The Law vs Hillary Clinton

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Former SECSTATE Hillary R. Clinton
There has been a standard set and a legal precedent established during the Obama Administration that we the people and the Justice Department should look to in deciding whether or not to charge Hillary R. Clinton with a felony. Drop by fellow blogger, Race for Justice‘s blog and see what his take on it is.
My take on The United States vs Hillary Rodham Clinton is that it is the single most important case in US history that any of us will ever witness. The Republic stands at a crossroads regarding the rule of law vs rule by  executive fiat. It’s literally that important. 

18 thoughts on “The Law vs Hillary Clinton

  1. This transcends presidential politics. There are checks and balances within the branches of government that would limit an H. Clinton president, but being able to do what ever you feel like irrespective of the felony, is beyond the pale.

  2. The Bitch of Teflon believes she will not be prosecuted. For once, in DC, I would love to see the right thing done against a Clinton. I think Obama would allow it, but she has too much on him, I think.

  3. I think her offenses approach, but do not exceed Obama's executive overreach.
    But only because of core Constitutional issues.

  4. I agree. More crucial than Watergate. More seminal (*snork* – sorry!) than Monicagate. Great piece by RfJ!

  5. I think that Obama is in a bind. He will pardon her after her conviction, or if it drags on long enough, she may have to rely on Trump to pardon her…

  6. Nobody was dipping cigars that we know of in this case. Somebody needs to clarify with Huma.

  7. Man, I don't know. I'm not even vaguely curious about the details of Huma's extra duties! Somebody else will have to clarify.

  8. I think we've seen the degeneration of the rule of law by inches over the past 30 years or so. The Obama administration has certainly racked up the executive fiat points. Hillary's entire political career, however, has been based entirely on getting away with murder.

  9. I still want to know what the difference between Hillary Clinton and a ham sandwich is….

    Yeah, I know. I need new material. Just wait until she's president, and I will have a never ending source.

  10. I hope that she goes to the gray-bar hotel, not the white house. The nation needs a little good news.

  11. Like they limit Obama? It angers me no end that nothing is going to be done until after the election. She should be in jail now, not running for president.
    And the supposed checks and balances seem to be non existent, too.
    I will go look at your friend's blog. Thanks for the link.
    Take care and God bless.

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