Guns, Pretty Girls and Great Food

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There are a lot of places like Shooter’s Grill (located in Rifle, Colorado), in the West. Of course, everyone is armed, it’s a right, whereas something like a driving license is a privilege. It’s the sort of place where pajama boys, Men for Hillary, and low testosterone males would fear to tread.  But it’s safer than a bodega (corner store in a liberal elite city)  or a bar in New York City or Hollywood. 
Why would anyone feel threatened?
The Old West is long gone, but the New West is like kryptonite to liberals. Men and women armed to the teeth, jealously defending their rights, is something that the bi-coastals are working diligently to eliminate once and for all. 
An armed society is a polite society. 
Come for the girls and guns, stay for the food.

17 thoughts on “Guns, Pretty Girls and Great Food

  1. Haven't had any business in Rifle in years but I remember the food there was decent. Good scenery and good service.

  2. Grew up in Colorado……have lived in Nevada for 30 years. BOTH places are rapidly succumbing to the Kalifornia commies who move to free states in droves and proceed to turn it into another liberal hell hole.

  3. Californication is no joke. I think that Colorado (in the Boulder Corridor) has had an unhealthy dose. Nevada, outside of the Washoe Valley and of course, Vegas, still seems healthy to me, but I don't really know.

  4. My son and I stopped there for a burger on the drive out here. We stopped in the afternoon on a weekday, and it wasn't too crowded.

    The food was good, the service was excellent, and yep…the girls were pretty!

  5. No CCW in a bar in Michigan.
    We're an open carry state, though.
    I wonder if I could open carry in a bar here.
    If I went to bars.

  6. I've sent my CV in. If I was going to work anywhere, this is the place. I'd like to be a sniper at the salad bar – too much lettuce on your plate and you're done.

  7. In 2016 Prop 1 banning private transfer of firearms was defeated in every county except Clark (Vegas). It passed by 59 votes statewide…..WELL within the Demonrat margin of cheat. Then Attorney General Laxalt refused to implement it. He has since been replaced by commie racist Ford as Attorney General and commie Gov Sisolak (both from Vegas) who within LESS than a week of taking office rammed through and signed a bill to outlaw private transfer. Having 80% of the states population and being flamingly liberal Clark county is the classic tail wagging the dog. Unless Vegas gets nuked Nevada IS LOST.

  8. As long as the good and civilized people also have the option it will level out the benefit the bad guys give themselves.

  9. BUT you could open an open carry restaurant of some sort if you wanted to get into the food service industry.

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