacos? I've been there and I know it's pretty much impossible. Speaking of which, a Thai red curry's on the menu here, thanks to frozen chicken breasts. This too, for me, is moreish.

  3. Sounds good to me, LL.
    Thinking of grilling some steak Thursday. Don't know about tomorrow yet.
    God bless!

  4. I'm going to wait for the store brand before I try the ' Cream of Bat Soup '. Campbell's tends to charge more than I'm willing to pay for their soups.

    Thanks for the post.
    Paul L. Quandt

  5. New England Boiled Dinner here. Chuck roast, carrots, potatoes and onions. Along with a sort of failed batter bread because I couldn't find the new baking powder I thought I had and used the old, to decidedly unfluffy results. It still tasted OK.

  6. The soup is made from the finest Wuhan bats. You should try it…once the vaccine is available.

  7. Any soup with home made bread and butter is good. I expect that even Bat Soup would be good with your home made bread.

  8. Having eaten at the Mess there at the compound at Hillsboro, I can attest to the flavor and quality of the food. You need to go back to your COOKING WITH LSP videos.

  9. I can't find Cream of Bat at my local market, I even asked… would you mind terribly if you could send a case for me? You take Green Stamps Right?

  10. We ordered calf and half of a hog last week from the local butcher. The bone in ribeyes are being cut 1 1/2" thick. Beef ribs, brisket and lot of ground beef and pork chops. Also scored (2) 50 lbs bags lump charcoal and a new 20 cuft freezer. Cream of Bat? I don't think so

    Steve in Texas

  11. Arrrrrrrgh! I've been eating like they may cut off the supply of food at any moment. And most of it has been carbs. Not good. Not at all good!

  12. Cream of Bat made Wuhan what it is today!

    The calf and hog sound like a great idea. This whole COVID-19 drama suggested to me that I need greater freezer capacity. The generator will keep things cold if the grid fails.

  13. I heard from a friend in Carlisle that the food situation there was dire. Nothing on the shelves.

  14. I may just capture a live bat locally and send it to you.

    Then again, don't witches use dried bat parts? I could harvest them from caves here and sell them in Hollywood.

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