How long do you think it will take to un-do the 
damage that has been done by the Obama Presidency?


  1. Hillary Clinton would just prolong the ObamaNation and it would take even longer to fix it. A Republican Legislature in 2014 means that we'll stop the hemorrhage.

  2. Hillary would make a lot of the damage permanent. What a horrible thought that is – four years of the Hildabeast.

  3. Alot of what has been done, will take a seriously committed President with a mandate to undo. After all, why would unfunding a law be so hard? We have done that numerous times before.

  4. We fund and unfund laws all of the time in the US. However, with ObamaCare, the Dems keep saying, "it's the law of the land"…

    Paying back the debt and fixing the socialist agenda will take a two term president and a Republican legislature.

  5. Well with Harry Reid taking the Nuclear Road today, that may enrage enough still sleepy republicans and also piss off more than enough independents, that things could go very sharply south for the Demoncrats in 2014 and 2016. Much of Obama's damage could be undone in a matter of days with a conservative president simply reversing the course and lifting executive orders in a host of areas. That alone would put hope back into the rope of American businesses small and large. Within a 12 to 18 months, the economy could be very well on the mend. When people see and sense things are turning around, hope and confidence tends to recover very quickly.

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