The Big Shake – The Big Boom

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The Big Shake
Fox News Video The Federal Govt. estimates that 13,000 Americans will die in a 9.2 magnitude margin rupture earthquake on the Pacific Northwest Coast (Oregon and Washington). The video is interesting. On average, these massive earthquakes hit the area every 240 years and it’s decades overdue to wipe out all of the coastal cities including Seattle, Tacoma and Portland.
Hollywood wisdom suggests that the San Andreas Fault will go first, wiping out Southern California, but that may have to wait for the Juan De Fuca tectonic plate’s subduction. The Cascadia Fault packs a wallop 30 times more powerful than the San Andreas Fault’s potential.
The Big Boom
Scientists are also predicting a massive volcano disaster in the Yellowstone National Park area (actually a massive volcanic caldera). It too will wipe out a big part of the Intermountain West (also sparing Southern California). 

19 thoughts on “The Big Shake – The Big Boom

  1. If a quake of that magnitude hits the Seattle, Tacoma and Portland area, I imagine the fatalities will far exceed that estimate. You could possibly see that in Seattle alone; especially when you draw out those who take a few days to succumb, trapped in the wreckage. One good thing, it might take out Microsoft completely.

  2. Looking at the Yellowstone caldera, we've got a serious magma hemorrhoid going on there.

  3. Western Washington and Oregon vote Republican. Imagine what the Big Splash will do to the voting demographic. It would be horrible for Democrats.

  4. Just some residual ash. However the impact of global cooling from the Yellowstone Volcano might dump us into an ice age, in which case everyone will have to shift back to leaded gasoline and cut off their car's catalytic converters. What a shame.

  5. A quake that big might set off volcanos like Rainier and Baker. Vancouver and Victoria B.C. might get destroyed by a tsunami.

  6. All these things will happen, it's just a matter of when… These 'scares' have been around for years! Remember how they said Loma Prieta was a 'warm up' for the big one? And that's been what, 26 years?

  7. They happen in geological time, however the Fault situation off the Pacific NW coast is a bit more critical. The San Andreas fault line has mini-quakes every day and they relieve the pressure. The Cascadia Fault has a history of waiting and not slipping until it slips with extreme prejudice.

  8. It is said that the eruption in Yellowstone will destroy the East coast. The last one, in the 17jhundres broke windows in Washington, DC and Savanna Georgia. OMG, WE ARE DOOMED… PRAY! RUN AND PRAY I TELL YA. DOOMED.

  9. If a meteor hit the White House (just one big enough to destroy it) when the HMFIC was in, I wouldn't mourn.

  10. I read that article…
    I wonder if that isn't a sneaky realtor's plan to get some prime real estate on the cheap…

  11. You never know. I think that Redding is in the safe zone, but after all the rumble, you might be able to go to "Redding Beach", and Dad will be able to fish for halibut from the Redding Pier.

  12. Pity that we cannot channel all of that destructive power to southern California and/or northern Mexico.

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