Doing Business in China

I know a number of people who are Westerners, currently living in Communist China. I asked a few if they’d write an article on the current business environment for the blog. They all declined, fearing expulsion from the Worker’s Paradise if they were labeled as “practicing journalism”.

They are all in Red China for different reasons. They all speak Mandarin, most have been there for over a decade. Since the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) closed China to westerners who were not in China, they have all wondered what will happen going forward. Factory owners can’t enter China, nor can they send in representatives. The Middle Kingdom is officially closed.


Agriculture in China has had a difficult year. In 2019, it was hit by the crop-gobbling army worms which spread across a million hectares of farmland, as well as African swine fever that halved the country’s herd of 440 million pigs through preventive culling.

A locust swarm (h/t Searaigh) could drag China’s plague-stricken economy down farther. The situation in India (photos) being what it is and the indication that the locust swarms are expanding  to China would provide fertile feed for the locusts.

The Wuhan Plague which has killed many tens of thousands in China bringing many of the nation’s industries to a near halt has added to their financial woes. The exact number of infections and deaths is a state secret.

For now, the Communist Chinese Party is playing down the possibility of the locusts moving from India to China, but the threat is not only real, but likely.

Relocating Hong Kong Businesses to the USA

President Donald Trump warned Tuesday that Hong Kong’s role as a global financial center would be put at risk of China insists on imposing a strict political crackdown – as his administration offered to pay to relocate Hong Kong firms to the U.S.

Trump economic advisor Larry Kudlow made the offer in comments about moving costs Tuesday amid tense political moves that could strip away some of the island’s political autonomy.

In India

Chinese ambitions of seizing strategic territory now belonging to India remain in play as they moved an additional five thousand soldiers to the border. (h/t BW Bandy) India is responding to the threat with its army. India says that it will stand firm and not cede one inch to Chinese bullying.

Even though the area of contention is not an agriculturally sensitive location, it is bound to further complicate Chinese assertions that they are benign.


    • Thank you Linda. Due to popular request, I’m going to step down the tempo on the blog and try to limit it to one post per day unless some breaking story really catches my interest and then I’ll share it. For the most part, I have the blogs written three or four days before they go live.

    • I think that’s it. Nobody trusts the bastards, so they will sell to a captive environment, that they will also tax. And more money for the Army to keep them from getting too feisty.

  1. Plague, worms, locusts, Hong Kong, the bizarrely late waking up of the world to the fact that maybe it’s not so good to have all our manufacturing in China… Add in territorial ambition and it’s all starting to sound a bit warlike.

    Hope I’m wrong.

    • China knows that it’s headed for big INTERNAL strife. They’ve already dumped billions into the 2022 Winter Olympics and it’s anyone’s guess whether it will go off, and whether anyone other than the locals will show up because of internal restrictions. Keep in mind that they’ve banned all outsiders now. How do you think that they will react to foreign hoards (and spies) showing up? And will athletes want to attend?

  2. There is nothing benign in any action of the CCP. If that wasn’t understood before this most recent event that has lead to world-wide economic catastrophe, then anyone who doesn’t now grasp it now is either willfully obtuse or in league with the devil.

  3. Interesting over India and China. India has a history of winning, unlike China. And India has for a long time believed in the ‘Go for Broke’ method of fighting, also known as ‘All the Way In!’

    Wonder if Pakistan will stick it’s stupid nose into the struggle.

    And what they’ll pull back.

    • More likely a different part of their collective anatomy (male) and they will pull back a bloody stump.

    • With diminished Chinese earnings, will they be able to sustain the Belt Road through Pakistan that has at its foundation, bribes, kickbacks and outright donations? Pakistan is not their friend. It is their satrap based on cash, and cash alone.

  4. Self censorship from fear…. The CCP has achieved what the Commie Demonrats in America are desperately seeking to impose on all of us.

    • No question about that.

      The CCP sees demonstrations in the US where armed Americans are hanging out with their rifles and body armor and they are amazed. How strong must a country be to allow that? A country like that could NEVER be beaten.

      Which is precisely why the progs want to abolish the Bill of Rights.

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