The Right to Pray

Today, the Supreme Court  ruled in favor of a former Washington high school football coach who ho was put on leave for praying at the 50-yard line after his team’s games.

The case pits First Amendment rights to free speech against the separation of church and state, and the high court’s ruling could pave the way for fewer restrictions on religious liberty in schools.

In a 6-3 ruling the court sided with former coach Joseph Kennedy,  who was put on leave when the school said that his prayers violated the separation of church and state.



The Supreme Court’s 6-3 vote to overturn Roe v Wade caused a lot of overreaction. Some people are setting up “underground railroads” to transport birthing people from states to restrict abortion to those who will legally kill your baby right up to the moment of birth. They can use an above-ground railroad.


The Smithsonian Museum has a new cautionary note on its website:

“Objective thinking, self-reliance, and planning for the future are among the signs of whiteness that have permeated throughout American culture.”

I’d mark that as true. So what? But the Smithsonian says that it’s bad.

Aspects of whiteness and white culture include an “emphasis on the scientific method,” which involves “objective, rational linear thinking,” “cause and effect relationships,” and “quantitative emphasis,” according to a graphic created by the museum.


Domestic Terrorism Prevention Act of 2022

I hope people understand the game being played with the Domestic Terrorism Prevention Act of 2022 proposed by senate democrats.

They’re establishing the foundation for ideological purges in the security state.

It establishes an “inter-agency task force” to probe “white supremacist and neo-Nazi infiltration of the uniformed services and federal law enforcement agencies”.

As most anyone who has been focused on the culture war which has been waged for the better part of 20 years can tell you, linguistic manipulation is one of the primary weapons of intersectional authoritarianism.

They have the power to exert this force through corporate media and punditry. We have a supreme court Justice who cannot define the word woman for instance. The “everything’s racist” memes have been in circulation for years because as we’ve witnessed everything from math to the nuclear family has been declared racist by a priest of the new religion at one point or another.

When legislation based on a mythological premise is introduced using language that has been bastardized to such an extent that it can be used to describe anyone from Hitler to a random person supporting free speech, you’re in dangerous waters.

This is why standing your ground on language is critical and ridiculing the absurd assertions of intersectional zealots is a duty.


A Custom Message to Ivan


The Kaliningrad Conspiracy

Last week, when shipments of urea (nitrogen) and potash (potassium) were going to begin shipment from Belarus through Lithuania and departing by ship to Kaliningrad, the Brandon Administration pushed Lithuania to shut down the rail line and embargo those vital components to keep the world’s crops growing. In the process, it means cutting the supply of DEF used in diesel automobile/truck engines.

Why would the US State Department do that?

According to some news outlets, the DEF supply will be problematic. According to others, the supply is bountiful, just much more expensive.


Fun with GIFs


Meme Madness



  1. For whatever reason I have had to open the images in a new tab for the last couple of your posts. I think it may have something to do with the current planetary alignment.

    Right to Pray: Hopefully he was put on paid leave but if not the back pay pay remuneration should be a good reminder to the school district.

    Overreaction: Abortion is a hugely difficult subject but this is a great victory for states rights. Hopefully that ruling will slow or even reverse the current tendency for the fedgov to take over everything.

    Domestic terrorism: Language is everything. Besides the fact that these task forces even exist for this that and the other thing another problem is that they are never disbanded.

    Fertilizer and DEF. Another example of the US trying to expand the current war in Ukraine. I wonder if the State Department even looked at the repercussions of that decision.

    Custom messages: Great idea!

  2. “This is why standing your ground on language is critical and ridiculing the absurd assertions of intersectional zealots is a duty.”

    My mode for sure, not that anyone is really listening. But if the good people don’t speak up and push back the evil-doers get a free pass. At least we’re making noise, and at some point they won’t be able to ignore us.

    One fuel stop they had DEF boxes lined up in the back hall, twice the price. Why would The Hologram’s handlers stop the shipment in a foreign country? All part of the pre-November election plan to hamstring America while feigning outrage.

  3. I applaud the Ukrainians for their capitalist zeal and discovery of a market niche to exploit!

    Writing messages on projectiles has been ubiquitous since writing, but making money off of it is genius.


    • Yes, I thought so. It’s sort of like paying for a rat to be given your ex-wife’s name and having it fed to a python on Valentine’s day. It’s not nearly as frivolous as naming a star.

      • I once had a black widow spider named for my ex-wife in a Mason jar on my desk at work. Drop a cricket in the jar and that gal would go to work. Eventually I decided the spider hadn’t really done anything to me to deserve captivity and I turned her loose.

  4. i think the pendulum is swinging back to the right and picking up speed. how will they react when their methods are used against their allies, the real terrorists, or even themselves? as you say these things are never abolished, only the goals adjusted. just more desperation on their part. the more things unravel for them the more outrageous their actions will become. this is how you get real hitlers, or anti-Christs.

  5. Hey, NMAAHC, I’ll take all the toxic polite, productive, peaceful, ordered liberty-under-law white culture you can spare. The only objection I have to that poster is the repeated use of “Judeo-Christian”. No it freaking well isn’t. It’s Greco-Romano-Germano-Christian civilization. We aren’t all sitting around arguing about which bugs it’s religiously permitted to eat [1].

    Speaking of NMAAHC-type stuff, I was up in Portsmouth, NH a couple of weekends ago. Someone had put up official signs about “The African-American History of Portsmouth” on various buildings downtown. FFS. NH is only 1.8% Black (and 93% white), but you still can’t get away from it. At this rate I’m going to have to move to Japan.

    [1] I was looking up whether insects are halal or kosher — obviously important to the culturally sensitive WEF overlord (you will own nothing, eat bug paste, and be happy) — and found the following:
    Seriously, read the entire thing. But if you don’t, here are some excerpts.
    one will often find worms in cheeses which are hard, aged, or otherwise prepared in a way which gives the cheese a very sharp taste. These worms are kosher and are permitted to be eaten as long as they remain embedded within the cheese. However, if they leap off or otherwise separate from the cheese they are then forbidden to be eaten. Some authorities even allow the consumption of worms which have separated from cheese as long as they have not gotten further than the plate or serving dish.

    Additionally, it is permitted to eat a worm which grew in a fruit that had been detached from its source of growth and had never been exposed to the air. However, worms and other insects which grew in a fruit while it was still attached to the tree are forbidden to be eaten.

    I think this is the religious equivalent of “Three Felonies a Day” where there are so many rules no normal human being can keep track and also get any productive work done. Also, if you find a worm in your apple, how could you possibly know if Mr Worm started his career while the apples was on the tree (forbidden!), or if he joined after the apple had fallen/been picked? Anyway, this serves the same reason as all the Fed regulations. You can always be found guilty of something. It also has the effect of training every person to be a barracks lawyer who is more concerned with finding loopholes and ambiguities in wording rather than the spirit of the law. This sort of thing is the direct antithesis of the ancient Persian ideal of education for boys: To ride, to shoot, to speak no lies.

        • Mike_C – those old dudes have to do something while they sit around drinking tea or coffee all day, and logical deconstruction of infinitesimals is all they know.

          It’s a shame they never got into making 1970s wargame rules, but that’s a pretty obscure pastime.


    • Islam regards worms and other pests as khabeeth (bad to eat):

      This is a great website which answers burning questions such as “Is is okay to buy an extended warranty” and “Is is okay to use a public water source to wash your car”.

  6. White Culture? Those values and abilities are limited to “white” people? To me the worst racism is the assumption that people of “color” need to be protected and coddled. “There, there, children, we will protect you”. What arrogance!

  7. Sotomayor’s dissent: Coaches have no first amendment rights, at all. They are looked up to by children and we can’t have religion brought into the mix. But it’s OK for LGBTQ, drag queens, CRT, transgenderism and all the rest to be forced into schools. Her confirmation was almost unanimous. She was an affirmative action hire, a life-long activist and far-left liberal. Thanks republican senators.

  8. The Domestic Terrorism Prevention Act of 2022 has me worried, I agree with you that it IS going to be one of the ways to crack down on us. Also had to reload the page to get any graphics to load.

  9. Good for SCOTUS. They did exactly what they were supposed to do.

    Well, there goes my respect for the Smitsonian. I lost my respect for “Scientific” American magazine quite a few years ago.

    If that passes, were in very dangerous waters.

    Hey, you do what you have to when you’re fighting a foreign (or domestic) invader.

    They’re doing it as part of their battle plan. What an elegant way to shut down the transportation system, while leaving the capital equipment intact.

  10. Ah, a museum (which is a white culture thing, decidedly white culture thing) bitching about white culture, which fills most of the museum.

    Hereyago. Open it up to other cultures. Like the ghetto smash-n-grab culture or the knock-out-game culture or the 2-hour-marriage and then stone them culture. And see how much of the museum(s) is/are left at the end of the week. Yeah, not so much left over, eh?

    I’ll keep my white privilege and white culture, thank you. And all of those out there screaming ‘cultural appropriation’ please turn in your cars, air conditioners, refrigerators, modern housing, modern (industrial produced) cloth and clothing, air travel, medicine, firearms, steel (seriously, steel, especially homogenous steel is a white thing since the 1000’s,) musical instruments (even the kalinga, which is made of white people’s trash)End and music recordings and sportsmoneyball and and and and and and and aaaaaaaaaannnnnnddd.

    End it all. Burn it all down. Don’t scream about ‘cultural blah-blah’ while cuturally appropriating another culture. In a logical world you can’t have it both ways. But, well, white culture is the only culture I know of that is founded on logic, so, well, how does that work for everyone.

    Just tired of it all.

  11. For some reason, that top picture reminds me of the team building exercises being promoted by the distaff members of the IT staff. They thought they were so CUTE….and FUN!!! The guys just rolled their eyes.

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