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I’m not handicapping the Democrat primary coming up in two years, but I can report where things stand.
Former Vice President Joe (Slow Joe) Biden is the most popular Democrat in the potential 2020 primary, with 28 percent of Democrat support. But two years is a long time and Slow Joe, not getting any younger, could easily stroke out between now and the primary, leaving his colleagues in the catbird’s chair. If he runs, maybe he’ll reach out to Alexandria Ocassio-Cortez as a running partner. Both of them are known for making absurd statements. Maybe she’ll make him look erudite. She has her work ahead of her. Barack buried his vice president, sending him out to cut ribbons on bridges, attend tranny conferences, and turn ceremonial dirt with a spade at future building sites in an attempt to muzzle him.
The Old Communist, Senator Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.), comes in second place at 21 percent. The Donkeys are changing the rules so he won’t be wiped out by the Clinton superdelegate machine that crushed him in 2016. Will the donkeys feel the Bern? I think that his ship has sailed, but he will run on the promising of spending government money to pay off your student loan, pay off your house, give you free healthcare and a guaranteed national wage. He will not mention that there is no such thing as “government money”, only taxpayer money.
Hillary (the Old, Crooked, Crone) Clinton is in third place. We all know who she is and that she’d murder nuns and babies to get into the White House.
Robert (Beto) O‚ÄôRourke, is fourth and people call him the “new Obama”. That’s an insult where I come from, but in some circles, it has a lot of promise. Another empty chair? 
O’Rourke is currently polling ahead of Sen. Elizabeth (Fake Indian Warren D-MA, The Creepy Porn Lawyer*, Cory (Spartacus) Booker D-N.J and Kamala (Progressive Witch) Harris D-CA, and billionaire/former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg. There is a pile of hopeful dems under those noteworthy leaders. Some suggest as many as thirty of them, many whose names I don’t recognize. They all want to savage each other to get a shot at the title.
No matter how it plays out, there will be a LOT of liberal money spent, and a lot of dirt thrown. And it will be entertaining.

*Creepy Porn Lawyer claims to be out of the race for the presidency but because he’s a sociopath/liar, I expect that’s just a tactic and that he will re-emerge from the swamp again, having used Hillary’s ‘reset button’.

14 thoughts on “The Donkey Herd, etc.

  1. Bring out the usual suspects. No worries about Miss Occasional-Cortex, at least until the 2024 election. She ain't old enough. Now Beto's another story. He is rather pretty and that's important to the donkeys, far more so than substance and actual competence.

  2. Hillary wasn't the least bit pretty. That may have been their error – that and they need continue to "find ballots" in the next general election until their champion wins. It worked in California in the mid-terms.

  3. wondering what kind of speech obama had written up for him to read at president ghw bush funeral. to bad.
    never spending money at at a certain nationwide book seller who's name sounds a lot like barnes and nobel. coupla clerks jumped me about purchasing some conservative media and spoke of that disbarred community organizer foreign agent porch monkey #44 as the most intelligent president in over one hundred years wow. other than bitching at me they were complaining about their work requirement of putting books on shelves. seriously? what did they expect from a job in a book store, cleaning toilets??? my wallet dragged me out of that place.

  4. The winners will be advertisers and political operatives. The losers will be we the people.

  5. It's not exclusive to inner city people, but there is an element of surprise and dismay in the hearts of endemic welfare recipients when they land a job and are expected to do something for their salary. Naturally, they're proud when a half-negro becomes president and then doesn't do anything for them. I mean, that's brilliant. If he had done something for them, it would have been stupid, right? Once you learn to dream in Ebonics, it all makes sense…

  6. Killary had been cheated when obama ran, though. Then the American people had the audacity to tell her no.

    They probably figure there are enough illegals available now that she's a shoe in.

  7. The man who bought the apartment building I lived before I got (re)married was in the political advertising/polling biz. He was the guy that produced, printed, and mailed all those snazzy, slick bits of junk mail that we all get flooded with every other year.

    Amazingly, he was a conservative, and really cool guy. He said when the Liberals opened their checkbooks every couple of years, he laughed all the way to the bank.

  8. They may not have use for illegals soon. They just "find" enough ballots with the Democrat selected for office and that pushes them over the top.

  9. There's a lot to conjure with in this post.

    Spartacus, CPL, Fauxchahauntus, Cortex Slo-Joe and on. But what if…

    Mueller puts his hat in the ring, running on a Michele VP ticket?

  10. Ha. I actually wondered last night if he might try to run. He's got the finish the fake collusion thing first though, doesn'e he?

    I certainly hope Flynn did not lie for his "no jail time" decision…

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