18 thoughts on “Getting Set up for his Darwin Award

  1. The competition will be stiff as usual.


  2. I'm not sure who's the front runner for this year's Darwin Award: this guy, or the All State Insurance 'mayhem'guy.

    I'm sure you've seen how they do things in Hong Kong and elsewhere in Asia: bamboo scaffolding. I guess methods such as this are a cultural thing.

  3. That's better than the one of the guy welding with newspaper over his face for protection. The newspaper won't protect him, but it won't kill him, either.

  4. It's a pity that we can't get Rep. AOC (D-NY) up there to tell him how to weld, with her safety harness in place.

  5. Yes, they always use bamboo for scaffolding in Asia. Cheaper. It's like all the extra sand in the concrete…

  6. Yup, don't go with that el cheapo Asian concrete, no siree Bob. You gotta stick with good ol' American mobbed-up cement, best stuff available is in NYC and New Jersey. Great for cement overshoes, and other important applications where sand content is critical.

  7. Are you guys sure that's a safety harness, and not a combination management technique / pay grade?

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