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There’s no such thing as a “woke” vegetarian, great white shark.

The Kennedy Center

The $2 trillion economic stimulus to aid people out of work and businesses in trouble was passed with $25,000,000 earmarked for the Kennedy Center. I guess that the people there needed to be stimulated. 
Let’s review how that organization is supposed to be funded. It was authorized by the 1958 National Cultural Center Act of Congress, which required that its programming be sustained through private funds.  You can read the act for yourself, but trust me, that’s what it says. Its activities include educational and outreach initiatives, that are funded through ticket sales and gifts from individuals, corporations, and private foundations. 
To boil it down, it’s a place for elites to congratulate themselves for being born better than you are. And they’re supposed to pay for the privilege of congratulating themselves. But the skinflint elites would like to be subsidized. Thus the $25M in tax funds.
It would be easy to blame Nancy Pelosi and her flying monkeys, but the Republicans are just as elite, just as special, and are also better than you are. So they gave the nod to the expenditure.
Basic Rules For Life in the Big Outdoors

(1) Nobody is coming to save you.

(2) Everything is your responsibility.

(3) Save who/what needs to be saved.

(4) Kill who/what needs to be killed.

(5) Always be working the problems around you.

And according to Bukowski:

22 thoughts on “Mish-Mash

  1. Bukowski, is a smart man. I am praying the DOJ is gonna find something on Pelosi to arrest her and put her away. It has to be, the nation is on teh slippy slide as it is.

  2. Pelosi is like Hillary. She has dirt on the thieves in her den and can blackmail her way out of trouble. She aspires to be Hillary and I think that the aspirations are working.

  3. One wonders if the Congress critters even care their part of the government has, an has had for years, the lowest approval rating? Nah.

  4. I said the same thing this morning about the Kennedy Center should be funded by donations by the crappy elite who benefit from hanging around each other pretending to be cultured. I guess it was intended to be that way.

  5. Remind me how much that Bridge to Nowhere near Ketchikan, AK was going to cost?

    Seems to me it was around $25,000,000.00, give or take a few million. I've been to the Kennedy Center on a few occasions. Everybody around me was better born than me. Of course, I could say that about everywhere I've ever been.

  6. Is there going to be a new URL? Anything to change on our ends?

    And FWIW, that looks like a Mako.

  7. I think that they could give a rat's ass, so long as they are re-elected and their personal gravy train continues.

  8. They are our betters. They need a platform for self congratulation, for fancy banquets, for arts that they can enjoy while wearing expensive clothing and drinking expensive beverages. And it seems, they'd like to see the taxpayer foot the bill. Nothing new there. "Let them eat cake".

  9. I have no problem with the existence of the Kennedy Center. Keep to the model and the charter under which it was created. The programming should be sustained by private funds.

  10. So I screwed up on the shark type? Oooops.

    Yes, but will link seamlessly to the blogspot URL now in use.

  11. I like the gentler rebranding of this site. The opening infographic, for example.

    The migration thing's kind of a deal… I gave up in the end and stuck with the evil google blogger.

    It's stopped raining. Might have to start shooting.

  12. You have to buy special software to handle the migration and you need the bandwidth and the software designers to integrate it along with the new search engine (which is kind of exciting to me – but I'm easily excited here in the lonely mine, high in the ponderosas).

  13. LL, glad your back in the 'blog business". I need some sanity! All the nut jobs from California that destroyed Nevada were out in full force today. I started packing 2 extra mags for the "19"…lol

  14. They want to destroy Arizona as well. I don't usually need to pack spare magazines, but it is better to have and not need than to need and not have. May I recommend the Duluth Trading heavy duty suspenders (that attach to metal rivets) for your trousers when you're loaded out? It just works easier.

  15. Government creates the mess then runs to the rescue and "the people" celebrate them, like Caesar feeding the game attendees, who he starved for a while. Same-o, same-o.

    People are followers, even in the backcountry. I recall during a NOLS course the story went something like this:

    Paul Petzoldt was doing some backcountry mapping and lake stocking, set up camp at one end of nice lake a ways into the Wind Rivers, then saddled up and left camp. Later in the afternoon he came back and there was a tent 20' from his…no one else was around. Later when the tent owners came back they couldn't find their tent and gear…Petzoldt came out of his tent and proceeded to tell them he took the liberty of moving their gear to the other end of the lake because he wasn't out in the wilderness to be in a crowd.

    I have often seen this dynamic in action but like Bukowski I live where people go to camp so I don't have to have anyone too close. And when out, even around the property, your Rules are paramount.

  16. Duluth Trading heavy duty suspenders (that attach to metal rivets)That is my go to for every day wear, I just love suspenders since Robin Williams wore them in Mork and Mindy. Just to show how old I am… And they do handle a 45, and three mags quite nicely. I don't have plumbers crack or look like a yute from the hood.

  17. The campers show up when the weather is good and leave when it's not. I have a gate with a combo and it keeps people out of the area generally. I have posted biohazard signs recently. Let's see how they react to those…

  18. They have a license to print money, which means that Congress is like a guy in a whorehouse with somebody else's credit card.

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