Behind every single institutional failure, there’s a name. The name isn’t always the President’s even though in the case of the current president, most of the mischief has been created by the Chicago thugs that he has surrounded himself with and with the socialist agenda that he brought to the White House with him.

Sometimes President Obama shares the epic institutional failure with the self-serving Bitch of Benghazi, Hillary Clinton. The lies are an insult to those who died. No aid was sent to the US Consulate because they wanted the truth to die with those inside the consulate — but that’s not what those who were murdered expiated of their government.

There is a lot of blood crying from the Earth.


  1. Accountability may be avoided on Earth, but these people will be held to account some day, if there is justice in this life.

  2. JFK is remembered by all that could have been…when what did he accomplish? Did he write his book,? Did he earn his Pulitzer? How did he do with Cuba? How did he do with Vietnam? What was his position on the Civil Rights bill? Yet he is remembered as one of our greatest Presidents. What will people say of Obama? And he has three years left…

  3. Actually I think that he wrote a book, "Profiles in Courage", but your point is well taken. I think that unless a sniper in the Dallas Book Repository has a clear shot at Barack, and he is turned into a martyr, history will be unkind to his memory.

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