I Miss Them Both

His goal was to Make America Great Again. There were a lot of people who objected to that.


Messerschmitt Me 163 Komet

The only rocket-powered fighter aircraft ever to have been operational and the first piloted aircraft of any type to exceed 1000 km/h (621 mph) in level flight. It took serious stones to fly one in combat.


Gremlins are Coming to the Highlands

The photo is from last year. LL and some LL grandsons. I have more – several more – and they’re coming too. In stages.

Hopefully, there will be running water in the creek, which I do not pronounce “crick”.  It’s been a dry year.


Let’s Play a Game


Impossible Moment

lightning striking an airplane (in a rainbow).


It wouldn’t be complete without a map or two, would it?


A rough ethnic map of the Italian Peninsula, ~400 BC, before the Roman Republic conquered it.

New Zealand Rent

China Population Distribution

French Nuclear Reactors

France has 56 nuclear reactors in operation in 2021. Most of France’s power comes from nuclear energy and they’re (still) working on building a fusion reactor. The uranium to power those reactors comes from Africa, which explains their continued military presence there – protecting their interests.

The US operates 96 power generation reactors (and a number of US Naval nuclear reactors).

Prostitution in Europe


When I moved to Arizona and was elected to a Fire District Board, I was surprised at the pension funding situation in the state. 67% funded is not a great number.

Dividing Nordic Countries

Occupied Germany

Popular characterization of occupied Germany: “The Russians had the farmland, the British had the industry, the French had the wine and the Americans had the scenery”

Hispanic Population

A look at the largest Hispanic group by zip code. Mexicans are the top group and dominate most of the map. Puerto Ricans are common in the Northeast and Orlando area, while Cubans are #1 in South Florida. Some rural areas have no reported Hispanic population. Of course, that’s all changing now that Jo/Ho opened the border. Nobody can say what this will look like in 2025.


  1. Wish I could convince the good Lord to send you some of our rain.
    Enjoy your visitors!
    Be safe and God bless.

    • Arizona is a dry state. Sometimes we get extraordinary winters and heavy monsoons but those are rare. There is a flip side, though, NO MOSQUITOS. I can go out in the night without a shirt if I want to and not one bite. And I live in the middle of a pine forest.

  2. For years Mike Rosen (KOA Radio) would discuss Colorado’s PERA unfunded liabilities and every election the Teachers Union would demand taxpayers bail them out. Nothing more than a grift when details of how those pensions are managed and how teachers can buy early retirement with 75% of their highest salary. No surprise Colorado is low on the list…run by Democrats who believe 1+1= 3 with difference being made up by yet another tax.

    Dem’s in the Colorado statehouse have mandated wind & solar to effectively eliminate traditional power generation…idiots at every level, yet I have come to believe they are all being paid off by the “renewable” developers. I’ve been pressing nuclear to our county commissioner because I don’t want “town officials” jamming massive ugly turbines into areas where they feel the right to do so with impunity, trashing the quiet life enjoyed by rural folks. Crickets.

    We had the wettest Spring in 77 years, now hot and dry. Similar to 2002. Every afternoon the rain threatens, doesn’t always deliver. It’s just weather…no need to “fix it” with another tax…as if that was possible.

    DJT seems to not be finished…and yes, we miss his ability to get the right stuff done in short order. He was the dynamic brake. Now we get to ride a hurtling train…off the cliff.

    Enjoy the kiddo’s…

    • FEDGOV mandated that a coal-powered generating plant about 80 miles from me shut down for no other reason than coal is evil. In its place there was and maybe still is a plan to construct 500 windmills that will generate electricity when the wind blows. They’ll be an eyesore. The onset of the plague stopped them from being built. Maybe somebody will spike the plan?

      • Out of state interests in a backroom deal with in-state politicians.

        The scumbags “go-to” play is forced compliance in all of life sectors, the Constitution be damned, yet they are all cowards which is why they operate from basements and backrooms. Jo/Ho are a national disgrace and embarrassment, half act as if everything they do is terrific. Not a good commentary.

        Living this far out is on purpose…but they invade our space anyway. North of us I suspect there are some with heavy equipment who will sabotage any attempt at wind turbine construction, not unlike the Nevada range land debacle.

        • It could happen here too. There is very little law enforcement and a lot of land. Lots of backhoes. Nobody but the progs and “east coast investor” types like windmills.

        • Wind turbines cost more to construct than they produce (when taken as a whole), never realize the promised tax revenue to counties (always given at 100% duty cycle when it’s about 25%), sell the field assets to cash in (altho ROI is around 15% which shows its a scam), then shaft the county with maintenance and end of life reclamation costs. The real kicker is despite calling it “green” the environmental destruction is huge….but they get a free pass by the Sierra Club et al.

          • It’s because the people who push these monstrosities have NO Engineering knowledge, and I think lack they lack the capacity to understand the concept of “Total Cost Over Life” of boondoggles like this. They just play kick-the-can with the disposal cost after the useful life of these things.

          • Exactly. Ignorance is bliss when marketing terms and slogans rule the day. Not unlike, “We’re all in this together”, Stay home, stay safe”, Challenging times”, “Get the vaccine for others”, etc…all designed to obfuscate freedom removal to control the compliant masses. It is smoke and mirrors, all lies. Not what Jesus meant when he said “Love your neighbor as yourself”

      • You could always transplant some endangered species, plant and/or animal, into the region where they are going to build the birdchoppers. That should slow them up considerably.

        • WAPA, who does the EIS, ignores such inconveniences, as we’ve discovered. Infrasound, water table disruption, fire danger, migration route disruptions, viewshed destruction, property values, and endangered species are mere speed bumps to be gotten around when the cash is large enough. As we have seen more so than any time ever, they ignore their own rules. A pair of nesting bald eagles (by us) is a nit…the “developer” simply adds a line item “$10,00 to relocate” to their application. Yoo or I (not Native American) find a feather and stick it on the mantle, it’s a fine and jail time, but these grifters get a free pass…because that’s how the system has been set up.

          • Didn’t know it was quite that bad, Paul.

            Guess the tree-hugging, animal chanelling, Green New Deal, Earth Children hippie-types are only used to prevent things like clean coal, clean NG, and clean atomic power….

          • Most people don’t know, and, honestly, I wish I didn’t have to waste time delving into the subject. The entire industry is a gambit. Look at Clarkson’s Farm, just up on Amazon Prime. Jeremy Clarkson of Top Gear and Grand Tour bought a farm thinking how hard could it be. The guy is spot on when he’s asked about whether he’s farming “sustainably”. His response, “What does that even mean?” It’s a meaningless term used to stop people from farming. He says when the pick ups arrive, work will be getting done. . When the bland little cars show up it’s a government official coming to stop the pickup guy from doing his work.

            Worth a watch: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=feivyZ7xQmQ

  3. Part of the Communists in control of Congress agenda is to fund public employee pension funds 100%. Not a peep about investigating long term looting of those funds. Looting Social Security Trust Fund is the model, maybe.

    • Worse than that are laws that allow local politicians to take campaign contributions from employees whose salaries they vote for. Talk about rife with corruption.

    • Wait until they consolidate all private pension funds under the fed umbrella, to ‘protect’ people from being ripped off by the big, evil companies.

      • There are a lot of rice bowls involved in the states. I don’t know that the feds have the power to dislodge them.

  4. As to the Komet. Did it ever rally shoot down many planes per say?

    I vaguely remember reading years ago that one of their pilots said it was actually going to fast to be effective against the bombers or something to that effect.

    • From what I read, the Komets shot down between 9 and 18 enemy bombers. The Germans built hundreds of them in different variants. I’m not sure how many of those saw combat. 10 were shot down. Me 163 B-1 production aircraft were armed with two 30 mm (1.18-inch) MK 108 cannons – potent against heavy bombers of the time. As you point out, they had a slow rate of fire and needed a way to brake to deliver the payload, then continue down. But since speed was their only defense, that sort of defeated the purpose

      The Sondergerät 500 Jägerfaust consisted of 10 single-shot, short-barreled 50 mm (2-inch) guns pointing upwards. Five were mounted in the wing roots on each side of the aircraft. A photocell in the upper surface of the Komet triggered the weapons by detecting the change in brightness when the aircraft flew under a bomber. As each shell shot upwards, the disposable gun barrel that fired it was ejected downwards, thus making the weapon recoilless. This weapon was used in combat only once, resulting in the destruction of a Lancaster bomber on 10 April 1945.

  5. Me 163 Komet.

    Not to repeat myself, but there are always new folks coming along. My dad was B-17 pilot and flew 35 combat missions over Europe. His first mission was Jan 2, 1945.

    He said his group took a head on attack from a Komet. It came straight up out in front, leveled off, and came head on straight through the formation. My dad did not mentioned that anyone got hit. He called to his top turret gunner and asked “Did you get a shot a him” meaning “Did you attempt to engage”. The gunner replied “Get a shot at what, sir?”. All happened in the blink of an eye.

    I gather from reading that the Germans soon dropped this tactic as the closure rate made hitting anything a matter of luck. And yeah, stones to fly those things. Up to 30,000 ft in something like three minutes, no g-suit. If not executed perfectly, landing and takeoff were likely lethal. And seated between the two fuel tanks. All before that actual air combat thing.

    I have a book of art work that depicts various events during the air war. One such is the first time the Me-262s went out as a unit. They flew out on the right side and level with the bomber stream. It was a bright sunny day. All American gunners were tracking. The 262s broke left in a slashing attack on a B-24 formation. Tracers filled the sky. Everyone on both sides missed.

  6. Make America Great. Well we can’t be having that in a US President, can we. What a gang of crooks, mountebanks and traitors.

    • Make America Great means that the treasury shouldn’t be looted three ways from Sunday – and that has become the pattern.

    • Yes, of course. It would have been rude of me to have pointed that out. But that is the current view of the Western Chinese population. Fit only for slave labor and organ harvesting.

  7. My father in law told of seeing the first jets near the end of the war. He was not always lucid , but he made a reference to the antiaircraft guns aiming system not being up to the task. The guys trained on the guns we’re unable to deal with the jets. He said some wild eyed southern boys, using “Kentucky windage” managed to shoot down one , and the others high tailed it out a there.

  8. Me163 Komet – Always seemed to me that it took such serious stones to fly one at all, as to make the “combat” part insignificant! Even driving the fuel truck took some gumption.

    It’s a damn shame we are essentially forbidden to build fission plants, here in the States.

    Pensions – I am confident that with enough effort by the (Pinko) R.I. State government, we can surpass New Jersey and seize Last Place, as we have done in so many other categories.


  9. 80% for Oregon? Though not a great number I would have bet it was worse. Slo Joe and the ho need to go. I am hopeful that these audits of ballots bring some of the corruption to light. Beyond that who knows…..
    Enjoy your grand kids! It is always a good day when my wife and I see them.

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