The Double Standard Reeks

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The  Federal Government has sternly warned the 31+ US States that refused to accept Syrian refugees that actions on their part are illegal. Yet, the same Obama Administration supports the unlawful actions of over two hundred illegal so-called sanctuary cities.
Over 1000 e-mails sent through an insecure server in her basement, backed up literally in a restaurant’s restroom in Colorado, have been deemed classified. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton marches forward on her path to the White House. Others, including CIA Director David Petraeus were cashiered and prosecuted for doing far less.
Many years after thousands of firearms were unlawfully transferred with BATF oversight from firearms dealers to drug cartels, resulting in thousands of murders in Mexico and two murdered US government agents, nobody has gone to jail. The White House asserted executive privilege over tens of thousands of documents related to this. 
The mainstream media is the cheerleader for the double standard. 

9 thoughts on “The Double Standard Reeks

  1. All that remains to shut all of us up is "net neutrality". Hope that fails. I hate the smell of mimeograph ink.

  2. We may be reduced to heliographs and drums if the left gets its way. Even saying that we'd be reduced to a heliograph may be deduced as hate speech under net neutrality.

  3. What a crew of clowns and crooks. Perhaps the clown aspect will work in our favor? MSM? Hopeless.

  4. The whole media is off the rails… Truth MUST be suppressed, it conflicts with the agenda… sigh

  5. I'm sure that the media will be sorry that they started reporting on the San Bernardino story. Barack came out with anti-gun rhetoric until it became radical Muslims.

    When radical Muslims shoot up a clinic full of mental health workers having a Christmas party all it serves to do is clean the shelves on every gun store for miles around…so much for Barack's efforts.

    If one of the (liberal) mental health workers had a handgun, it might have mitigated the slaughter.

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