The Curious Case of the Epstein Suicide

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First, a Brief Update on the Stork

It’s still circling the hospital as my youngest daughter is in labor to deliver a baby boy. Progressives would be calling for the mother’s right to murder this full term baby. I can only be grateful that the people in my family and the medical community doesn’t see it that way.
Mothers pass through the ‘shadow of the Valley of Death’ to deliver new life. It’s a precious, scary, painful, wonderful thing that they gave to us and that they give to all who live. It’s a family event, ideally, with the women joining with the mother as they are invited, to give comfort in this moment of pain that only other ‘mothers’ can truly understand. I expect that we’ll see white smoke, etc. sometime today when little Michael Bryan comes into the world.
What sort of world will he inherit? Now, that’s always a question for the ages, isn’t it?

Second, the Mail:

Ed: I wonder if he saw it coming.

They may have sedated him through his food? But difficult to say. Conspiracy theories abound and since the CCTV that covered that area of the detention facility was apparently out of service, we may never know.

Many/most of us knew that the Clintons or friends of the Clintons would work diligently to have Epstein eliminated, so it was hardly a shock to find that he hung himself.

Linda: Not surprised that Killary wins again. Their time will come.

They’ll be spending a lot of time with Epstein on ‘the other side’. 

Odie: It’s really getting dangerous to be “Friends of the Clintons”

I think that it’s always been like that, for them. I don’t know what the body count is up to, but people who track those things put it at least into the 30’s and maybe more when you consider enemies whose airplanes have malfunctioned in flight, taking everybody down, augering into the ground, 20,000 ft. below.

Beans: Well, in his defense, they removed him from suicide watch days ago.

Just like in all the prison movies, where some guard accidentally leads an inmate into a section of the prison not covered by a camera. So, well, maybe his suicide is actually a suicide, maybe an assist, maybe a full-blown case of Arkancide.

That’s the thing, isn’t it? We don’t know. One thing is certain. Many tens of millions of Americans thought that he’d never live to see a trial. And while in federal custody, having attempted suicide a couple of weeks prior, he ‘committed suicide’ successfully (finally). There is a lot of explaining to do. I laid out a few questions (below). Will you trust the findings of the FBI in this matter? How could you, given their recent track record? Who in the FBI has been bought by powerful DC interests in this matter? We know they sell their integrity cheaply. We know that they leak for the benefit of the Deep State and are not held to account. We know that they bungled a coup attempt against the presidency – but they did it and in some circles are celebrated (by the mainstream media) for their corruption. Big Jim Comey is said to be working on a sequel to his book with a tour to rake in another couple million to help fund his retirement.

WSF: Epstein. He is no longer in jail. A body was removed from the jail. Was it his body? If so, was he actually dead?

Questions worth asking.

Dan: While there is a tiny outside chance that Epstein’s death was faked and he’s on a beach somewhere sipping a MaiThai it’s far more probable that he is now worm food. Alive he would ALWAYS pose a threat to powerful people…not just the Clintons….but a lot of others also. The best way to keep his trap shut was to close it for him….forever. And anyone who actually believes this was a suicide needs to come see some prime beachfront property I can sell you for a good price…’s conveniently located EAST of Reno Nevada……

There isn’t enough money on the planet for Epstein to bribe his way out of this one. As you suggest, it’s not just the Clintons, but a lot of people who visited the island and ‘raped’ young girls (and boys?). Were many of the children used, snuffed afterward? That’s the suggestion. Epstein’s knowledge of the fate of the molested/raped children would be interesting reading. The Democrats can’t let their chosen go down like that, and neither can Republicans or foreign leaders who were close to Epstein. 

1. Considering the nature of the charges against him and the danger he faced, why wasn’t Epstein in special protective custody (called ‘the hole’ in custody parlance) from the start with 24-hour cameras and security monitoring him in jail? Who makes such decisions?
2. Even if Epstein wasn’t carefully monitored initially, how could he have been returned to the same cell under “suicide watch,” yet end up dead?
3. What does the video that was monitoring Epstein’s jail cell show?
4. What did guards and other inmates see and hear?
5. What did Epstein supposedly use to commit suicide, since all items that could help an inmate accomplish that are supposed to be removed from the cell?
6. Who, specifically, was responsible for watching Epstein and ensuring he remained unharmed?
7. What, exactly, did Epstein tell his attorney and medical personnel after his reported suicide attempt last month? Was his interview recorded?
8. Is there any chance Epstein isn’t dead, but was put into witness protection?
9. Will there be an autopsy and will the results be released?
Part of the strange story surrounding Epstein’s death may be told in the coming days through the official response. Will we learn the names of those who surrounded Epstein in jail and those who were responsible for watching him? Will their testimony be released? Will they be held accountable? 
After Epstein’s July arrest, Democrat political strategist Christine Pelosi, daughter of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, tweeted a warning that it was “quite likely” that Epstein would implicate major political figures.

“This Epstein case is horrific and the young women deserve justice. It is quite likely that some of our faves are implicated but we must follow the facts and let the chips fall where they may—whether on Republicans or Democrats.”

I expect that the story will be spiked, the matter will remain ‘under investigation’ until people forget about it and the Clintons and their powerful friends will remain in business. Chelsea Clinton is said to be groomed for a run to capture a seat in the US Senate. The problem with that legacy move is that she apparently didn’t inherit her mother’s cunning or her father’s charm. 
How stupid are New York voters? Oh, they’re stupid enough to seat Chelsea, if enough grease is applied. Handlers can manage Chelsea no matter how stupid she is. Jeb! Bush was a governor, Al Franken was a senator, The Squad obtained seats in the House of Representatives. Senile old Slow Joe Biden is the Democrat front runner for 2020.

Add Epstein’s name to the Clinton Dead Pool (here). 

18 thoughts on “The Curious Case of the Epstein Suicide

  1. Hopefully by now, you have another grandson out and about. My daughter in law is also expecting. I don't yet know whether it will be boy or girl. I imagine the grandson is hoping for boy since he already has two sisters.
    Suicide? Maybe, though the whole matter stinks. I imagine any "investigation" will "absolve" the Clintons just as they "absolved" Hillray's e-mail shenanigans.

  2. My friend Pascal hopes that Barr had Epstein removed from the cell.
    And he's protected elsewhere.
    You only pull a ballsy move like that if you know someone's about to pull down the pillars of the temple.

  3. Nine grandkids here. 8 boys and the princess born on my birthday. hope all goes well and best wishes for the little one and mother.

    The real question here as you point out in a way is "what investigation?" I agree he was in a hard way as to buying his way out, but far to many people would be in deep dodo if he stayed alive

  4. Surely there is a routine for jail deaths. Removal of the body to the coroner, autopsy, release of the body to next of kin, or burial in a potter's field. Will the routine be markedly different in Epstein's case?

  5. Well, he will probably have to drive an electric car at no more than 30 MPH – eat vegan hash because there are no cows and share bathrooms with all and sundry. However, since he’s from your blood, he’ll naturally rebel, go underground and start a revolution! Best wishes for little Michael Bryan!

  6. No real need to dig deeper into the Clinton connection, here. Why bother? If they start to suspect skulduggery and malfeasance, the MSM will spike the story, and the rest of us simply get frustrated that this can happen in the U.S.

    What ever came of the investigation into Vince Foster's death? Nothing. How about those Rose law firm records that suddenly appeared on an end table in the West Wing? Nothing to see, here, move along. How about our secret missile tech sold to the Red Chinese by the Clintons back in the 1990's? Don't worry about it. What about Marc Rich's pardon? Nothing strange about that. What's up with the investigation into selling all of our uranium to the Russians? Meh. Or Hillary's smashing her iPhones and wiping her computers with Bleach Bit? Yawn. When are we going to see those 33,000 emails she deleted which were property of the U.S government? Shrug.

    And now you are curious as to what happened to Jeffrey Epstein? Let's all just face facts: the Clintons will never be indicted, not now, not ever. For anything. Let's all just move along, shall we.

    If some miracle happens, Bill Barr will bring some charges sooner rather than later. I just wouldn't hold your breath….

  7. Things went badly for Eppy, and the Clintons walk free. How much longer will Satan protect his own?

  8. There is a LOT of nervous money out there–

    "Black’s links to Epstein have become a source of fascination and concern to some Apollo employees and investors, including the California Public Employees’ Retirement System, which has committed more than $5 billion to 11 Apollo funds and is its second-largest shareholder."


  9. I noticed an interesting thing last night. The autocomplete on Google put "Jeffrey Epstein antisemitism" as the first result, above "Jeffrey Epstein" when the character string "Jeffrey E" was entered. Just now it is the reverse (but JE antisemitism is still the number 2 suggestion).

    Are there actually a lot of people out there who believe that Epstein's crimes are causally related [1] to his Jewish ancestry? FWIW personally I'm pretty damned sure that he was a terrible person who *happened* to be Jewish, and that his ancestry had no significant impact on his criminality [2]. So either I'm "insufficiently anti-Semitic" and in the minority, or there is some sort of agenda being promulgated or spin applied….
    But, nah! That never happens.

    [1] causal, as in cause-and-effect; NOT casual
    [2] some of Epstein's other contacts and activities, yes very likely related, but not the pedophiliac criminality

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