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I am not one who watched most of the Democrat debates with much interest, but the slugfest last night was a lot like watching a NASCAR race (with no American flags) that has a lot of pile-ups. So it made interesting viewing. I’ll share a few thoughts on it, even though many of you, dear readers, might have seen the same thing.
Billionaires don’t like to have their asses kicked and Bloomie/Mini-Mike got a taste of what his $400 million spent on ads bought him so far. The other donkeys really hate him. The question of whether they hate him (Old – White – Billionaire – from New York) more than President Trump is up for grabs at the moment. I would venture a guess that they hate him AS MUCH as they hate President Trump.
It’s hard to imagine how the first debate for the former New York City mayor could have gone much worse for him. Bloomberg didn’t have adequate responses for either, leading to excruciating exchanges that ended poorly for him.

“A billionaire who calls women fat broads and horse-faced lesbians — and no, I’m not talking about Donald Trump — I’m talking about Mayor Bloomberg,” Warren said. “Democrats will not win if we have a nominee with a history … of harassing women and supporting racist policies like redlining and stop and frisk. … Democrats take a huge risk if we substitute one arrogant billionaire for another.”

Later, Warren came back for more, demanding that Bloomberg release women who have worked for him from the nondisclosure agreements they signed. After several rounds of back and forth, Bloomberg ceded the exchange with an eye roll. He paid good money for the silence of many women, who have signed non-disclosure agreements and he’s not going to re-open Pandora’s Box. The other contenders found that chink in his armor and they’re going to exploit that to the max. Bloomie is uncomfortable with that.
The question is whether or not Mini-Mike is still the “great white hope” to defeat the communists (Sanders and Warren) and hold the Party together. Warren and Sanders came out well ahead of him in the debate even if he does have $60 billion. Maybe somebody needs to find him a box to stand on.
Is the Democrat Party going to morph into the National Socialist Worker’s Party with Bernie and AOC leading the charge (with Warren in tow, trying to sound relevant)? That’s certainly what it looked like to me last night. 
A lot of mainstream Democrats are uncomfortable about coming out of the closet as full blown communists.  Maybe they need to form another Party and take the RINO’s with them?
Meanwhile, the Trump rally in Phoenix last night had to turn away twenty-three thousand people. There wouldn’t seem to be any venues large enough for a Trump rally. I had thoughts of attending but didn’t want to camp overnight for three days to get a seat, and that’s almost what it took. 
Joe Biden held a rally in Las Vegas yesterday and sixty-eight people showed up. He looked feeble and desperate during the debate. He talked a lot about Barack, who continually distances himself from corrupt, sly, old, creepy Slow Joe Biden.
Perhaps the most telling moment of the debate was that none of Sanders’s five rivals said that the person with the most delegates going into the convention should get the nomination, an indication that they’re spoiling for a convention fight even if he comes in with the lead.

20 thoughts on “The Main Event (Democrat Debate in Nevada)

  1. The major problem this country faces is that of who to select as President after 2024 when, by law, President Trump steps down ( actually it will be in Jan. 2025, but you know what I meant ).

    Thanks for the post.
    Paul L. Quandt

  2. Bernie's three houses are above average for socialists; most socialists world wide have approx. 0 houses. Bernie has done well for himself.

    Now, convincing 70 million American voters that they will all be better off under socialism than capitalism, Bernie's got his work cut out for him. Only the dumb milleniums will fall for that, and most of those will not bother to vote.

  3. A worthy consitutionalist may step forward into the breach to fill President Trump's shoes. But will they be as tough as Trump? Unlikely.

  4. There is primary support among the progs for communism and Comrade Bernie. How that will play in a general election is a very different thing. During the debate, Bloomie called him "a communist" and Bernie got a wounded look on his face and said that it was a cheap shot. Bernie needs to come out of the closet, maybe wear a beret, grow a beard and take up cigars and OWN IT.

  5. Had a nice early dinner and didn't want to spoil it by watching jackasses be jackasses. Thanks for the report.

  6. In a nutshell: Biden choked it back but didn't use the word "Malarky"; Klobuchar disclosed that post-it notes were invented in Minnesota; The Butt Guy lectured on the immorality of not agreeing with him; Warren was a shrill harpy but delivered full vitriol to Bloomie and it stuck; Bernie was in full commie mode as usual.

  7. What a circus, the comical kind. I swear God is allowing them to make fools of themselves, what else could it be that they spent no less than 10 minutes trying to outdo one another on who knew/spoke to/or visited with the Mexican President, as if it mattered a wit. This was spawned when the Telemundo chick asserted to Ms. Amy K. that when she couldn't recall the Mexican President's name wasn't looking good as a potential Presidential candidate. It was classic 3rd Grade playground idiocy resulting with the soda spitting comical Biden and Sanders saying "Si". These people somehow manage to fully step in it every time they speak.

    Sanders continues to be a very dangerous individual…speaking with forked tongue every time he opens his mouth. The guy needs to be dropped into Venezuela for a reality check.

    Warren is toast, despite getting in some good jabs…but you'd have to be mental to think "Angry Bird" should be sitting behind the Resolute Desk.

    Biden couldn't find his "Malarkey" tour bus in the parking lot with a map and flashlight, his "chicken liver" quip shows he's lost his faculties. (Joe, it's "chopped liver".)

    Buot-a-jedge sounded good to the itchy ears groupies, but is nearly as dangerous as Sanders…total wolf in sheep's clothing, that one.

    It'll get even weirder, if that's possible. Stocked up on more Whirly-Pop packets…got a case this time.

  8. I wanted Amy to tell the hot Mexican lefty, "That's because I don't give a flying, two fisted f^ck about Mexico, bitch." I would have paid good money for that.

    Amy doesn't have a prayer of the nomination and she's driven by pure ego. She should go out with a bang, as suggested above. She'd likely be re-elected to her Senate seat…but might have to run as a Republican.

  9. Trump would have…and that would have priceless, exposing the vacuous Left for what it is.

  10. I think Bernie is more the Mao jacket type, as his beard might resemble that of Ho Chi Mihn's. Then again, Comrade Ho had the same world view as Bernie. OK, keep the beard.

    But lose the Che Guevara beret, that would mask Bernie's signature flowing mane.

  11. I couldn't bear to watch any of it, so thanks for the report.

    I'll bet the convention will be the evilest hive of scum and villainy seen yet…..

  12. He always looks deranged – mad, if you will. Fredd says lose the beret, but I think that it would help round out his guerilla army of bros.

  13. Maybe Bloomie would do better if they had an alien (mariachis) band playing in the background at the next debate?

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