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David Leonhardt of the NY Times explains income inequality HERE, and blames President Trump for the 2014 spike. Hey, New York Times, President Trump wasn’t the US President in 2014. In the classic communist party model that we’ve seen played out in Russia, North Korea, China, Cuba, and now in Venezuela, there are two classes. The very rich and the poor. This is how ‘social justice’ looks.
The capacity to maintain a robust middle class is the hallmark of a Republic and that middle class has been under assault for decades. Things were set right under President Reagan, but that did not last. The Reagan dividend continued under Bill Clinton because the momentum was strong and the Contract with America helped keep it going. 
A bigger government killed the middle class. More government spending and more government debt sucked all of the air out of the room. The article explains that the ideal would be to return to the 1950’s and 1960’s. I agree. No healthcare entitlements, and smaller government spending with more of the business of governing devolved to the cities, counties and states. 
This is the choice that the Deep State wanted to
offer you.
The NY Times got it backwards. Their prescription for wealth building is a bigger federal government with more money being pushed down from Washington DC to schools and into government healthcare. The answer is just the opposite, and that’s what President Trump is doing. The corrupt, lying, smug, nasty, sly mainstream media doesn’t want to explain that while the stock market being stronger than it has EVER been tends to benefit everyone. A rising tide floats all boats. Allowing the states to deal with education and healthcare tends to focus the money where it’s needed for the very poor without mountains of federal regulations. Fewer government jobs means that there is more money in the hands of the (non-government apparatchik) middle class.
We are choked to death on entitlements. You can pour a billion dollars into “fixing Detroit” and billion will vanish almost instantly. Barack dumped $800 billion into “shovel ready jobs” and it vanished into the bureaucracy, never to be seen. The economy didn’t get better. It got steadily worse under his watch for every-day men and women. Cronies became billionaires. Pay to play enriched the power elite.
President Trump is doing the right thing by opening up federal land for mineral exploration and extraction. It will create well paid jobs. He is doing the right thing by reducing regulations and in trying to fix the tax problem that everyone agrees is a problem. Everyone except the “Deep State”, that group of power elite who benefited so handsomely from the Obama Administration. It’s the same Deep State that wished to offer America the choice between Jeb! and Hillary. It consists of Republicans and Democrats, and their masters (your betters), mostly globalists with a stake in a weak America, who were shocked by the rise of Donald Trump. They control the filthy, corrupt mainstream media — and the NY Times. 

The election of President Trump was an upset of Biblical proportions to the Deep State and we can see their war on him play out every day in the corrupt media. However, the panic of Trump is also playing out in the panic over the Democrat Party’s incompetence. 

The “Better Deal” – that the Dems are running on is the Trump Platform with a ‘much bigger government’ twist on things. Will they manage to wrest back the halls of power from the Republican Party? Maybe…but the election of President Trump and the repudiation of Hillary and Jeb! showed a deep dissatisfaction with the effect of the Deep State and a mistrust of the people that “They”, the Deep State chose for us.

There is Washington DC, New York City, Hollywood and crime ridden inner cities pledged to vote for whoever gives them free things in their new world. Then there is everywhere else.

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  1. Good rant and it looks to me like there's a big patch of blue hovering over Austin. That's a problem.

    Solution? Float the city and send it West, to San Francisco.

  2. I have a better idea. Offer free marijuana downtown in "The great smoke out". While the hippies, parasites and tokers are there, have everyone else leave. Nuke the place with a neutron warhead (leaves the buildings standing). Then the non-fakers, takers and urchins can move back home and Austin can rejoin Texas.

  3. I actually read a meme somewhere this morning that Trump was taking credit for the Obama economy. I.kid.you.not. I'm sorry to have to share the earth with people who are that stupid. One of my St. Paul bellwether libtards spent last Sat. standing around with a little sign saying "Health care is a human right." Dope.

  4. One of the guests on Tucker Carlson last night had that talking point, The guy from New York with worse hair than Trump.

  5. LL,

    The Know Nothings of the political upper class in DC are trans-(something) into the No! Nothings! Since this group has largely produced nothing in their lives but turmoil, trauma and despair, and is now compared to Trump and the idea of producing something, tangible or not, but, nevertheless, something of value to a willing party, the American populace choses those with whom they can identify, the producing class. Leech vs. lunch.

  6. There's a lot of leech going on in the Beltway, and they've had it so good for so long (I'm thinking about George Will at this point) and people believed their line of BS so long and paid them so handsomely for it that the possibility that people are tired of their game is impossible for them to grasp.

  7. At the beginning of the campaign, FOX was behind Jeb! too. Idiots.
    I initially wantd Cruz; but I was happy to switch to Trump.
    Now if we could get rid of the lame stream media (or if hubby would stop watching)…

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