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Ending Some Lives Matters (always has)

Italian poleaxe, late 15th century

The weapon evolved over time and by the 15th Century, it was fully designed to be used against plate armor. The “axe” blade is gone and it’s all about opening the can.


Heed the Sign

White Wolf Mine


The Greatest Generation







I like CH-53’s

I just do.


      • For 200 years, the Silk Road could be traveled in peace because nobody wanted to deal with the Mongols. Whoever robbed was located, their home town was destroyed to the last person and farm animal, the buildings were demolished and they sewed salt. Some people call that overkill, but I sort of lived my life as a reincarnated Mongol. I was accused of dramatic overreaction more than once. Nobody’s perfect, Beans.

          • That’s how the Mongols saw it. And they traveled with millions of arrows.

            The Mongols were a combined arms force that included Mongol horse archers, Chinese allies (infantry) and siege artillery. They were not a “one trick pony”.

        • William the Conqueror did the same thing to Scotland during his reign in England. The Scots, with King Malcolm’s permission and approval, kept raiding over the border into England. So William took his army and went to the border, extended 20 miles in, and basically went from the Channel to the Irish straights, killing and destroying anything that got in their way. Poisoned wells, sowed salt on the fields, the whole shebang.

          For some reason, Malcolm and the rest of the Scots stopped raiding until after William was dead (from not wearing a cup, really, he racked himself to death when his horse stepped into a pothole and he came down hard on the front cantle.)

  1. You really can’t go wrong with a poleaxe. Pretty much has it all, though it’s a little overkill for unarmored opponents. How goes your search for a fully usable modern or reproduction version?

    The CH-53 and it’s ancestors are a wonderful family. Though sometimes pushing the envelope a tad too far, but all have done remarkable service for the military.

    • I’m still looking for the right person to build what I want. I was in California, casting about among old SCA types last week. A lot of people I knew are getting old. And I thought it was just me. I have been referred to here and there but nobody yet. A lot of people are laying low because of the plague, but how that fits with a forge mystifies me.

      The Pave Low (MH-53) has been retired and more’s the pity. Similar CH-53E Super Stallion but with a bigger punch. The MH-53 – gone, along with the armorers that friends of mine (all long in the tooth) know.

        • They’re proud of that Osprey. I have little experience with them beyond seeing them from a distance but the MH-53 was formidable.

      • Have you tried contacting Alex Steele? He’s a Brit who got out of the hell that is modern Britain and has gone to Montana.

        As to the SCA, a lot of ‘oldtimers’ have been discouraged by the SJW antics of the BOD and various groups within the SCA. Used to be the whinyest were the Heralds, now everyone is SJWing. A friend of mine was threatened banishment because his ‘court’ was Christian in theme. OOOOOhhhhhhoooo. Pissed off wiccans, pagans, druids and all other idiots because he actually roleplayed his persona.

        I miss hitting people. I don’t miss the BS.

  2. Wingo had an excellent response. History is full of one group pushing another aside to get what they want.

  3. Wingo was nice to Tyson. I would have said things about how ignorant of human history that tweet was.

    Tyson is a bit too pompous, too full of himself for my taste. He’s trying to be the modern Carl Sagan, but at least Sagan was an actual, working scientist.

  4. LL,

    When you find someone willing and able to make the poleaxe of your dreams, be sure to inquire about quantity pricing.

    Asking for a friend.

    • No, the Greeks (and Macedonians) may have been the first truly effective combined arms force because they combined heavy articulated infantry, peltasts and some archers, and cavalry. The Roman army was a genuine combined arms force and it evolved into one. The Romans evolved over their time with the addition of levies who served as the cavalry arm (for the most part) until the Roman era that we call Byzantine, when the cataphracts were truly heavy cavalry. The Mongols came on the scene well after Rome peaked. By the “end of Rome”, their enemies fought with the same general tactics as they did, having learned the Roman system.

  5. ah the 53, I’ve always called it “that magnificent beast.” when did they mothball them? i has the sad.

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