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This is your Sunday Sermonette…and it goes out to the US Marine Corps and the US Navy.
Following an attack from a Muslim terrorist on American soil, the Marine Corps has taken an interesting approach.

(Marine Corps Times) One of the steps Carter approved was Marine Corps Recruiting Command’s decision to have recruiters not wear their military uniforms for now, a defense official said.

I think that it’s more prudent to issue them sidearms and to insure that they are proficient in the use of sidearms. When you consider that concealed weapons permits are issued to John Q. Public, it would seem that having trained service members assigned to recruiting commands carry handguns for their own defense would make sense. 
Then again, the Commander-in-Chief is not able to utter the words, “Muslim Terrorist”. So perhaps it is better than Marines simply shed themselves of their uniforms in fear.
I wonder what Col. Chesty Puller would have to say about this turn of events? 
I have served with many marines during my lifetime and know many more beyond that service. I don’t know one of them that would take off his uniform in fear of some half-baked Muslim cur.
I’m not the Commandant of the US Marine Corps, but if I was, I’d issue JIHAWG Ammunition to every Marine in the recruiting command, and everyone at 8th and I St. (HQ Marine Corps). 
Not only does Jihawg guarantee that all of their ammunition meets or exceeds S.A.A.M.I. standards for velocity, penetration, and accuracy, they also coat each projectile with a special ballistic paint infused with pork to make it “Haraam” or unclean to a radical Jihadist. 
This makes Jihawg Ammo the only commercially available ammunition with the added deterrent factor of eternal damnation for fundamentalist Islamic Jihadist.
If I was president, I’d issue it to all US Forces to send a message. And if the Muslims currently in US Military service want to quit, I’d let them.
Is my solution harsh? I think not. The FBI and police need to carry JIHAWG ammo too. Deny the bastards paradise and let them know that’s how we roll.

23 thoughts on “Anchor Globe and Eagle

  1. Dang. I was gonna order some…

    Editors Note: 1/13/2015 it seems Jihawg Defensive Ammunition has closed it doors and is no longer available.

  2. Interesting video showing how Obama has lost the rank and file Marines.

  3. I would never have thought that I'd live to see the day when American Marines would be afraid to wear their uniforms on American soil.

    Maybe they need to add a white streamer to the regimental colors?

  4. What the heck is going on in this country? It is insane that those who are trained to protect our country are not armed. All military forces (trained in the use of firearms) should be Required to carry…
    (well… with a special dispensation for the chairforce…)

  5. No problemo. A little bit o' bacon grease in the tip of a JHP will do nicely nicely.
    And I do love me some bacon.

  6. Happened towards the end of the Vietnam war, especially in airport terminals.

  7. Unbelievable… Too many in the five sided puzzle palace have drunk the koolaid… I like your solution better!

  8. I notice you didn't ask me to teach them to cook… but then it would be dangerous…

  9. When will they understand we are at war??? I can't believe they are still "looking for a motive" in the most recent attack!!

  10. When the commander-in-chief refuses to acknowledge that there is such a thing as Islamic Terrorism, the disconnect runs from floor to ceiling — with the people on the floor taking it in the neck.

  11. Deny them Paradise!
    Hello Larry. I'm back. On a totally different side note, have you ever watched a programme called "The Booth at the End" Something in this post made me think of it. I think you'd like it.

  12. Hillary will come along and prove what many of us know — you can have a president even worse than Obama. My cynical side senses a disturbance in the "dark side" of the force.

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