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Spring 2013 – Obama and Biden stump in Colorado for a tough gun control measure, pumping many millions of dollars into the coffers of Colorado legislators to buy the votes necessary to ban hated firearms from the hands of the honest and law abiding in Colorado. (criminals will keep their firearms, as usual)

March 13, 2013 – Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper signs the Colorado State gun control bill into law.

July 13, 2013 – Democratic State Senator Angela Giron and Colorado Senate President John Morse are facing a recall election. More of those dominos will fall.

Food Stamps – In peril? The House of Representatives had historically has historically married pork-barrell farm subsidies to billions of dollars in food stamp programs. Twinning the two massive programs has in the past helped win support from rural-state lawmakers and those representing big cities.  GOP leadership released a smaller version of the five-year bill late Wednesday. They dropped the section pertaining to the $80 billion-a-year food stamp program. They plan to handle the matters separately. President Obama said that he’d veto any legislation of that sort.
Pop Tarts may return to schools! A Republican lawmaker has introduced legislation that would block funding to schools that prohibit children from playing with imaginary guns. (The Student Protection Act) This means that one student can’t be expelled for pointing a finger at another student, or for gnawing a pop tart.
The California Socialist Victory – What was once the most prosperous state now suffers from an unemployment rate far steeper than the nation’s and a flood of firms and jobs escaping high taxes and stifling regulations. This toxic combination—high public-sector employee costs and sagging economic fortunes—has produced recurring budget crises around the state. 33% of all welfare recipients in America live in California.
Benghazi has been dropped from the Obama Administration’s lexicon. While not in the news, I am personally involved in a project in Africa and will be traveling there this summer to oversee and supervise the implementation of a program. In a discussion (Thursday) with a Department of Defense official, I expressed concerns for a second Benghazi style attack on Americans because of destructive programs (not yet exposed by the mainstream media) put into place by presidential hopeful and former US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. He said, “We’re not allowed to even use the word ‘Benghazi’.” My response, “Of course.”
Having his Baby – Police have arrested a Southern California (city of Redlands) high school teacher two weeks after she allegedly gave birth to a student’s baby. Redlands police spokesman Carl Baker says 28-year-old Laura Elizabeth Whitehurst was arrested Monday night for allegedly having unlawful sex with a 16-year-old. 

Commentary: When I was in high school, the male teachers were chasing student skirt. Now the trend is going the other way. What’s that about?  Cougars…go figure.

Bad Call – A soccer referee was beheaded and his head displayed atop a wooden stake at midfield after a match erupted in violence in Brazil. The World Cup will be held in Brazil in 2014, and it promises to be exciting as a run-up to the 2016 Olympics.
Obama’s Approval Rating Dropped in Europe – (circa 2008) Barack, the charismatic shaman, the healer in the Age of Oprah, promised that we could be the change if only we believed in him. And the Europeans drank the Kool Aid, ecstatic at the thought of a half-negro American president. They rallied, they cheered and they loved him.
Today, not so much. The drone warrior who oversaw the expansion of the NSA effort to eavesdrop on Europeans has an 18% approval rating in Europe. Though Americans who are beholden to him for benefits (bought votes) still support Obama and his minions. 
The Kool Aid doesn’t taste so sweet to Europeans anymore.
The Zimmerman Self-Defense Trial – Both the prosecution and defense seem to be winding down and the matter will go to the jury to decide whether or not Zimmerman acted in self

defense when he shot the inner city youth/doper/gang banger. But the Federal Government is not sitting idle on this matter. Not when the matter of race and a teenager that looks like President Obama is involved. Based on all accounts, DOJ is in Florida spending money and promoting racial agitation. Hey, it’s your tax dollars at work.

Will thee be riots if Zimmerman is acquitted? If DOJ has anything to do about it, yes there will be. They have bussed in Rev. Sharpton’s followers because the locals don’t have enough rage in them to tear the city to pieces.

I thought this was one of those urban legend things, but it’s apparently true. “These documents detail the extraordinary intervention by the Justice Department in the pressure campaign leading to the prosecution of George Zimmerman,” Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton said. (Fox News)

10 thoughts on “Review of the News

  1. Government threatens riots? OF course. Heck, how else are they to put pressure on the judge and jury. If they acquit, the violence and death will be all their fault, right? Zimmerman MUST be found guilty, no matter the facts of the case.

    Cougar? No. Teachers who have underage sex are child molesters.

    Soccer violence? Brazilians bring hooliganism to new levels, apparently.

    Benghazi is "that place that shall not be named" for US officials. Of course.

    God Bless the good people of Colorado for throwing out the trash. Byeeee!

  2. They launched him. Now they regret it. They thought it was about race when it was always about character.

  3. There were some attractive female teachers back when I was a callow youth that could have taught me something…alas.

    With Zimmerman (a Mexican, who unfortunately has a "white" name), it's all about negroes being upset that he killed one of their color. Never mind that Martin was a burglar, gang member, doper and professional criminal and Zimmerman acted in self defense.

    There are two Americas. Liberals and people beholden to them for a free ride live in one and everyone else lives in the other.

  4. Nothing new to see here folks, move along now… oh and do not talk amongst yourselves…

  5. Sad ones all… I didn't know about the 33% of welfare, but it makes sense… And maybe it's time to look at moving up that move to Ariz.

  6. Yes, there are 2 Americas. One pays for everything and the other steals, lies and has some difficulty finding it's ass with both hands and a map.

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