Putin’s Niece

Making her way through the sanctions as best she can.


One way we can gauge that is to determine which side is unhappy with their commanders. If your army is performing well you tend to keep the commanders who are obviously doing a good job. If your army is performing poorly you might need to consider replacing them. If it’s an unmitigated disaster after unmitigated disaster you might replace them during operations, hoping the next batch won’t be as incompetent as the last.

Zelensky hasn’t fired any generals thus far. There were a few purges of Russian collaborators early on, but beyond that it’s clear he’s happy with the job his high command is doing. Putin on the other hand replaces his generals on a monthly basis. Some get killed but they mostly fall out of grace and are replaced by another batch. This is General Pavel Popoov, who has been heading the invasion of Ukraine since June:

There is room on that uniform for a lot of medals…

Pavel Anatolyevich Popov (Russian: Павел Анатольевич Попов; born 1 January 1957), is a Russian army officer who is the Deputy Minister of Defense since 7 November 2013. He holds the rank of General of the Army as of 11 December 2015.

When your best choice to lead the invasion is a 65-year-old retired general who needs a bottle of vodka to accompany each of the reported five meals he eats daily to get through each day, you probably already concluded you don’t have anyone better left in the service. You probably aren’t too happy with what has gone down so far in the war either.

Whether or not Ukraine is winning is debatable. Let’s wait until they launch successful counterattacks across parts of Ukraine Russia is trying to hold on to for all they’re worth – Kherson landbridge to Crimea, and Donbas. Until Ukraine successfully counterattacks and takes important objectives on at least one of those fronts, it is not possible to say Ukraine is winning.

On the other hand, it is also clear Russia is losing. Their ability to launch offensive operations is sharply limited and the best they can do now is attritional warfare with no clear way out of the mess.

Lest you think me small for ridiculing a porcine Russian general, America had its own version with General Winfield Scott (June 13, 1786 – May 29, 1866). He was an American military commander and political candidate. He served as a general in the United States Army from 1814 to 1861, taking part in the War of 1812, the Mexican–American War, the early stages of the American Civil War, and conflicts with Indians. Scott was the Whig Party’s presidential nominee in the 1852 election but was defeated by Franklin Pierce. He was known as Old Fuss and Feathers.

Toward the end of his career, they couldn’t find a horse or mule large enough to carry him, so he reviewed troops from a chair on the back of a wagon. It didn’t mean that he was a bad general but he did set a bad example for the men. It was General Scott who told Pres. Lincoln that the only officer of the time qualified to lead the Union Army in the field was Robert E. Lee. He was no fool.


The Search for the Northwest Passage

Rations for a Nort-West Passage expedition of 1577

Sir Martin Frobisher (1535 -1594) was a Sailor and Privateer under Queen Elizabeth and was in search of the Northwest Passage during three voyages. He probably sighted Resolution Island near Labrador in north-eastern Canada before entering Frobisher Bay and landing on what is now Baffin Island. On his second voyage, Frobisher found what he thought was gold ore and brought home 200 tons of it on three ships, where an initial examination showed it was worth a profit of £5.20 per ton. Encouraged, Frobisher returned to Canada with an even larger fleet and dug several mines in the Frobisher Bay area. He brought back 1,350 tons of the ore to England where, after years of smelting, it was discovered that the ore was a worthless rock called hornblende. Later, realizing that his plans for finding the Passage were doomed to failure, he tried to plunder the riches from French ships as a privateer. In 1588 he was knighted for his services in repelling the Spanish Armada.

Interestingly, his provisions list from 1577 has been preserved and it shows what he took with him for about 115 men for about 18 months for the search of the Northwest Passage. The food list included: one pound of biscuit per man per day; one gallon of beer per man per day; one pound of salted beef or pork per man on meat days and one dried cod for fast days; oatmeal, peas, and rice were loaded as a reserve in case fish supplies ran low; a quarter pound of butter and half a pound of cheese per man per day; honey; a 64-gallon barrel (242 liters) of cooking oil; two hogsheads (476 liters) of vinegar.  What is notable here, in contrast to later supplies, is the absence of vegetables and fruit. Fresh meat was also a special feature, as livestock was not carried at that time and there was not enough space on board, so the meat had to be eaten at the beginning of the voyage.

But in contrast to later expeditions, several stops were planned in the form of land excursions to hunt deer and birds in order to replenish their meat supplies. They also carried fishing gear for when they sailed in good fishing areas. Even though they tried to provide fresh meat and fresh fish, the results show a rather monotonous diet with about 4000 calories on fasting days and 5000 calories on meat days. Apart from the extensive lack of vitamin C, this kind of diet was only intended for short periods and often made for sick men. That Frobisher nevertheless came as far as Canada and actually thought he could find the Northwest Passage with this supply was very ambitious. And if you compare what the Franklin Expedition took with them, Frobisher’s supply was doomed to failure.



  1. Gary Larson is by far my favorite cartoonist. A copy of his Midvale school for the gifted graces my office door. I spend very little time in my office. So far nobody has asked me about the symbolism of it.

    • Larson is a man of singular wit and vision.

      In September 2019, The Far Side website stated that “a new online era of the Far Side is coming!”

      On December 17, 2019, http://www.thefarside.com, authorized by Larson, and dedicated to The Far Side cartoon series went live on the internet. On July 7, 2020, Larson released a new section of The Far Side website entitled “New Stuff.”

  2. President Lincoln went through several political generals before he got Grant. Don’t know how much combat competence can exist in a system rife with corruption. Odd how the US military appears to be in a downward spiral….

    • The Russian generals were known for being corrupt, not for any sense of competence. The Great Patriotic War passed and through attrition on the front with Germany, some capable generals emerged, but almost all of their health had been broken because of the harsh conditions in combat. Khrushchev was a commissar and Stalin’s cat’s paw so he was spared much of that and emerged relatively unscathed.

  3. The ONLY two things we can say for certain about the Ukraine/Russian war is that we here will NEVER know the actual truth of what’s happening AND we will be stuck with an enormous bill for the whole affair. Remember……10% for the “big guy”.

    • When you consider that Black Rock Corp. seems to be doing most of the advising at the White House these days (along with the Half Blood Prince), I’m sure that it’s a lot more than a 10% kick back and I wonder how much of it goes to the Hollow Man.

  4. Putin has well and truly lost the war. His three day special operation has:
    1. Failed to overthrow a much smaller neighboring state famous for corruption and led by a comic.
    2. Wasted a huge percentage of his best troops and military gear.
    3. Ruined the reputation of the Russian army worldwide.
    4. United NATO and pushed the Finns and Swedes to join in a rush.
    5. Cemented Russia’s reputation as a dangerous, semi-barbaric neighbor that can never be trusted.
    6. Created a worldwide economic embargo that will crush his already laughably small economy ( before the war about the size of Australia’s economy), make the tools necessary to rebuild his now seriously bloodied military almost unattainable, and encourage an emigration of his best and brightest away from the Rodina.
    7. Ensure that as time goes by, all this pisses off the average Russian, the oligarchs (who have nearly all lost their enormous yachts), and his allies, who will lose respect for him personally and for Russia.
    8. He may, because of all of this, cause a coup against him, which in Russia does not usually end well for the coup-ee.

    Yep, he’s lost.

    • The counter analysis goes something like this:
      Key points:
      1. Sanctions on Russian oil have done what to gas prices, when coupled to Biden’s first Executivce order? What’s the impact of inflation (seperate from the massive debt funding for decades)
      2. What nations are having problems with fertilizer supply due to sanctions? (unrelated to listening to the IMF/WB and going ‘organic’ like Sri Lanka)
      3. Which NATO members are still funding Russia buy purchasing natural gas from them?
      4. Which NATO members have stable and growing economies unimpacted by sanctions or refugee flow?
      5. Which industrial nations are having problems with key metals that are ingredients to making steel?
      6. Which European nations warned of energy and heating cutbacks this winter?
      7. Banning Russia from the SWIFT system did what to tracking money laundering? (Larry wrote about that earlier). What system do BRICs nations propose to replace it?
      8. Which nation showed how respected and trusted the USA is by refusing to allow the president to go their capital for their meeting?
      9. Russia reached the culminating point long ago (they even got the VDV shot to pieces for nothing) and is vulnerable to counter-attack. It sure is, if the Ukrainians had an effective force to counter-attack with.

      Summary: Putin will be gone any Friedman Unit now. (Kinda like Biden) Then, kumbayah? (works for Biden, too)

    • You left out the most important. For years the Russians have been saying that the equipment they sold others was ‘chimp version’ and that’s why it fared so poorly against even American WWII vintage equipment.

      Now the world has seen that front-line ‘best’ equipment performs as poorly as chimp equipment, and in some cases worse than what has been sold to non-Russians.

      The Empire is broken.

      And the ChiComs are following them quickly. Something to do with a lack of males and not being able to meet their recruitment needs now and it’s only getting worse. That One Child policy is killing them.

  5. William Shafter was another rather large American general. He weighed 300 pounds or so and had gout to boot when he deployed to Cuba in ’98.

    • Yes indeed, and I think it was somewhat more than 300, same problem with finding a horse.

  6. Digging deep into the barrel bottom for that “general”…the comfy shoes are a dead giveaway. Desperation is not pretty.

    On our side of the “light incursion” – that “we’re not at war with Russia”, according to third-hand “hard hitting reporting” our so-called “Commander-in-Chiff” is “doing just fine”. Yeah, uh huh, sure…the movie ‘Dave’ comes to mind…the guy could be dead for all we know. Trump gets the COOF and is posting daily comm’s to The American People to let us know his status and is back at it inside of a few days (to the dismay of the MSM jerks). In the meantime we have the galactically stupid second in command-er operating on less than all cylinders as they trot her out, attempting to convince us “she’s all that”. Right. How’s that workin’ out for ya?

    Larsen – Genius.

    • I wonder if he mail-ordered his slippers (My Slippers) from Mike Lindell? They’ve been flogging them on Fox a lot lately.

      • Heh…could be. Funny how everyone shamed/lambasted (aka “tried to cancel”) Lindell for his forensic 2020 work, but Georgia is still on their rabid hunt to hang Trump for “election fraud” over a benign phone call that they edited to sound nefarious.

        The one-sided crap is getting old with these morons. Maybe I need some My Slippers to mitigate the abject disdain I hold for them.

        Joe is not well, but they continue to deflect with idiocy that he “cleaned his plate ” (what are we, in third grade?), all the while keeping him the basement behind the big stainless door with Nurse Rached posted out front.

        Nothing we are being told is real. Olympus Has Fallen to the The Enemy Within.

        • He needs a new camo pattern to hide that largess, and SlimFast. Then again, with the forced morphing of all that is good and decent and normal, 300#’s is the new Victoria Secret model, which makes The General in Slippers “fully woke” (kinda like “fully vaxed, only more idiotic).

          • I should have compared the general’s photos before and after retirement, and suffice to say that he had a few extra pounds before they mustered him out, but nothing like we see today. I expect that diabetes and other things are at work healthwise that should have kept him from being reactivated. He’s really an ok general as Russian generals go, an experienced guy, and a trusted guy. That being the case, his liver and his heart could go at any minute. His health is a ticking time bomb.

  7. Plot twist #1: Vladmir Putin truly IS, as Klaus Schwab is said to have bragged, one of the WEF 2030 Young Global Leaders (along with Dan Crenshaw, Tulsi Gabbard, ButtGuy, Jagmeet Singh (CAN), Macron, that chick running Finland, Jacinda Ardern (the AOC of the antipodes – there must be a horse-toothed political woman on each side of the earth, lest its axial tilt change)), and he is serving their ends. The war in UKR serves the purposes of the “elite” in killing those Ukrainian Slavs willing to fight for their nation, and in expending RUS’s armaments and young men. It all serves the elites. As if de-Kulakization, Holodomor, and decades of USSR weren’t enough. (Which it wasn’t. Of course not.) The Great War and WWII did in the flower of England and Germany. The on-going assault on the remnants of the West is now fought by social media, “justice” and “equity” initiatives, and aggressive pushing of all manner of degeneracy. Why send men to war when they’ll drug, cuck, sodomize and “muh diversity” themselves to death?

    Plot twist #2: Vladimir is NOT a WEF tool. He is ultimately defeated. For values of “defeat”. Five hundred years from now, as people huddle in their huts living a pre-industrial existence which is all that’s left after nuclear exchange and multiple bioengineered pandemics utterly collapse civilization, they will tell tales of the Cruel Dictator and their miraculous escape from his evil clutches. Those fortunate enough to have retained the knowledge of baking will make little cookie/pastries called “putintaschen” (also known as Putin’s ears) and celebrate their pyrrhic victory.

    • Sort of a twist on LOTR? Maybe. Russia was not playing ball with the NWO. They were on the road to the Old Adios and Putin saw an opportunity to possibly halt the decline through the reacquisition of Ukraine [food, oil, population of Slavs (the root word for “slave”)] and went for it. As it turns out (predictably), everyone lied to Fearless Leader, the army wasn’t ready for prime time, the Ukrainians (a mess by any account) managed to pull it together, and he’s left with his dick in his hand trying to figure out what to do. You could argue conspiracy theory with the invasion but that’s not how I call it. UKRAINE is a conspiracy theory from beginning to end, but the Russians just screwed the pooch.

      • Putin is in a position where he wants to quit but all the ways off the bucking horse that is Ukraine are going to be darn painful, maybe more painful than staying the course.

        I am glad that his niece is proving her resiliency during the current sanctions. She will soon be held up as an example to all and declared a heroine of the Rodina.

        Agree with Mike C re elites. We had to have something after Afghanistan to keep the balance sheet of all the defense contractors in the black.

      • I can’t figure out Gabbard. Either she is really good at being a two-faced snake, or she’s not entirely what you’d expect based on the company she keeps. Of course, one of the oldest tricks is to claim that your opposition is really one of your agents. (e.g. Schwab v. Putin)

        Or, if your opponent openly claims to BE your opponent, then you leave alone his hometown (in war). Never bomb his heimat. Make his own people think that he has some secret deal with you.

        To be fully transparent, the fact that Gabbard looks and sounds good (meaning good speaker) does not hurt her. Articulate and good-looking wimmenz get the benefit of the doubt. It may not be fair, but I didn’t make the rules. And them’s the rules.

  8. Larson was/is fantastic! The whole Russia/Ukraine ‘war’ is still too fluid to call it one way or the other… And yes, that is one FAT general!!!

  9. I’m going to bust some bubbles on that General.

    He is a retired Border Guards General. That picture was taken at a reunion.

    He was not called back to fight in Ukraine.

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