THE EARLY CHRISTIANS were not fed to lions or dipped in wax and set on fire in Nero’s garden because they believed that Jesus was a good life coach or a role model.


Share of each US county that is not part of a religious group. The median county is 52% unattached to a religious body.


Making a profit from Pirates

Condemned pirates were often housed at Newgate, London’s most infamous prison. As ordinary to the prison, members of the clergy so assigned were provided the last earthly opportunity to save these souls from the clutches of Satan.

Sad to say, many of the priests were concerned less with turning wicked men toward God than with turning a wicked profit. Not a few recorded the heinous, well-embellished confessions and last words of condemned pirates in order to sell them, along with vivid, eyewitness accounts of their final hours before dancing the hempen jig.


A Pirate hanged at Execution Dock 

After King William III’s “ Act For More Effectual Suppression of Piracy” in 1700 allowed Admiralty courts to convene outside England, certain members of the clergy proved once again good business is where you find it. One in particular, the Reverend Cotton Mather (minister of the Old North Church in Boston, Massachusetts) became known far and wide for his catchpenny descriptions of the final hours of sundry rouges and pirates.

Mather (1663-1728) seemed to relish such distressing events, using them as opportunities to deliver soul-shaking orations of hellfire and brimstone to the condemned on execution day, later followed up with printed versions of the sermon and accompanying events made available to the common man (for a nominal charge, of course).

One such pamphlet, titled  A Discourse occasioned by a Tragical Spectacle in a Number of Miserable under sentence of Death for Piracy, 1707 began: “We have told you often, we have told you weeping, that you have by sin undone yourselves; That you were born Sinners, That you have lived Sinners, That your Sins have been many and mighty, and that the Sins for which you are now to Dy are of no common aggravation […]”

Pirates of the day jokingly commented that fellow shipmates who were forced to listen to the good Reverend prior to hanging died with cotton in his ears.


Second Most

This map shows the religious group with the second most adherents by state. It’s non-denominational Protestants in 27 states.  Latter-day Saints are the second most in four states: NV, AZ, and WY. Interestingly, Muslims are the second most prevalent in NY, NJ, and MA.


The “Great Reset” – not great and not new.


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  1. “THE EARLY CHRISTIANS were not fed to lions or dipped in wax and set on fire in Nero’s garden because they believed that Jesus was a good life coach or a role model.”
    They say death bed confessions carry a lot of weight.
    These people did not go to their death in support of a hoax.

  2. Regarding the poll of religious people, I know many who don’t attend organized church because of the leftist whackadoodle politics and lack of Godliness, and also won’t properly answer a question regarding their religious beliefs. Something about keeping their beliefs out of the governments’ and NGOs’ prying eyes. Not unrealistic considering the way the three-letter-agencies treat anyone who isn’t a Godless leftwing moonbat marxist asshat.

    I’ve seen the neo-feudalism creeping into our politics and world since the late 70’s. Too many draft-dodging dope-smoking anarchists were allowed to skate prison or death and were pushing their marxist or anarchist feudalisms even when I was in Junior High, let alone High School. And it’s only accelerated. The Deep State pushed hard against Reagan’s attempt to reign it in, and I won’t comment on later administrations, even Trump who trusted too much his advisers (though I think he learned, and his next administration, if he has one, will hopefully be much better and more harsh on the Deep and Derp States.)

  3. Religious Groups.
    As a never affiliated “unchurched” I’m the least qualified to comment. That said, in my travels I see many empty churches. While most are in areas of declining populations and dying rural towns, some are in economically strong communities (Sterling, CO as an example).

    In those same communities I see closed taverns but have seldom seen a closed liquor store.

    • The historic restoration firm I worked with did the restoration of the Sterling’s oldest church, including the stained glass window (so crafted by proper craftsmen it took years with special cutters and technique to replicate the details).

      It WAS thriving. But many folded under Covidiocy, playing it safe instead of being bold for Christ and leading God’s people away from irrational fear generated for effect by those “in charge”. Sad state of affairs when people have no backbone, forgetting God will provide “the words” and strength to carry on.

  4. It used to be, certainly with Jesus as our prime example, that no rational adherent to what they have witnessed would stake their life on a myth. Enter Satan and we have a pile of people so easily led astray they might just drive over the cliff if you said there was a pot of gold at the bottom.

    Whatever happened to common sense and critical thought processes? It’s no different than being fearful the coasts should be drowning in sea water as the Earth warms…TODAY…OR TOMORROW, or whenever the mood strikes when the prior dozen predictions don’t come true (Hale-Bopp and the purple people cult). Yet despite the predictions water levels around Ellis Island have remained constant for 135 years and the polar caps have increased ice levels, not melting away to nothing. Odd to me how the uninitiated will believe the latest Chicken Little religion over sound doctrine regardless of fact, believing the world is coming to an end…THIS YEAR. OR NEXT YEAR. OR MAYBE IN TEN YEARS. They are not different than the historical placard wearing man on the street, “The End Is Near, Repent! None of this new, just rehashed every decade by the same people afraid of their own shadow.

    Jesus rose from the dead, yet the elites paid the guard to spread fake news. (Matthew 28:11-15)

    Church- It’s not difficult to determine why people are more non-denomination today than historically; 1) weakness in the pulpit, and 2) most organized religions have forgotten/lost their base charter. When 1500 pastors are drummed out of their churches every month (the stat is alarming but true), usually by a small faction of busybodies who believe they own the church, that does not bode well for a solid foundation to work, eroding it which often leads to that church collapsing in on itself (that “house divided” thing). It is rampant destruction from within…a reflection of today’s America at the hands of a few nimrod elitists and their weak-minded minions.

    “Gordon Owens”…I hope for his sake he’s not Candace Owens husband? Heh

  5. In times past, occupation of the top positions in a feudal society was based on a claim of divine right (or some variation on the theme), or by plain right of conquest. Today in the post-Christian, post-Western “West” the claims are based on victimhood, or rather claimed victimhood. To my knowledge this is entirely novel. I also find it horrifying, sickening, on a philosophical basis, and morally revolting for its hypocrisy.

    Hypocrisy because those at the top are there because of wealth and attendant political power, but that can’t be noticed, because so many of those have claimed the sacred mantle of victimhood, wherein the claimed suffering of their ancestors (or even people of a similar heritage) gives them unequal rights and shields them from commentary, much less criticism.

      • While lawyers have always been despised, “lawyers replaced lawyers too”. So to speak. Harvard was a WASP club for a very long time. When the changeover began, members of the law faculty claimed that students became more interested in the letter of the law than the spirit of the law. (i.e. how to skirt the law while remaining technically in compliance, due to poorly worded laws, or creative interpretations) Of course, WASP society did that too, but it wasn’t something bragged about openly. In other words, there was a sense of shame, or at least that it wasn’t for public eyes.

        A friend of mine once told me that her son (who became a hedge funder) wanted to retire by age 30. “To get there, I’m going to have to do a lot of unethical things. But don’t worry, Mom. I won’t do anything illegal that will get me put in jail.” (These are Chinese people, BTW.)

        • Justifying shading morals and ethics is still sinning. Not in my make up to do (at least intentionally). Seems a lot of people, at an increasingly higher level, don’t mind. God sees.

  6. Ah, Cotton Mather. I always suspected the learned divine of being a… huckster. And at someone’s death too, that takes a special kind of wickedness. Granted, a rough and ready age, but still.

    Interesting closing infographics.


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