In 1519 Magellan set sail from Spain with 5 ships to find a western route to the Moluccas. Battling storms, mutinies, and the unknown, he died in April 1521 before reaching his goal. One ship ultimately returned to Spain after circumnavigating the world.







Several states have responded to better-than-expected revenues in FY 2021 by reducing income tax rates and making related structural reforms as they strive to solidify an advantage in an increasingly competitive national landscape:



The map shows the 2010-2020 Arizona population shift. A lot of the more rural counties seeing loss unlike in the estimates but central state, especially Maricopa (the Phoenix area) is seeing massive growth. The state is really booming just like most western states.


Waffles are our Friends


The Democrats – at it again


Height Comparison

I stand 183 cm tall. How do I compare to average Europeans?


The Vax


Another Tank Challenge

Identify these tanks if you can…

Far left,  middle & right (different tanks). Bonus points if you can guess where they are. If you can get the tanks correct,  putting them at a location is not all that tough. Hint: Australian Sixth Division.





  1. Doesn’t making D.C. a state violate the Constitution? (Apologies for the stupid question; I’ve been in the bathroom.)

  2. reduce taxes? not va., they called a special session to spend the extra loot. not one thought about giving it back….d.c. state? we’ll donate three northern counties to it. they are the richest in the state, i’m sure they won’t mind. then we’ll close our northern border. ..three leaks? lol, let the backstabbing begin. add six planes on the ground denied takeoff. meanwhile the propaganda ministry is hawking the football season and fake news on ivermectin. gotta love it. i wish the rev would go ahead n kick off, its getting hard to talk my bride down off the roof, with her rifle, after she reads the real news. this may be the first war started by little ol ladies.

  3. And the hits keep coming from the liars in charge; “heard” the Army was being told to prepare for deployment to Afghanistan this weekend. Clueless doesn’t begin to describe these people, but doubtful they are in reality, probably more like this is the game plan all along.

    Saw a quote from George Carlin…to paraphrase in more polite terms: “The government doesn’t care about you and your massively stupid if you believe anything they tell you.”

    • I was a government drone for a long time, PaulM and I rarely drank the Kool Aid. With what I personally did there was massive autonomy. Almost like not working for the government. Having written that, I find that the wickedness now is profound, and it seeps into all levels.

      • I feel for you, not what you worked hard for, and you’re not alone. Still, can’t imagine how demoralizing it is for those who served watching this crap unfold in real time and at breakneck speed.

        The cancer that is the insider club has crept so far unchecked for decades that it’s similar to an $8 sheet of 7/16 OSB during the Lockdown when the suppliers took advantage and artificially jacked the price up to – in some places – $62 per sheet. Now with lumber prices dipping to more reasonable levels people have been so conditioned to astronomical prices for a sheet of chips and glue they are happy to pay $28 a sheet. Suppliers win big.

        When we – the normals – grab one tiny micron of a “win” to stop the tyrannical from their unconstitutional quest to make us King George’s England again – only under some whack-job tortured thinking of the Great Reset bravo sierra…a majority of the people will be fawningly grateful and continue to vote them back into office.

        And the new Kings say “Are we not merciful?”

        How many people will be FOR DC becoming a state? Scares the living hell out of me that people are so conditioned to be that mind-numbingly stupid.

        America…death by a thousand cuts.

        • And it may not be real voters who vote them in, now that they know they can get away with stealing an election and no consequences…

          • True. China owns Dominion who says the machines weren’t connected to the Web, Biden is owned by China…they back-doored their desired election results. Another cut across our Constitution. Eventually it will be in tatters, if it isn’t already.

  4. In Georgia, it seems like you can’t travel anywhere without tripping over a Waffle House, mind you that’s not a complaint.

    I thought South Africa had nukes?

    I know you don’t make the maps… but that one with the reduced income tax would be ‘better’ if it showed the states with no income tax too.
    I guess it wouldn’t really be about those states trying to compete then…

    • The states with no income tax usually have high property tax. Wyoming is an exception because they tax oil drilling and mining industries and they do have sales tax. Tax is a necessity and state governments will find a way to meet their needs. Nevada relied on gaming to pay the state’s bounty for years but that’s no longer enough.

      Taxes in California are massive on all fronts: property, income, sales, excise, etc. Moving to Arizona and removing that yoke meant that my money went a lot farther.

          • We have sales tax here. Which varies from county to county. Guess the political bend of the counties with the highest sales taxes? And which ones have additional taxes on other things that really screw people over?

  5. I thought that France had 400 nukes… did they deactivate some of them?

    I like Waffle House, when I am near them.

    The D.C. thing is imbecilic – the whole point of the District is to not be a State, and if they want to devolve the size of the District, then the rest of the territory should just be returned to Maryland and Virginia. It’s just a bullshit electoral grab.

    Looks like a pair of M11/39s and an M-13/40, although the latter could easily be an m-14/41 or M-15/42, it’s pretty blurry and they are not very different. Actually, the middle tank looks like it might just have the twin MG mount in the turret and in the hull? If so, IDK what it is.

    Looks like North Africa, though I couldn’t say where exactly. Somewhere between Tobruk and the Nile, presumably.


  6. I would guess that the Chinese estimated number of warheads is very low considering the effort China is going to building ICBM silos. See Each of these missile is capable of carrying 10 re-entry vehicles. Of course with a full re-entry bus they would not be able to reach the continental US…we think. Why build silos if you are not going to fill them; there are more efficient job projects if employment was all they were after.

    South Africa did have a very limited nuclear stockpile, the interwebs says 6 gun type fission weapons but who knows. They disassembled the weapons and the equipment needed to build them in the very late 80s and early 90s and that was confirmed by the IAEA.

    When I visit Georgia (about twice a year) there is always a planned stop at a Waffle House.

  7. The jerboa (“desert rat”) and the berets of the crew on the undoubtedly Italian tanks are strong hints pointing to the Tobruk area of operations. The tanks appear to be captured Italian vehicles, namely two ‘carro medio’ M11/39 (right and middle) and ‘carro armato’ M13/40 (far left).
    By the time the desert war was in full swing both models were hopelessly obsolete as they were underpowered, undergunned and prone to mechanical failures; apart from being hampered by the largely outdated and inadequate Italian armor doctrine.
    It is interesting that all parties of the conflict used whatever vehicles and equipment they captured: one of the most famous examples being the “Mammut Befehlswagen” of General Field Marshal Erwin Rommel which originally was known as the ‘Dorchester 4 X 4 Armoured Command Vehicle’, manufactured by A.E.C. around the Matador chassis.
    I am indebted to Christopher F. Foss: “Die Panzer des Zweiten Weltkrieges, Das Nachschlagewerk” and I would like to congratulate Mr.Hall — you beat me again. (Sounds familiar to German ears).

    • Just a matter of when we log in, really.

      What’s your take on the tank in the middle? Is it actually missing the hull 37mm, instead having a second twin 8mm MG mount, or is that just a trick of a blurry photo and old eyes?


      • Okay, I found a clearer version of the same picture. The hull 37 is there,
        I was being deceived by the shadow of the turret MGs falling on the barrel of the 37.


        • Yes, the. 37mm gun is in the picture. It’s actually a tough picture because you have 3 blurry Italian tanks with the far tank being a completely different tank. Hey, you guys are tough to stump. I’m like 0 for 100 now.

          • Well, there are a lot of us. You stump me pretty regularly, but then there’s Martin, and Claudio, and a ton of other guys…


  8. Three leaks a day is better than the thirty a day against Trump… Sigh… And yes, Waffle Houses are GOOD! The patrons might be a ‘tad’ strange, but the food is good!

    • When living in Alabama I always thought their food tended to be grease heavy and only ate at them in desperation or only thing open… at 3 or 4am. We had a warning system of sorts, if Waffle House is closed in rough weather you better find shelter pronto too.

      • If you’ve had one or two too many, Waffle House is the place to fill your stomach with greasy food that will counteract the gallon of white lightning.

      • Grease… is the Flavor Molecule!


        P.S. – obviously not the Health Molecule, nor the Good Decision-Making Molecule, but still.

        • I don’t think anyone claims that waffles are good for anything but your soul. And they do scratch that itch when paired with bacon.

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