Young inner city youths have taken to attacking innocent pedestrians by beating them down at random. It’s called the “Knockout Game”. The inner city types think that it’s very funny and they do it recreationally.

It’s funny that these attacks don’t happen in places where citizens have the right to “open carry” firearms. (God made men, Samuel Colt made them equal). New Jersey, Washington, DC, New York and other urban hells where firearms are denied to the public are locations most likely to be the site of “the Knockout Game”. There haven’t been any inner city attacks reported in Utah, Northern Nevada, Wyoming, Idaho or rural Arizona. Maybe there aren’t enough American Africans there to carry out the attacks – or maybe some did find the courage to play the game and they’re rotting under the sod in some  obscure pasture? We know how the Federal Government feels about inner city youths who are killed in the commission of an attack against non-negros. And how the US Justice Department feels obliged to go after victims for defending themselves. (see Treyvon Martin case)
These inner city people are looking for vulnerable targets. They say that the target can be anybody. It can be anybody who looks like an easy mark. We all know that progressive people decry the Constitutional protections afforded to citizens to arm themselves and protect themselves. My statement to people who live in those progressive disarmed havens is to enjoy their inner city youth and to take their progressiveness like men and women — and women holding infants, pregnant women & teenage girls, seem to be the favorite targets.
The targets are almost always white. Is it racist to say that?


  1. This is the result of the breakdown of the family. I'm not saying that this won't happen if they are part of an intact family, but it will NEVER be fixed without a family.

    P.S. – the females in the video, being interviewed, need to feel what it is they are laughing about.

  2. Present USGOV stats show that 76% of black children in America are born without a father in the home. Where is the outrage from Washington DC? Where is the outrage from the political "reverends"? I haven't heard from the President on this subject.

    You're absolutely correct in your assessment.

  3. My grandmother grew up on the mean streets of Chicago. She never drove a car and used public transportation. If she saw a group or individual coming toward her that looked creepy, she would scuttle to the other side of the street. I believe she was mugged less often than usual. But she was racist, right?

  4. I have nothing nice to say about who these people are, but it would be nice just once to see these cowards approach the wrong guy that has a gun.

  5. They are emboldened by operating in "gun free zones".

    If one of them were shot, the President would say that the suspect in the knockout game reminds him of himself.

  6. I wonder what Barack Obama and Eric Holder would say if young white men were targeting vulnerable negroes at random for sport – and at times, murder?

  7. I wonder what Barack Obama and Eric Holder would say…

    No you don't, not really. In fact I'm pretty sure that anyone who follows your blog already knows what they'd say, mostly verbatim.

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