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Hanging is too good for some people…


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** Hospitals refused treatment – Republican Senator Rand Paul of Kentucky introduced new legislation on Tuesday that would prevent healthcare facilities that denied critical care to unvaccinated patients from receiving taxpayer dollars, Fox News Digital reported. The proposed bill, “The COVID-19 Vaccination Non-Discrimination Act,” seeks to hold health care institutions accountable by blocking federal funding.

** You need to know where to put the dog droppings and where to put the mail.

** Raquel Welch – RIP at age 82 – pictured right in the prime of life.

** How stupid are people to believe that space aliens are using balloons to fly to Earth. Biden/Harris voters?

**  Pfizer’s own trial with over 40,000 participants showed NO EVIDENCE of a mortality or hospitalization benefit. The vax was/is a bad thing.

** Chris Cuomo: “I was going to kill everybody and myself” after being fired from CNN.

** Utah Governor Cox said, noting the last census confirmed that Utah was the fastest growing state in the country over the past 10 years. “Our biggest problems are more growth-related. We would love for people to stay in California instead of coming as refugees to Utah.”

11 thoughts on “A Few Thoughts

  1. Raquel – on one site, a guy was reminiscing about watching her on a TV talk show. When the host asked if she ever had, or ever would, appear in something like a Playboy picture spread or in some topless movie she looked down and blushed a bit. She said she was doing an entertainment tour in South America involving some song and dance routines. At one point the straps on her top gave way, sending the top to points south…revealing other points and the surrounding territory. A quick yank up, then a glance over to the photographer section, where a group of photographers were standing there totally gobsmacked. They were so taken by the view they forgot they were carrying cameras.
    The second part she mentioned after this, that some things were only for her private life and were NOT for sale, was something I would give two thumbs up for.

  2. Considering your BulletPoints as a whole, at what point does it become apparent the Federal and State (and some Local) governments are waging war with ‘We The People’ then get to reversing the trend? Hanging may be too good for them but the method is truly “renewable”, therefore “green”…no need to waste a much more valuable bullet.

    Prime of Life- As I only have eyes for MrsPaulM (but not dead either, and it’s God’s fault I was born male), heard a sermon about how when we are received into Heaven (God willing) we revert to the prime of our life (with the requisite perfect “bodies” commentary – take that as you wish). If that’s the case then I’ll be about 12.

    RIP Ms. Welch, you were a class act. (H/t to a commenter: “Raquel Welch dead at 82, Nancy Pelosi, alive at 82…THERE IS NO JUSTICE!)

    1. I wouldn’t expect that the FBI would swoop in on any of the woke elite anytime soon. They never investigated the Clinton impediments who shuffled off this mortal coil prematurely did they?

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