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The question for politicians is simply this. How badly do you want it?
And are you willing to take it one round at a time?
We know the answers to those two questions. The political class including Mini-Mike Bloomberg are not going to put their lives on the line to take anything. Isn’t inspiring to have leaders like that who want to set policy without being at the tip of the spear?

Lead from the front.

There was a time in history when leadership required anyone who wanted to be in charge to say, “Follow me.” But we don’t see much of that anymore.

Of course, those charismatic souls who led the way didn’t always last that long. But you could respect their attitude and that was the point.

Free people are armed. It is the only way to gain freedom and to retain it. Slaves are definitely NOT armed. (Look at the Spartacus rebellion in ancient Rome)

I wonder how long the citizens of communist China would remain under the yoke if they had weapons parity with their masters? My sense is that – not long.

As soon as the US forgets that lesson sufficiently, it will cease to exist. And our elite masters are CONTINUALLY striving to disarm us, to insure that we don’t have defensive measures.

9 thoughts on “Making A Statement

  1. And in the frozen tundra of commie Minnesota someone has introduced a bill that essentially says if you post a gun free zone sign then you are 100% responsible for the safety of your customers. Anything happens to them it's your ass on the line.

    Now here in Post Falls we have the wonderful Dueling Irons Restaurant wherein you receive a 10% discount on your meal if you're open carrying. Safest place to eat. And the breakfasts? Oh my heavens – soooooo good!

  2. Thanks for the tempting location, but it's about a 19 1/2 hour drive one way (not including stops) to this culinary Eden. It's easier for me to visit LSP and get a brisket burrito…and allow Blue Demon to steal it.

    I think that if you post a gun free zone, you should be completely responsible for the safety and security of everyone inside the zone. That makes perfect sense.

  3. A 1911. Every good American should own at least one. Dueling Irons Restaurant. It's been a while since I was last up that way. Road trip?

  4. I feel the time will come when we have to be armed, we're almost there now. So well done, commies, for producing the exact opposite of your stated intent.

    I tell you, those nihilists need to be dealt with root and branch. Sayn.

  5. You don't need to disarm everyone, just neutralize and/or paralyses the common herd. How? Selective enforcement of laws of dubious legitimacy one malcontent at a time.

    This is what the wannabe dictators believe will work, and what they are working towards. Lead from the front? that is for "little" people.

  6. Road trip? Maybe in the summer. Driving two days (each way) in the snow to get a burger isn't something that I can get my head around.

  7. I'd like a 1911, but it's not an easy EDC.
    7 rounds of .45 vs 6 of .357 in my home gun?
    Decisions, decisions.

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