Stone Spheres

There is the famous one in Indiana Jones that rolls down the tracks and barely misses our hero…but there are others. More here.

The question is why anyone would take the time to chip away at a big rock to make a near-perfect sphere.  Yes,  Pre-Columbians didn’t have a lot to do beyond hunting, gathering and cutting the heart out of a living virgin so why not spend your days making a sphere? There is more in the article but nothing to suggest WHY they were made.

You can’t eat one, they don’t seem to be giant space alien eggs or even more common dino-eggs. Chipping one out is unlikely to get you laid (motivation for most things guys do). So why do it?


Meet the New Boss (same as the Old Boss)

Russian Colonel General Aleksandr Dvornikov (60), the Butcher of Syria. Now he is taking over Russian military operations in Ukraine. This article originally in Norwegian can be translated into English on the fly (click upper right). H/T John Derva

It might be good to have a theater commander that all subordinate commands fear.

Even in art, there is the tradition that Russian failure has to do with an incapacity to be sufficiently brutal. In the referenced film, Red Dawn, it returns. And apparently, life imitates art.

Russian Colonel General Aleksandr Dvornikov better stay off insecure comms or he will end up like the other generals who have been slain in this war.



The Ukrainian Baby

One of the most prominent rifles of the ongoing war in Ukraine has been a bullpup – the Vulcan / Malyuk, designed and developed by Ukrainian company IPI. I’m not a big bullpup fan and I’m not sure that I’m much of a fan. of. the Malyuk. It’s presented here for your review.


    • Some may be clones of Russian tactical radios. DRJIM would know by looking at them, I’ll bet.

      Bullpups look cool but I think that they’re a pain in the ass in combat. The British and French love them apparently but I don’t know why.

  1. Putin is getting desperate, not going as planned. Maybe all hat and no cattle, like a lot of our “upper echelon” morons.

    I figure those spheres are marbles for UFO alien kids so they could play shoot games on those desert line drawings.

      • Tongue in cheek, but one never knows, could also be Biblical Angel Giants.

        It’ll be more obvious for future diggers when looking under the water than figuring on the alien marbles, I can hear it: “Wow, the Russians were all-in on reef building, what great environmentalists!”.

        • Think of all those homeless fish that now have a place to live. It’s a big concept. They have two more Slava Class Cruisers in the Med. Maybe the Turks would open the straights and they could sail into the Black Sea full of hubris and attitude! Vengeance! Right.

          • I hear the Russian bread is good, at least the fish will have some food stuffs to nibble on.

            Off topic: Where freak is the UN? re: Shanghai. The Distraction News Service is focusing on “motive” from James (Uh, kinda obvious), and UKRAINE! – lapel pins and all, but ignoring the massive Stalin-Level crimes against humanity happening right now in China.

            So is our White House Do-Nothing Useless Idiots.

          • Brandon just unleashed his Helldogs on Tesla, trying to trip Musk up. How is this legal? Oh, wait, laws don’t apply to them. All of them need to take a rope drop.

  2. bullpups are sexy, like the aug, but i never could get the manual of arms down. felt like wrestling an octopus to me. so, you’re facing screams of genocide and war crimes, so you bring in a new general known for brutality? good call vlad.

    • Putin: “We must murder ALL of the Ukrainian children.” The war hasn’t gone well for him. The war has not gone well for his Chinese allies, who are walking on eggshells at this point. The new general still has the same stuff to work with — with the exception of support from the Black Sea Fleet’s flagship (haha). I wonder how the Russian Navy’s morale is doing with the news?

  3. Comment on the big round rock from pre-Columbians, which is a long time ago and the fancy tools where not thought to exist.
    After School is a neat video and this one is evidence to rewrite history. They talk about the Younger Dryas period when we were hit by a meteor and the oceans filled up again.
    Good flick and can be watched at double speed.

  4. They made the round rocks for the same reason pretty much everyone did anything until maybe the Renaissance – because if you didn’t, the big cheese had you whipped to death, etc.


  5. The bullpup returns!

    And the Ukraine? I fear they’ll go hard, given the last game plan clearly didn’t work.

    But what do I know, just a humble LSP.


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