The March of Progressives

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Are SOME Liberal Men Growing a Set?
Is there really a backlash? And can you blame President Trump if men are tiring of the false narrative that liberals are trying to force down their throats?

I invite you to read an article by Amy Butcher MIA: THE LIBERAL MEN WE LOVE

I laughed through the article, that Amy wrote in all sobriety, in all seriousness. She writes of the infection of liberal men by the Age of Trump. That formerly liberal men who would wear pink vagina hats, standing next to their female companions may have had enough.

“Everywhere across America, liberal unions once so strong in love—relationships founded on mutual respect and trust and commitment and loyalty—have found themselves upended, or at the very least foundationally rocked, by the political escalation as it relates, perhaps most specifically, to womanhood and gender…”

“One day, while she was picking their children up from daycare, he burned a handful of her possessions: her Nasty Women shirt, her Hillary Clinton pins.”

“He’s from a very liberal family, the former fiancée said to me, baffled. And he is very liberal himself, which is why this is so alienating.” 
“I’m noticing, admits another, that a lot of liberal men especially are finding it difficult to deal with the current feminist movements.”
The “I’m a nasty woman” movement has some unintended consequences. The nasty women don’t want to be treated like nasty women ALL OF THE TIME. What is overlooked, of course, is that, like all social institutions, the art of genteel speech in front of ladies has a reciprocity, a price, a quid pro quo. The ladies must be ladies and not salty-tongued whores and slatterns (women of the town), not termagants, scolds, or nags; and certainly not baby-killing monsters, like some witch in a gingerbread house from a fairy tale.
Miss Butcher, the author of the article, is woman who lives for the absurdities and falsehoods of modern feminism. When their low-testosterone male partners finally weary of the insane combination of feminist man-hating and female needy dependence, and express discontent, she blames, not herself, not her weak male partner, but President Trump.

The Waman (women) Only Island


The modern, “woke” woman cannot agree on whether to go to the all women island because it might or might not also invite lesbians and crossdressers (with their courting tackle intact)“identifying” as women. What’s wrong with having a mangina? Isn’t that progressive? And The Guardian pokes the island as well as being an elitist thing.

12 thoughts on “The March of Progressives

  1. Good grief.
    And I will never be enlightened enough or elite enough to even want to follow the link, let alone go to such an island.

  2. "certainly not baby-killing monsters, like some witch in a gingerbread house from a fairy tale."

  3. I tried to read it, but could make it through that whine fest. Thank God my wife is no feminist, though she is every bit my equal, and in some things, my superior.
    An island with nothing but women? Sounds like a daydream of a 22 year old me. Of course the women there were more like Raquel Welch and not at all like Ellen Degeneres.

  4. There are a lot of rich progressive women on that island who are willing to share their opinions with you.

  5. Jim, we all have a fantasy island, but that island not populated by rich feminazi euro-New World Order women doing pillates and eating kale.

    Women are the equal of men in some ways. In many ways they are our betters, in other ways they are not. It takes man and woman, together, married and committed, to make a complete person in my opinion.

  6. I see embittered women who find men lacking and feeble men who will put up with just about anything to get laid. They are made for each other.

  7. Yes. Two become one, each willing to give more than they receive, to each other and to their children.

    It was the face of a lady that launched a thousand ships. Not sank them.

    Certainly women have fought beside men through the ages when they had to. In our society today, I have a question: Who is it that would convince a young lady to give up the very best of what it means to be a young lady, for the very worst experience of being a young man?

  8. I'm amazed that the author of that first article managed to write it w/o realizing it sounded like a satire of itself.


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