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James B. “Jim” Hawkins, Company B, Texas Rangers


Bullet Points:

* Despite triggering huge opposition from across the political spectrum, lobbyists for the world’s largest and wealthiest media companies are still trying to attach the controversial Journalism Competition and Preservation Act (JCPA), a massive act of corporate welfare for the media, to an end-of-year omnibus spending bill.

* The International Energy Agency (IEA) said in its annual report on Friday that global coal use surpassed 8 billion tons in a single year for the first time on record after increasing by 1.2 percent in 2022. The Paris-based agency said that when looking at current market trends, the energy source will likely remain steady through 2025. I’m surprised that the Green Lobby isn’t simply refusing to heat their homes – freezing death in a sign of protest.

* The Philadelphia Fed admitted US jobs were “overstated” by at least 1.1 million

* All I’m asking for is the right to own the same weapons that I paid for Pedo Joe to give to the Taliban. Is that too much to ask?

* The EU and the press loved censorship until they found their favored folks behind the crosshairs. Now all of the sudden the same people who cheered “a PRivAtE coMpAnY” on while they shut down any accounts stating inconvenient covid facts and Biden stories, up to and including the New York Post, are bleating about freedom of speech.

* The prince formerly known as Harry and his grifter wife, who constantly reminds the world that she’s of mixed race, is taking legal action against the publishers of the Daily Mail, The Sun, and the Daily Mirror.

The Daily Mail has a yearly revenue of almost a billion pounds, The Daily Mirror approximately 1.6 billion, and The Sun is owned by Rupert Murdoch´s news conglomerate –  the guy is among the 30 richest people on the planet with a fortune of roughly 22 billion. They all have infinitely more money than Mister “We can barely survive with the money my mother left me”. So they won´t break a sweat over a desperate, mentally and emotionally unwell former Prince trying to compare dick sizes with them. But as we can see, nuisance law suits left and right are basically the second (attempted) source of income for the scamming, whining, woke duo at this point.


Boron could manage the work…


  1. I think I’ll pass on that bottle opener. On the other hand I have opened a beer with a 1911.
    Nice tintype of Ranger Hawkins. I understand it was taken in 1875 making that Model ’73 carbine one of the first produced.
    I like the ornament. My wife insists that Die Hard is not a Christmas movie. This is one time that she’s wrong.

    • A man should be able to take the pain.

      Is it worse than 18 months of consecutive kidney stones when I couldn’t get treatment or meds because I didn’t have the plague?

      • Probably not.

        Although I took out a good chunk of one of my own (bad) teeth with vice grips, because it was being rushed between the wisdom tooth behind and the solid molar in front, and I couldn’t sleep. Made things much better. Once I could afford actual doctors again, my new dentist really gave me the hairy eyeball over that one.

        Kidney stones aren’t really amenable to vice-grip therapy, unfortunately. I am lucky to have only has small, occasional ones. Friends have been really laid up bad with them.


        • THAT is awesome. Added a few point to the man card. Most of us men don’t go to the ER until we’re half dead…”Ahh, it’s just a scratch, put some duct tape on it and get back to it.”

  2. just an off-topic thought:
    could it be that the EU wants Russia’s natural fuels at a much lower cost (in Euros, not human life) that they’re pushing for America’s entry into this ridiculous European border war using the Ukranian comedian as the straight-line man, Bud Abbott. I get a feeling I don’t like that we’ve been set up for a prat-fall.

  3. end-of-year omnibus spending bill
    Last gasp of the departing Democrats and RINOs to get that last graft payment. Pity the lobbyists – a new set of elected to payoff. Their work is never done.

  4. US jobs, Taliban, Congress, this Administration, China, Russia-Ukraine, climate, windmills, EV’s, and after a very long list of idiocy and cheatery, last but not least, Harry and Meghan…EVERYTHING we’re being fed is a lie.

    Start there and you maintain some sanity.

    Great ornament. “This is a bad idea John.”

    We need more “bad ideas” and people in the right places to carry them out.

    • I had a discussion with a swamp person today. He’s a former protege of mine from a very long time ago. Much of the permanent American administrative state doesn’t get it. It’s so difficult to explain. They all don’t wear the Mark of the Beast, but in their many ways, they serve it.

      Boron asked about US forces deploying to Estonia. The defense budget that just passed is the OVERT spending budget. The CLASSIFIED budget is something else, separate and apart. There are nearly a trillion dollars in overt defense spending. The US is building bases all over the planet and though I have no direct knowledge of it, there is likely at least one significant going into Estonia that will have troops rotated through it. The problem that America has is that this glut of money, much of which feeds Beltway Bandits – welfare for the middle class – is that the question of what we can do is not restrained by what we should do. The people running the show are cunning, but they seem to lack a lot of wisdom. “Blood for the Blood god.”

      • Thanks for this, makes sense how this BS continues unabated. Open a free candy store and participants will make sure it never closes…the sugar rush is too great.

  5. The tin-type of Ranger Hawkins is a reverse image as I understand that is how tin-type technology worked.
    Such is the case of the well known tin-type of Wm. “Billy the Kid” Bonnie that lead some people to believe he was left-handed.
    Note the saddle ring on the Winchester. Hawkins may have been left-handed, but I doubt it.

    Non sequitur, but years ago, I saw a video of Dale Robertson disparaging The Kid in matters regarding The Kid’s intestinal fortitude and his limp-wristed attraction to Alpha males. Robertson was not this polite in his characterization of The Kid.

  6. I saw clips of Megenn and Harry’s thing on DiversityFlix because Jules sent it to me. Hard to watch, eh? She makes Wallace Simpson seem, ahem, regal.

    Note, her fake curtsy’s copied off the San Antonio Fiesta thing. She probably saw it in a movie. What a money-grubbing fraud, and he should know better but’s obviously bewitched.

    Worse than appalling.

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