I’m hanging out, watching the world go past. What are you doing on this fine Sunday?

President Trump is sitting in the Office of the Former President.


Do Americans Love Biden?

He’s creepy, cranky and kooky. In Rasmussen Reports’ first Presidential Daily Tracking Poll of likely voters, the new Democratic president starts at 48% approving and 45% disapproving.

Notably, he is underwater with women (46% approve, 48% disapprove) and whites (43% approve, 51% disapprove).

Rasmussen’s daily survey number is an average of the last three days.

By comparison, Biden’s approval is ho-hum compared to former Presidents Donald Trump and Barack Obama, said the polling data.


Two things are certain.

One is that we’ll pay taxes.



From The Godfather (Part 2)


Dong Tao Chicken

Tastes like dinosaur


Parting Shot


  1. We’re enjoying a nice fire in the firepalce, watching a Lego movie, munching on pizza, and having a great time with The Little Guy.

    The adult word can wait for a while while we help a 4 year old explore his.

  2. Regarding Craig Telfer, the list of who he is seems to omit the mentally ill part of him/zhe.

    Ahem, we are losing this political battle to an opponent that is out of their mind! How is that possible? Oh, right, these crazy people managed to get the media, academy, Hollywood, administrative government and god knows who else to spew their their nuttiness and the masses are gullible.

  3. Thinking of my niece and several second cousins who had much of their college costs lowered by being on athletic scholarships, I wonder what future females approaching college age have?

    • Nothing. Absolutely nothing. That’s what future genetically female females have, now.

      As it’s more important to provide scholarship money to people who, survey says, will commit suicide before they’re 40.

  4. Grandkids are too far away to enjoy.
    I’m watching some anime and donghua (maybe it’s just the genre, but they really seem to like pouty red lips on their wimminfolk), as well as playing some old Star Trek: Birth of the Federation.
    Listened a bit to Olena UUTAi a bit ago – she has quite a voice, but the music isn’t exactly my cuppa.

      • I’ve pretty much gone all the way through several site, from 0 through Z.
        I can’t remember all that I’ve watched.
        As for current/recent series, up to now I was following Log Horizon, but for some reason this season just isn’t cutting it.
        Still watching or waiting on new episodes for Tensei Shitara Slime, Arifureta Shokugyou de Sekai Saikyou & several other isekai series. I sometimes rewatch Usagi Drop – nice & heartwarming family series.
        On the donghua side: Douluo Dalu, Ling Jian Zun, Wu Shen Zhu Zai, Wu Shang Shen Di; and waiting to see if there will be any more of Quanzhi Fashi, Doupo Cangqiong, Yuan Long, Quanzhi Gaoshou, and Yao Shen Ji (this one started when 3D was nosebleed quality, but the story was interesting).

        • Thanks, I’ll check some of them out. I’m more old school stuff, like “Akira”, Ghost in the Shell, Gunslinger Girl, and of course, Cowboy Bebop.

          • Another one – Rise of the Shield Hero. Came out of nowhere, and was so successful that they announced there will be a Season 2 & Season 3 at the end of the first season.
            Never could get into the Gundam series – seemed to me like the robots were the main characters.

        • +1. Back when Catshit One first came out, a couple of my customers were young computer geeks. They burned me a copy of the original before the blood was removed to make it more PC. Still have it.

  5. Americans didn’t love either Biden or the Ho before the election. What actual real votes they got were from insane lunatics who vote leftist no matter what.

    The negative approval rating right off the bat is further proof that B and K never received 80 million votes. More like 70 million at the most. My personal feeling is somewhere around 60 million or less real votes. Do I believe they cheated that badly? Yes. Yes I do.

    Anyone who doesn’t believe in Arkancide or Kennebunkportcide or Chicagocide is either a true innocent or just lying to themselves.

    And that chicken? Nope. Noooope. Nopey-nope. I’d have to have it dressed out and checked for cancer or heavy metal contaminants before I would even think of telling the host to take it away.

  6. Processing brass for a match prepped M1 Garand, built by Clint Fowler and stashed in a closet pretty much unused since return to the owner many, many moons ago. It’s too nice a rifle to be let go fallow. So I intend to rectify that oversight and go tilting at windmills when it warms up enough for matches to resume. Go and do thou likewise.

    • I am remiss as well. I have an M1A Super Match built by Tom Luhmann (TLC Gunworks) back in the early 90’s, and it has way too much dust on it. Brass is ready to go, thank God I have primers.

  7. Just looking at those two shows their hollowness, they seem plastic. The polls are lying, pumped up to not look as bad as truth will tell. One mans rule…trash oil, trash woman’s sports, trash jobs, trash the 1st Amendment, resurrect garbage edicts…on and on. Unlawful at every turn. Then again, he has little clue what he’s signing and regurgitates whatever the earpiece says.

    Good to decompress. Had a nice evening meal with rancher neighbors…good food, great conversation, never dull. Normal. The weirdness seemed far away for a few hours. Really terrific postings today LL…asked them about the Jerusalem museum…she was there, felt the realness. Was a great memory jog for her and she shared the experience with us. Epic.

  8. At work, taking a break from reading echocardiograms.
    Goofing off looking for a storage facility for a friend who is going to be OCONUS longer than expected. “Can you find a storage space for me, and maybe pack up my apartment?”

    Painful, but maybe this will work out, because I stupidly went to the good thrift store this afternoon and found a walnut bedroom set in “mid-century” style — in good shape yet — for $50 total (after my “you buy too much stuff so we’re giving you this coupon” 20% discount). Found the same set on-line for $5k (asking price) just now. So my “new” furniture set is going to be sharing a storage unit with friend’s stuff for a while — no room in the house just now. Perhaps those Ikea “Malm” dressers are ready for retirement….

  9. shoveling snow & working on the riding mower on the off chance its still legal to mow my lawn this summer. or that i’ll be able to afford fuel for it…

    • Don’t ask the new press secretary iffin it’ll be legal to mow the lawn, she’ll just say “I’ll have to circle back with you on that.”…a total blow-off statement that says “You have no right to know what we’re up to but I sound like a professional shill while dismissing you.”

  10. Since it’s Monday morning here now, I’m drinking coffee and thinking about breakfast. Later this morning the better half and I will be going into the suburbs and minding a set of grandkids for the day.

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