(above) Comet SWAN

Blowing in the solar wind the spectacular ion tail of Comet SWAN (C/2020 F8) extends far across this 10 degree wide telephoto field of view. Captured on May 2 its greenish coma was about 6 light-minutes from Earth. The pretty background starfield lies near the border of the constellations Cetus and Aquarius. This comet SWAN was discovered at home by Australian amateur Michael Mattiazzo. The comet has now become just visible to the naked-eye as it sweeps from southern to northern skies. Appearing in morning twilight near the eastern horizon, Comet SWAN will make its closest approach to planet Earth on May 12 and reach perihelion on May 27.

Chicken Fried Steak and Eggs

It’s there to remind you that God loves you.




Build your own Safe Space


The Constitution Means

What the FBI says that it Means


  1. A photo of the breakfast of champions. Makes me hungry just looking at it and I just had supper. Hopefully the weather here will clear up before that comet moves out of range. There’s little light pollution where I live and a few minutes drive takes me where it’s pretty low. Nothing like the high desert but not bad. I pity the folks in the city. They have no idea what real night sky looks like.

    • The air here is dry, we’re high, and there isn’t any light pollution other than the full Moon. As soon as the Moon sets, the dome of stars is brilliant. My kids and grandkids (mostly city people) marvel when they’re up here and we count satellites and look for comets.

  2. WHOA!

    That was a great breakfast photo and the Logan Act infographic wasn’t bad either. Neat comet views to boot. Nice one.

  3. You would post a picture of Chicken Fried steak and eggs while the Double Clutch Truck Stop Cafe is locked down by our Governor. About once a month some friends and my sister have Sunday brunch there.

    • Just think how delicious it will be when it opens up. Yes, it’s open here…I’m rubbing it in.

  4. Can I change my breakfast selection from yesterday??!!!!!! That looks epic and God would want me to partake in its goodness.

    Thanks for the heads up…will keep an eye out for the comet as our sky is as yours once the moon sets and we’re usually up before dawn.

  5. Good Lord….that’s two days for of food for me! I like CFS, but just not for breakfast as I can’t eat that much easily.

    My wife was astounded at the number of stars she can see from here compared to Long Beach, and I’ve mulled over getting a decent telescope again. Not too much light pollution here, and we can be up at 7500′ in 20 minutes if we want. The view from the in-laws homestead up at 8500′ is spectacular. You can see the entire valley, and several cities sparkling away. And when you look up………WoW.

    • The Discovery Channel Telescope is not far from where I live and is at the same altitude. The Lowell Observatory (near Flagstaff) is actually lower in altitude than I am. The Large Binocular Telescope Observatory is south of me, but is a couple thousand feet higher. Arizona is a good place to put a telescope. There are a lot of clear skies, very little light pollution and dry air.

    • The chicken fried steak might feed two Biafran refugees, but I think that the average male blogger could knock that one out, solo.

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