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Log Item: Santa Rosa Plateau

Tenaja Falls
My daughter, Emilie, reminded me that I promised to take her on a motorcycle ride up through the Santa Rosa Plateau (back side of Camp Pendleton, CA), and to breakfast. The Santa Rosa Plateau is a really nice area full of orchards, vineyards, estates and some ecological preserves with hiking trails. We weren’t hiking today, we were biking on the Diavel.
It’s a delightful ride and we spent three hours riding down roads covered over with canopies of trees (tree tunnels), and through winding valleys. 
2017 has been a wet year and there are some seasonal lakes that remain filled despite the summer dry season. It’s the climate change that Al Gore warned us all about.

We drove south to Fallbrook and I told Emilie to yelp someplace to eat and she came up with the Main Street Cafe. 
Emilie ordered the biscuits and gravy. Not me.
LL on Diavel
And then it was east from Fallbrook toward I-15 completing the loop.
The Ducati ran like a clock and its nimble handling makes it a joy to drive on narrow back roads such as those encountered today.
There are a few routine maintenance issues that I need to see to, but tools and supplies are still packed in the endless boxes in the garage. I don’t want to unpack here because we’re moving again.

13 thoughts on “The Morning Run

  1. Way back when I used to own and ride bikes, a nice morning run was a great way to clear out the cobwebs!

    I started with a Kawasaki 500cc triple I bought as a disassembled basket case, then traded it in on a leftover 1975 Kawasaki triple, and then graduated to Yamahas. I had an RD-350, and then an RD-400 done up as a "cafe racer" with a small fairing, clip-on bars, a set of tuned chambers and K&N air cleaners.

    Had a lot of fun, but got tired of seeing friends taken out by little old blue-haired ladies in Cadillacs, so I gave up on bikes.

  2. I've had a few and the Kawasakis were exceptionally fast. The Diavel is also a ground rocket, and it's light, but better engineered than the old Kawis. I put a sissy bar (low) on behind for the passenger's comfort as with out it, they dropped off the back of the scooter when I throttled-up.

  3. Oh yeah they were!

    It was the first bike I ever drove that would push you back to the taillight when you opened the throttle all the way.

    They didn't handle very well, though. I'd try and lean it, and try some more, and try a little harder, and then it wanted to fall over!

    My first little Yamaha taught me a great deal about how a bike should handle. You just kind of "thought" it through the corners, and it would go.

  4. Yes indeed. I had to work in the afternoon but the morning was all mine – and Emilie's.

  5. Looks like you and Emilie had a good ride through some pretty country!
    Isn't it always the way that what you need is packed already, and what you don't is not… LOL

  6. I was looking for scissors this morning – packed (who knows where, the boxes in the garage are labeled, but I'll have to go through at least 20 of them to find scissors).

  7. I'll go somewhere and buy a pair. In this new location I don't know that there is a dollar store anywhere close.

  8. Looks like a fun ride and some daddy daughter time for good measure! 🙂


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