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At first the liberal outrage over conservative areas not allowing men (most of whom are freaks and perverts by their own admission) to use women’s restrooms seemed silly to me. What person in their right mind would encourage men to use women’s restrooms? 
Since “transgender” is officially a state of mind more than a surgical decision (see Woman-of-the-Year Bruce Jenner), I’m sure that we will see the high school boy’s football team showering with the cheerleaders.  To be fair, as a high school boy, I would have showered with the cheerleaders too, but that’s really not the point, is it?
Even after the surgical tuck-and-roll, a man still has XY chromosomes even if his courting tackle has been removed. Maybe it needs to come down to some sort of automated blood test to determine who can enter which restroom. XY gets one restroom, XX gets the other? Or does this simply reflect my traditional bias that there is a biological difference between men and women?
Though do consider “trannys” to be freaks. I realize that they are freakishly damaged humans and believe that they should be treated fairly under the law. However, making everyone else in society miserable or putting women at risk is not the solution to their individual problems.  And if some guy wearing a dress thinks that he can get away with “meat gazing” me while I’m standing at a urinal watering the horse, I will suggest to you that the results to the tranny will be less than satisfying.

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  1. You know, when I was in the Navy in Long Beach and San Diego, it was a crime to hit a gay person as they were considered mentally ill. Well, if you ever hitched-hiked back to the base any night, chances are pretty good that a gay will pick you up. Most will just take no for an answer, but a few will try to lay-hands-on. So, with the law in mind, I have accumulated a few years of prison time owed to California. I agree, why stop now? If it tries to get in some eye candy off me, it may need toothpicks to hold its eyes open. Just saying!

  2. Isn't the Navy actively recruiting transsexuals? Are they hoping the enemy will be so freaked out they'll simply surrender, or maybe die laughing.

  3. >Are they hoping the enemy will be so freaked out they'll simply surrender, or maybe die laughing.
    First of all, there are no enemies (except Western values in general, and in terms of persons, most particularly straight, white Christian males). Those persons you may be thinking of as "enemies" are misunderstood victims of our ignorant, bigoted cultural assumptions and our projection of our own insecurities and inability to come to terms with our true polygender nature. And if we did have enemies, if we kill (or micro-aggress) them they win, remember? I have it on good authority that's true.

    Less facetiously, I suspect at least half the fruitbats who believe that kind of stuff think that we can change our ene…, uh misunderstood future friends, by way of example. Seriously.

    By way of "let's see what happens" I've theoretically considered growing out my beard (not a pretty sight) again, put on a hijab or even full-on burka (though that sort of defeats the need for a beard) and claiming to identify as devout Muslim woman when going through the TSA rigamarole. On declining the Rapiscan (TM), who do they assign to grope me? For the record, not that I would ever do such a thing of course, because the internet is not hardly anonymous, and I of course have the highest respect for the hardworking, intelligent, ethical and highly trained agents of the TSA.

  4. Don't make fun of their 4 o'clock shadows and hairy legs or they'll scratch your eyes out.

  5. The Navy used to arrest and dishonorably discharge homosexuals. Now they are actively recruiting them.

  6. if i owned a bussiness i would have a men's room, a women's room and the port-a-potty in the alley would be the transexual's room

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