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As some of you know who follow the rantings on this blog know, I try to keep touch with what’s going on in Latin America. It’s a hobby with me.
Yesterday while I was slumming in Northern Mexico, I learned that apparently Cartel Jalisco Nueva Generacion is targeting bloggers who bad-mouth drug cartels. I immediately felt somewhat slighted because I’ve been bad-mouthing the bastards for a long time with no repercussions. That leads me to believe that I haven’t been bad-mouthing them enough. (check this out) And the subliminal message is that I’m a looser. 
CBS News carried this story (LINK) where 26 men were shot in the head and dismembered a day or two ago in Guadalajara. I know, it’s not real news because another 26 or 260 people dismembered, beheaded or hanging from an over pass with piano wire is sort of ‘life in the fast lane’ in Bloody Mexico these days.
The CBS News piece (cited above) suggests that this is the result of a gang war between Los Zetas and the Sinaloa Federation, or perhaps La Resistencia (a joint cartel effort dedicated to resisting Los Zetas that has some interesting dynamics attached to it). I suspect that it’s a turf war within the Sinaloa Federation and that the 26 dismembered bodies (I could show photos here, but good taste forbids it) simply sent a message. So I differ from the locals in Guadalajara who harbor an opinion other than mine.
But one thing that I know (not for sure) is that the 26 dismembered corpses were not bloggers, because some of them had their hands remaining on their arms. And when the cartel murders a blogger, they always cut off his or her hands — to send a message.
If you want a nice vacation, go to Mexico, it’s the antidote for civilization. (LINK) You can do everything on your Mexican vacation or you could end up doing absolutely nothing…

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  1. Totalitarians must control the press. No first amendment in Mexico. No protection of law. Sad, violent anarchy.

  2. Opus – The Drug Cartels only want happy stories written about them. What's not to love about organized crime?

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