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Lake Tahoe run, an after-action report.

But before Tahoe, I will bring you up to date, dear readers.

Today (Monday), I’m filming Nevada Newsmakers on Fox News (NV) with Sam Shad. He’ll interview me and I’ll end up on the air in this coming Wednesday, 8/27. I’ll be talking about unmanned aerial vehicles and Ashima Devices setting up a factory in Reno, NV. Yes, it sounds boring to me too. I hope that Sam doesn’t crucify me. I met with him last Friday for a few minutes to give him some background information. He seemed nice then. Hopefully he’s “fair and balanced”.

Tomorrow (8/26) there will be a press conference in Reno with Nevada Governor Brian Sandoval where the new factory will be discussed. It will be carried by ABC/CBS/NBC/Fox Reno. I have no idea whether or not the news will get beyond that market. It’s a big deal for me personally but as the world turns, it’s a lot like a pebble dropping into a puddle.

Saturday, before I went to the off-road races, I took the Raptor for a run around Lake Tahoe. It’s not much of a challenge on hardball roads, but the Raptor rides like it’s on rails no matter where you take it. So this is my Tahoe travelogue (on the heels of cruising Oslo Fjord). Woodsterman (famous blogger) lives here at Tahoe. Poor Woodsterman. I guess somebody has to live here…

Context: Tahoe is a large lake, located along the border between California and Nevada. It’s the largest alpine lake in North America, the second deepest lake in North America (1,600 ft) and the largest lake by volume in the US behind the five great lakes. There are gambling casinos and resorts on the Nevada side of Lake Tahoe, and mansions on the California side. 

Sunday – a return to the scene of the crime with meetings in Tahoe with some people who will be marketing my aircraft in the Far East and just hanging out – yes, still a road trip but a business related one. All work and no play keeps LL boring.

13 thoughts on “Tahoe

  1. Pretty pictures! Always wanted to visit Tahoe, and I will someday. Best of luck with the interview and press conference– that's very exciting!

  2. Tahoe is the best, and the surrounding country is cool as well. Have fun, and best of luck with your factory.

  3. I hired the NBC (Reno) General Manager to be the front person (lady) but since they just left NBC, it was decided that I'd be the sacrificial goat.

  4. Starting a business from scratch is not nearly as easy as it sounds — not that it sounds easy.

  5. The interview went well. As to the rest of the day, well, let's just say that it was a bit rough around the edges.

  6. I don't know how you can say you're boring when you get up to all these things and visit all these places. If you are boring then I am dead! Lake looks lovely! So, since I can't get this interview, you need to be posting it one here so I can see it on my little island!

  7. I think that you can download it from nevadanewsmakers.com beginning tonight (my time). I have no idea how it looks, how I did, etc. Hopefully I didn't embarrass myself.

  8. I can't bloody find it! Please get me a link…go on…please, with sugar on top and raspberry sauce.

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