Syria: The New Iraq/Afghanistan

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America’s allies don’t trust us. So can it be said that we have any allies?
There was a time that we did, but Obama has so poisoned the well that the remainder of his presidency will be a lonely one. 
What is Barack thinking? Maybe that a war is just the ticket to get people off of the hunt for the truth in Benghazi — to distract them from cascading scandals that have plagued the Obama White House. 
Is Syria a wag the dog scenario? Wag the Dog (feature film) is described variously as a “black comedy”. So it may be that President Obama, obsessed with his black half, has followed art — with the nation in launching an attack on Syria…
We hear a number of stories from the Obama White House. (1) US will strike Syria with stand off munitions, doing precisely what the gas did by killing innocent people. Maybe we’ll be finishing off what the gas missed? Who knows?
(2) There must be regime change, and that means a land invasion and a lot of Marines coming in from over the horizon while US Army paratroops secure the landing zones, snatching choke points, etc. THEN WHAT? The Syrian opposition is al Qaeda, sworn enemies of the US.
(3) The foreign press tells one story and the US mainstream media tells another. Foreign press reports show that al Qaeda used their stores of sarin gas against Syrian soldiers and the gas killed both civilians and soldiers. What is the truth? Who knows?
Who really calls the shots in the White House? Is it the teleprompter reading president or somebody else. What are THEIR motivations in regard the Syrian invasion. 

7 thoughts on “Syria: The New Iraq/Afghanistan

  1. Not since Carter have I seen a man in the President's seat that is in so far over his head. Carter at least had some level of training in the management of people and of being in command. Obama had none. With that came the actions of someone truly ignorant. I used to think he had some kind of "plan" . . . now it seems clear to me he is simply a man flailing in water too deep with no idea at all how to swim. He's going to "push the button" IMHO simply because he doesn't know what else to do and his ego will not allow him to walk away. Match . . . gasoline . . . I do not believe this will end well.

  2. Obama acted the Manchurian candidate from day 1. He gave back the Churchill Bust on day 1. He offended the Israelis on day 1. We have no allies because he turned them away starting at the beginning. He courted our enemies but they don't trust him either. He wanted a weaker America and now he has it.

  3. Manchurian candidate is about right. obama could star in the movie without a change in his script.

  4. If the Republicans can take back the Senate, it would reduce the damage that he could do in his last two years in office. Other than that, the prognosis is dismal, as you suggest.

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