10 thoughts on “Sunday Sermonette

  1. They do come in awful handy. And it's a doggone shame that the A10 is being phased out. If I were a ground pounder there's nothing that I'd want to see more than a Hog coming in to my aid in close support.

  2. The A-10 doesn't appeal to the USAF style of flying HIGH. They feel that they can put ordnance on target more effectively while standing off…

  3. The Boom is often confused with the voice of an avenging angel, and the rattle of the chain gun with a death rattle.

  4. That A-10 GAU-8 had the biggest, baddest, burp that you never want to hear, and anything in its path disintegrated. It is truly a fearsome weapon. When fired, the A-10 slows down a few MPH because of the recoil.

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