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Avatar: The Way of Water (Review)

It is more vocal in its environmentalism and more damning of humans.

“Set more than a decade after the events of the first film, Avatar: The Way of Water tells the story of the Sully family, the trouble that follows them, the lengths they go to keep each other safe, the battles they fight to stay alive, and the tragedies they endure.”

James Cameron says that he’s been writing sequels through Avatar 7.  That’s a lot of animation to sit through.  According to Cameron, this would need to be about the third or fourth highest-grossing film in history just to ensure that the film didn’t lose any money.

I had some time on my hands and decided to spend over three hours slurping on a diet soda. You can read the plot here. I don’t need to cut and paste. Here are my takeaways:

– The film is visually stunning and it doesn’t feel as though you’re viewing an animation. I watched it in 2D.

– The plot runs along the same general theme and beat as Avatar 1. Unobtanium isn’t the prize this time. They’re hunting whale brains – just part of the brain and then Australian whale hunters throw the rest away.

– The whales are sentient.

– Some of Avatar 1 was shot in Hawaii. Avatar 2 is heavy in Polynesian themes.

– The whale hunters have cool equipment.  I realize that it’s all digital fantasy gear, but whoever came up it  – cool. Hunting whales would work for me, but it would make me evil. All whales are peaceful but one. They should have named him Moby Dick (isn’t that the name of the tranny admiral?) but didn’t.

– There is a Tarzan/nature boy type whose story weaves through the plot. I suspect that he’ll have a larger part in Avatar 3 if it’s ever made.

– There are some inconsistencies. The Pandora reef area is very shallow. Until the evil human whale-hunting ship sinks. Then the water is a lot deeper, conveniently.

No major spoilers. The rating, all things considered, is 9/10. High marks. The woke stuff cost it  1/10.


Bullet Points:

* The Walt Disney Co. saw its stock plummet nearly 4 percent on Thursday, helping to push the Dow Jones Industrial Average to its biggest loss in three months. Shares of Apple also contributed to the Dow’s bloodbath, shedding 4.7 percent of their value. Go woke, go broke.

Warner Bros. Discovery shares fell 8.9 percent after announcing it would increase its restructuring cost estimates by as much as $1 billion. The recently merged media giant, which owns CNN, is in the midst of a massive cost-cutting effort that has resulted in layoffs and the cancellation of prominent shows.

* AP reports senior military leaders for months have discussed expanding that training, stressing the need to improve the ability of Ukraine’s company- and battalion-sized units to move and coordinate attacks across the battlefield. Air Force Brig. Gen. Pat Ryder told Pentagon reporters Thursday the U.S. expects to train about 500 Ukrainian troops each month and will begin “in the January timeframe.”

The US announced that it’s sending Patriot Missile batteries Kiev, and presumably elsewhere.  They are manned by US troops, so we officially have uniformed people on the ground.  CIA SA has been there since day one, but that doesn’t count, I guess.

* Database Latency – It’s been reported on other blogs. I’m just mentioning it here because.

* I received some e-mails regarding the Fox News/Carlson piece on CIA’s involvement in the Kennedy assassination. (GP cites this here). The question that you need to ask yourself is this: Who benefitted from JFK being removed from the gene pool? Cause and effect. Then you’ll know who pulled the lever. Who Moved from Senate Majority leader to Vice President to President? Sure, there were other big winners like the Beltway Bandits.  The Gulf of Tonkin Incident, which didn’t ever happen. – but led to The Gulf of Tonkin Resolution or the Southeast Asia Resolution, Pub.L. 88–408, 78 Stat. 384, enacted August 10, 1964, was a joint resolution that the United States Congress passed on August 7, 1964, in response to the Gulf of Tonkin incident.  JFK was opposed to doing this, but LBJ thought that it was a splendid idea. Follow the money, friends.




The Balkan Trend of Naming Airports after People from Other Countries


Photo of the Day

caporal-chef Auguste Apel, legionnaire with the 2e Bataillon Étranger de Parachutistes (2e BEP) during the Battle of Na San.


The Cat

36 thoughts on “The Weekend Slam

  1. Strange how many roads lead back to LBJ. OK, I’m an expat and no expert, but even so. Kid Rock only gets better, imo.

          1. That’s a really good point. The fact that FJB is still alive means they are all oath breakers. Hard to find good help.

  2. Kid Rock has a point and that is certainly not the only example of the revolving door that exits between the FDA and drug companies. I have also read that FDA members can collect the equivalent of royalties for certain drugs and processes.

    The Cat
    All punctuation is important; commas are very important.

    Stock prices for entertainment companies are re-leveling to reflect actual stock value. If the companies no longer provide as much entertainment since they are so woke they should be worth less. Sooner or later the stockholders will hopefully hold the board of directors accountable. Despite what sounds like fantastic visual effects I have no desire whatsoever to be messaged on how evil humans are so I will pass on Avatar II.

    LBJ. It is strange indeed LSP, strange indeed.

  3. I saw the Way Of The Water in 3d yesterday, it was good but it wasn’t Avatar. The whole look was great but I thought the story was so-so. I enjoyed it but I’ve got no real need to see it again.

    Kennedy was not a businessman, he went to school, he partied and he served. He refused to get US air power involved with the Bay Of Pigs invasion and he had people looking at Viet Nam to see if it was maybe a civil war.

    LBJ was a businessman and a politician.

    President Eisenhour warned us about the military industrial complex, Kid Rock has the proof that they won.

    1. He refused to honor US commitments to a US sponsored invasion force when said invasion force was committed and on the beach. Not a high point.

  4. Tucker: “Why haven’t you been cancelled? Like, people aren’t allowed to say what they think. You are.”

    The ‘Cowboy’ singer responds by saying he’s “uncancellable” and that the reason is “’cause I don’t give a [—-]”.

    KR: “I’m not in bed with any big corporate things,” he continues. “At the end of the day, there’s nobody I’m beholden to – no record companies, no corporate interests, no nothing. You can’t cancel me. I love it when they try.”

    More people need to have that attitude, instead we have a generation – or three – of whimps and lightweights who have ingested too much estrogen…exactly what The Left wants American males to be. Kid Rock…rocks.

    JFK: It’s as simple as you outline (and interesting CI info in the back-channel). The bums tried to “cancel” PDJT, he survived by shear will over them, the same scumbags who have decided the rest of us are their tax generator slaves. Now look, the 3-letter shops have gotten better at the subversive criminality, look at the latest Twitter BS and the FBI.

  5. “Dances with Smurfs” 2? I barely like DwS 1. Wife likes it, but more because it’s visually visual.

    Seriously, if some outworld full of sentients had Item X that would save Planet Earth, sorry blue-monkey-people, sucks to be you. Earth First, Earth Always.

    I’ve only watched DwS on regular 2D tv. Don’t need the headaches. And I don’t go to movies, as the sound systems leave my tinnitus at such a level that I am functionally deaf for days. And I hate people. And I like being able to pause to use the bathroom, to yell at the people outside, to get a decent snack at non-usurous rates, or whatever. Hate theaters. Hate live music performances for basically the same reason and add to that having to listen to idiots who are there so they can hear themselves scream.

    Bah. Humbug. Get off my lawn.

    As to LBJ (hwack-ptooie,) he can burn in Hell for all I care. He’s basically Biden but not senile.

    JFK whacked by CIA? No, I still believe it was the Soviets through their pawn. Why? Because who benefited the most from whacking JFK? It wasn’t anyone here in the US. It was the Soviets. After JFK was deaded, Soviet control of student groups and universities and newsrooms ramped up majorly. Considering how well infiltrated the State Department was by the 40’s, I would not put it past the Soviets to have planted false leads everywhere to take the attention off of them in case anyone looked deep enough.

      1. The Interwebs are not strong enough to handle how I really feel.

        But you can kind of imagine how it is if you visualize this: A high pressure pump blowing shit from the settling pool right next to a high pressure pump hooked up to a huge amount of diesel fuel along with a huge amount of phosphorus being liberally tossed towards shit and diesel.

        One time, one damned time, I unloaded the full level of my feelings about my fellow man in the parking lot at my apartment complex, all aimed at some jackwagon who thought his precious ‘rights’ to blast his damned music from his car loud enough to be heard in his friend’s apartment outweighed my rights to protect my wife (who was sick a the time) from said ghetto-wailing being blasted. I started out nicely and politely, until said jackwagon blew up and vented his displeasure at me not liking his so-called-music.

        They heard me from 3 blocks away. Clearly heard me from 3 blocks away, as I unloaded all barrels at a considerable volume. One of the people later, who lived 3 blocks away, said it was the most cogent argument for using a pickaxe on someone’s car stereo that he ever heard. (yes, I did mention said pickaxe. And hammer. And probably shotgun. Tree trunk was in there, possibly on fire.) I don’t really know what I said because it was one of those strange out-of-body experiences where you say exactly the right thing and can never remember it.

        Like the time the Ren-slut (saw her all weekend with a different ‘guy’ every hour or so, could have sworn she left a snot-trail when she walked) asked me, after I packed my van from the week camping trip and was heading towards the showers to get final clean (seriously, best thing you can do when camping in a park, wash after you pack before you leave, it will make you feel good on the way home), wait, forgot where I was, oh, yeah, she asked me if I needed help carrying anything to the showers (a not-so-subtle hint to go and have a go with her, said in front of my wife and others.) My response, according to my wife and others was “No thank you, I can carry my own underwear.”

        I have both the volume and the edumacation to really lambast people. I rarely get to use it.

        Though a, I think, 40 paragraph response to some anti-gun idiot that completely destroyed his hatred of us people-of-the-gun is what got me into guest blogging over at Chant du Depart. So there’s that. And my frequent and longwinded comments on other people’s blogs much like here….

        1. I hear ya, my windshield has heard as much, but am usually my mothers son when out and about…unless the situational awareness requires stepping in. After a year of Covidiocy we were heading into a Lowe’s when some masked woman with her masked kids and masked husband (in that order best we surmised) decided to yell at me for bypassing her at the entry, that “THERE’s A LINE!”. Just looked at her like she was a lunatic, then quietly (as much as a Philly bred boy can), “Yeah, well, we don’t live in town.” then went into the store. Asinine doesn’t describe this uptight wench. As we continued into the store MrsPaulM said, “What an idiot…I’m going back to tell her all their masks are on inside out.” We laughed.

          But yeah, blasting someone being obnoxious and rude is sometimes required, especially these days. Usually those who stay in their seats applaud.

          1. Oh, just waiting. It will happen. One day. And you can tell that day has come because, suddenly, a bunch of three-letter-agency people will stroke out over the wiretaps and other illegal surveillance (like watching everything here.)

            It will happen. One day. But I don’t like being in that state of mind.

  6. One of the best halftime NFL shows was Kid Rock with American and Confederate flags everywhere just rocking the house down. At least he got some of that Pamela Anderson bootie, even if it only lasted a few months when he realized it was like throwing a hot dog down a subway tunnel. Legend.

  7. I wonder if Apel survived Indochina. People who view French soldiers as cowards never read up on that particular subject.

    1. The French intelligence service is still a very good one and its military is solid. The Legion is the Legion. Nobody that I know of condemns the rank and file at Dien Bien Phu. They parachuted into what became a trap. True to form, they parachuted a bordel militaire de campaigne (BMC). into the combat zone so that the soldiers could take a dip in between patrols. The girls ended up taking arms and fighting with the men.

      Gen. Patton favored supplying mobile military brothels to troops in isolated locations but Big Army nixed it.

      1. Larry, you are the guy who encouraged me to read Bernard Fall’s work, which for all the reading I’d done in an attempt to make some sense of the whole SE Asian Goat Screw, had somehow escaped my attention. Very muchly appreciated, by the way. Fall’s work says much about that wretched series of disasters involving far too few ordered to do far too much with way too little. Some truly epic last stands and “march or die” stuff, yet the rank and file did it anyway. I don’t know the French word for “huevos” but those troops had some very large ones, I don’t see how they were able to walk.

        1. It’s a seminal work.

          Recommended Reading in regard the SE Asian Wars:
          Street Without Joy by Bernard Fall
          The Centurions by Jean Larteguy
          The Quiet American by Graham Greene
          Modern Guerrilla Warfare by Franklin Mark Osanka
          On Guerrilla Warfare by Mao Tse Tung

          1. I’ve missed only the Osanka book, but I’ll remedy that shortly. My suggestions would be:
            A Bright, Shining Lie by Neil Sheehan
            The Living and the Dead; Robert McNamara and Five Lives of a Lost War by Paul Hendrickson
            The Cat from Hue by John Laurence
            Tragic Mountains by Jane Hamilton-Merritt (Laos)
            The Ravens by Christopher Robbins (also Laos)
            The Laotian Fragments (fiction) by John Clark Pratt
            Other fiction: Sand in the Wind by Robert Roth (Jarheads)
            Better Times than These by Winston Groom (big Army)
            CW2 by Layne Heath (choppers)

  8. LL, if you want to hunt whales and not be evil, just identify as Sainted Native American. They have whale hunting rights, because it ios a traditional part of their beautiful, superior Nativre Culture. They generally use the .50 cal Barrett, their traditional beautiful cultural weapon.

    “Who benefitted from JFK being removed from the gene pool?”
    I’m going to go with “all of humanity” for that one. AFAICT, there was never anything that JFK touched that he didn’t fuck up. Navy? Got run over by “sneaky” ship 20x the size of his boat. Viet Nam? Ramped it up. Space Program? Killed the (actually sensible) USAF plans, and turned it into a circus, with the effect of killing it later because he convinced the US electorate that it was a race to the Moon, and after we won they all thought it was stupid to go on. Cuban rebels? In the ass with broken glass for lube. Missile Crisis? At least he tried, but then we gave in to all of Kruschev’s demands. Marilyn Monroe? Suicide. Office staff? Rape-farm, apparently.

    He was the total triumph of form over function; everyone loved him because he was young and handsome and charismatic, and only a total douchebag in private. But as for being a useful President, I think he set the stage for today. On the bright side, he didn’t hate America, so that’s a point in his favor.

    Don’t get me wrong, LBJ and most of those following were dickheads, too.

    Kid-Rock – agree with the general thrust of the argument, but I think he exaggerates Monsanto’s evilness.


    1. The Pandora whales (in the animated film) are armored and can understand spoken English.

      JFK was groomed by his dad’s political machine. I know I shouldn’t feel sorry for entitled elitist pricks like that but in his case, I do. They never measure up and f-up everything that they touch. I wouldn’t like to go through life no matter how much money was involved.

  9. jfk? i don’t know who pulled the trigger, but i think rumsfeld via cheney set it up. why else were they golden for 50 years no matter what stupid thing they did? rummy lost 5 conflicts yet got hired as secdef, again. cheney went from rummy’s page to vp. i suspect that’s why trump didn’t release the files.

  10. Our Presidents remain men, flaws and all. What they do matters to me, not who they are or present themselves to be. Presidents will continue to tick off their opposition, regardless how good they do in office. Trump is such a prime example of this dynamic. Love him or despise him, America was sailing strong under his helm…and the boat is only as good as the captain steering it.

    Need to check in if Stephen Hunter has commented on the JFK “revelation”. Need to re-read his epilogue from The Third Bullet to refresh. Then again, someone or group is working very hard to keep the illusion going regardless everyone involved is dead.

  11. I don’t see why I should spend my good, hard-earned, filthy lucre on books (novels, whatever) when I can read LL, Beans, Paul M gratis right here – far more entertaining (and educational).
    BTW: the entire market, not just WD and the rotten apple, is being put under extreme negative pressure, even the precious metals. I have (at the moment) no idea who or which particular group is responsible, but paranoid that I am, I’m beginning to wonder if it isn’t another attack upon another U.S. industry.

    1. X2…not so much patting myself on the back, EVERYONE here has such great insight and incredible and often hilarious anecdotes. I glean a pile of info everyday, plus sanity.

      1. Well, this is what fraternal organizations used to be for. Now we can fraternize over vast differences without actually seeing each other.

        And, in reality, I am very introverted in face-to-face. I can be much more extroverted here and there on the interwebs. Or if I have armor on. Never had problems talking to people when wearing armor.

    1. There will always be cheaters, in all aspects of life…including Faith. Yet God will not be mocked, so that’s ONE inescapable offense.

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