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Caption Graphic: Leonardo’s Gun


Leonardo Da Vinci was living in a world engulfed in war, having been born just after the Hundred Year’s War and living through the beginning of the Spanish Italian Wars in 1494. As a self-proclaimed weapons designer, Da Vinci was fascinated with improving and developing new ways to destroy an enemy. In his notebooks, there are over ten designs for different siege weapons, cannons, and guns, many of which are reproduced and on display in Italy, designed from the original sketches in the Codex Atlanticus.


Bullet Points:

** Trans women are women. Urinal cakes are cakes.

** (Thinker) Robert Sapolsky has written a book entitled Determined: A Science of Life without Free Will (Penguin Press, 2023).  I cannot recommend this book, but it is a useful guide to how liberals think about human freedom.

I should have known when I read in Sapolsky’s acknowledgments, “Thanks to Tony Fauci for battling the forces of Darkness” (406).  As I see it, Anthony Fauci is complicit in the deaths of millions of people.  How many deaths have resulted from the actions of other liberals who deny free will?

Free will, or freedom, is the basis of conservative thought and the object of attack for liberals. They believe that the State, the state’s “experts” (academics like Sapolsky), government bureaucrats, and a vast system of educators, media, and enforcement agencies should control human destiny. For conservatives, freedom and liberty are the basis of a civilized life.

Conservatives do not believe that their lives are “determined,” entirely or mainly, by forces outside their control.  They also know that the deterministic factors that exist in their lives can be countered by aggressive action.  Conservatives believe that human beings are unique and worthwhile and that every human life is valuable.  This is part of the reason they oppose abortion.

Liberals, believing that everything is determined from the start and humans have no control over their lives, necessarily place less value on human life, which may be why they support abortion,  euthanasia, and other actions that devalue life. (more)

** Will Hunter Biden be “locked” in Jeffrey Epstein’s cell? Can anyone tell me when the guards take their usual six-hour break with the cameras turned off? Asking for a friend.

** This is for LSP.

** How lucky do you feel?

** If every major corporation is advertising and promoting your cause, you’re not oppressed, and you’re not part of any resistance.

** $35 trillion in debt – and inflation is screaming high. Oh, what about Social Security?

** That’s so fracking cool! – Republicans said Thursday that discovering the potential for thousands of tons of lithium to be extracted annually from wastewater generated by fracking in the Marcellus Shale leaves proponents of a green energy future at a crossroads. (Yahoo News)

University of Pittsburgh study suggested that processing byproducts from natural gas production in Pennsylvania’s Marcellus Shale basin could meet nearly half of U.S. lithium needs. The typical electric vehicle (EV) requires nearly 18 pounds of lithium to power its battery. That figure grows exponentially for Teslas, according to reports. Rep. Guy Reschenthaler, R-Pa., who represents much of the Marcellus territory, told Fox News he wants to see those on the left change their tune. “Now nearly 40% of our nation’s domestic need for lithium can be found right here as a byproduct of fracking,” he said. “I fully expect every single Democrat to join Republicans in supporting domestic natural gas development.”

** This is for those of you who worship a meteorite.

** Distemper – (Thinker) It’s been said that fate gives us all the face we’ve earned in the end. That maxim seems to have been tailor-made for Joe Biden; can there be a more revealing portal to the man’s core than the unpleasant countenance he now imposes on the public?

As his faculties erode on the national stage, what remains of him, what is still somewhat coherent and translatable, is his essential meanness. It’s a feature that’s always been present, lurking just below the surface of the smiling bonhomie, characterizing his manner and method through most of his political career. Now, as the manufactured good nature recedes, to make his words impactful, to give them direction and effect, they need to be propelled by a considerable charge of anger. He puts across his teleprompter-fed points by raising the decibel level to uncomfortable heights.

The bitter, geriatric junkyard dog visage he now sports during his public utterances recalls his former White House roomie—the dreaded Secret Service nemesis and eventual D.C. exile Commander, the German Shepherd.

** Rogan on the Egyptian Pyramids. While the pyramids at Teotihuacan near Mexico City are newer, they’re considerably larger. Who built those?

** Frank asks a question about a technical. For those unfamiliar with a “technical” vehicle in military jargon, consult Wikipedia. Frank asks if the vehicle pictured left is technically a technical.

The neologism describing such a vehicle is believed to have originated in Somalia during the Somali Civil War in the early 1990s. Barred from bringing in private security, non-governmental organizations hired local gunmen to protect their personnel, using money defined as “technical assistance grants.”

Housekeeping—EdB asked me how much time I spend on blog creation. I allocate an hour or so each day for basic content. I spend time on artwork as I’m moved to do it, and that’s separate. Finding aircraft and armor that hasn’t been on the blog or maybe is challenging is hit and miss. Sometimes, I come up with some brain twisters, but I don’t want to make it impossible for you to solve them either (like the photo of two rivets in a fuselage). This whole blog thing has been evolving since I started doing it. I try not to copy other’s work. Sometimes, I add it with attribution. Much has to do with the time I have available. I get input from Claudio, Stringshot, and HogsbreathSS, and sometimes, I get a phone call from LSP. There isn’t much science in the sauce. If there are 100 headlines on a subject, I’m reluctant to add something to the blog unless I feel I might have a different spin. At the moment, I’m doing every other day unless there is something that pops up in between, like Flag Day on the 14th or Juneteenth tomorrow. I appreciate those who visit, contribute, and comment because blogging is for you more than me. I enjoy that you find some value in my mutterings and scratchings.

Thanks for buying The Shorts: A Selection of Short Stories. Many of them inspired novels. Please comment/review on as you are moved. So far, there are two… If you want more, that’s the catalyst for it. It’s a lot like blogging. If nobody commented, I’d stop.



Identify the Aircraft






Don’t call her Betty!


Parting Shot



48 thoughts on “The Sinister Subconscious

  1. One is Grumman E-1 Tracer

    If you could successfully fire the gun several times I would call it a technical. From the photo I am unsure of it’s stability and frame structure. All of the ones I’ve seen were a belt fed on Toyota Hilux or similar.

    1. I wouldn’t want to be in that turret when they fired the gun. It’s interesting to see what they weld onto pick-ups in the third world.

  2. Identify the Aircraft:
    1. Grumman E-1 Tracer
    2. MiG-23 Flogger
    3. Curtiss XP-46
    4. Nord 1500 Griffon
    5. Mitsubishi Ki-21 Sally

  3. I for one enjoy your posts. You never can tell which direction you will be going from day to day. Growing up immersed in agriculture, it’s fascinating to see how the rest of the world thinks. You might possibly have 100 browser windows open in your mind at all times. It’s in you and it needs to come out!

  4. I believe all of your readers appreciate the time you take to provide education/knowledge into areas we may not have known existed; at least giving me an urge to delve a bit deeper.
    The dwarves may have found gold and mithril, but I’ll bet Thorin never read Virtual Mirage: his loss.

  5. Leonardo’s Gun – Love the graphic. Looks like his version of the Hydra-6…albeit a bit more menacing to intruders or warring parties. I could replicate that…I have a welder.
    As for the “technical”, first thought seeing that was, “It actually runs and the driveshaft still goes ’round and the wheels don’t fall off caked bearings?” These things are beat to death, held together (by the looks of most of them) with duct tape, baling wire, spray paint, and twine…yet somehow run fullbore across crappy desert roads overloaded with all manner of weaponry and personnel…yet…every week I drive up or down 287 I see some fairly newish vehicle dead on the side of the road. One other point: Seems the desert rats never use EV’s for their forays, we need to send Petey ButtBoy over there to straighten them out.
    Social Security- It ain’t secure, hasn’t been for 50 years (huh, same amount of time Biden The Husk has been there…coincidence? I think not.). This happened once the Uniparty scumbags decided they had zero oversight in their criminal thievery and could take OUR money at will. I knew this 45 years ago. If I took a lousy 5% from my meager paycheck back then and stuck it away I’d have more now than what these bums “give” me BACK MY MONEY…WHILE TAXING IT AS INCOME! (Galling $@#!…this includes Biden The Husk, voting on taxing our forced SS upon paying it back to us for their lavish suck-age, including new hoodies for Vlad Z.)

    Me, started sooner than 70 (aka. the new retirement age of 65) because I ran the numbers, watched a few trusted CPA presentations, and realized the risk was too high that the checks would dry up before I got any of MY MONEY back from the DC Bank Robbers in 7 years, while the payoff cross-over “loss of benefit” was not worth the wait. (Geez, the language created by these bums, “loss of benefits”, is incredibly loy-yer-speak in order to make their grift sound all warm and fuzzy to the uninitiated (think Marble-Mouth Yellon telling everyone they aren’t paying $128 for $72 worth of stuff just 3 years into America’s [further] demise). This is theft, plain and simple. Met with Fidelity a month back, MrsPaulM is about ready to retire as well, the advisor (good guy) says, “the government requires you to start taking “dividends” (you mean our money?) from the 401K Retirement Fund after age 72 or else you’re penalized”…or some such thievery nonsense only a political CPA/Loy-Yer could concoct. (more @$#! ensued)

    All of this “structure” looks like a monetized version of The Matrix to me while TPTB have created the only ever Perpetual Motion Machine in existence…because they willfully take from us, the producers (effectively at gunpoint). [Yeah, struck a chord that was first strung tight when I got my first paycheck only to further tighten when I started my first business. Thieves, the lot of them.)
    Time For A Reset ™
    PS- 44 degrees and crazy windy at the homestead (23 degree windchill)…in June. Snow in the Tetons and Wind Rivers today (higher elevations for certain, but THAT’S NORMAL). Same weather here “out West” as 2012, 2002, 1997…see a pattern here folks? Heat in the East now (from us last week pushed by the lower jetstream). Yet, the overpaid Hyperventilator’s are whining/crying at fever pitch about man-made GlobalWarmingClimateCoolingChange as “weather” shows at Gaia’s will…along with bird flu now (EVERYBODY PANIC!…AGAIN!). Nah, nothing to see here while in an Election cycle. Yeah, that.

  6. Complete Sidebar: (this’ll open a can of worms for sure, so apologies upfront to our host…but I trust you all to point me in the right direction as I am handgun illiterate for the most part).

    Moons ago (Pre-PaulM) MrsPaulM purchased a (’68 vintage) S&W .38/.357 2″ barrel revolver for camping/horseback protection. It’s heavier than she likes. Listening to Dana Loesch most days she likes the KelTec handguns. Saw the P32 (.32ACP) was a reasonable $360 (in this 18% inflationary times anyway). Kimber handguns were 2x or 3x so more than preferred.

    Any suggestions for an everyday lightweight carry that I don’t need to pay a fortune? (don’t want to chintz either, so willing to pay more for the right EDC for her)

    1. I am not anti-.32 ACP as a purse gun or as an ankle gun if that’s what you need. But it won’t stop much even if you use better ammunition. I saw a Vietnamese kid shot in the face point blank with a .32 (ball ammo) three times and he survived just fine with a couple scars. He did go to ER, but you take my point. It will make noise and if your shot is lucky, it might do damage. I bought MRSLL a Ruger Model 5450 (Revolver, .357 magnum). I load it with some wicked .38+P+ ammunition so it doesn’t have quite the recoil of the larger .357 cartridge. Not cheap but very light with a significant punch. There is no safety on a revolver other than your care in use so when you need it to fire, you don’t need to fiddle with anything. Point/shoot. Buy a good holster.

    2. Questions in response:
      How many legs does her threat have?
      How big is it (50 lbs, 250 lbs, 550 lbs?)
      How many of them arrive to threaten at the same time?
      Is she capable of shooting accurately when under stress from a threat?

      Three pieces of advice:
      -when it is decided what she wants, buy from a source with an attached range… try before you buy.
      -Get training, and practice practice practice practice practice.
      -Never forget, the firearm is not a talisman.
      Best of luck,
      SP RN

    3. My wife used a S&W J frame (.357) with 38+P ammo in stainless steel and liked the heavier weight to help mitigate recoil. It was small and fit well in a dedicated compartment in her purse. She was able to use it accurately even when she was limited to getting around in a wheelchair. Way back in the day when we were camping it was a Ruger .357 (again stainless steel)on a belt holster. No where near the experience level of LL but I second the idea of a good holster, it makes a world of difference in comfort while carrying and the ability to deploy the gun if needed. Will also add a good gunbelt helps a lot.

      1. Thanks guys…I did get her a nice holster for the S&W, and agree the weight keeps the short barrel in place when shooting (she’s a good shot), so maybe I need to encourage her to use the holster and the weight won’t be a problem (h/t Ed+C). As for the targets, won’t be shooting at bears or moose, possible lion, but mostly protection when out and about (currently loaded with snakeshot for rattlers). LL’s comments about the featherweight .32 was almost expected…can’t beat the .38special/.357mag revolver she already has for stopping power. SP RN…spot on.


        1. My wife can no longer handle the recoil due to arthritis.
          She can’t rack any slide of any manufacture either.
          I bought her a Girsan MC 14T Tip-Up in .380.
          With Lehigh Extreme Predator bullets (Looks like a Phillips #4 screwdriver bit) in Underwood cartridges, it handles like a dream and the lethality is excellent.
          I put an armalaser on it since it has a rail.

  7. For what it’s worth: Your blog has been a daily read for me (now every other day) for a few years now. I don’t comment much but your stuff always gets the brain cells working.

  8. In the Before (Covid) Times I listened to a bunch of Sapolsky lectures (evolutionary neurobiology IIRC) which were mostly fine and quite informative. Sure you could tell his bias, but given his background, nothing surprising. Plus I’m used to it — academic medicine is 80%+ similar-minded people. (So is Big Pharma/Big Devices, btw. Scary, innit?) Post-Covid he seemed to go off the deep end. Anyway, I have not read his latest book. And probably won’t.

    I suspect that Sapolsky’s not entirely wrong, though of course I don’t know just how literal he’s being. I CAN say that I’m increasingly of the belief that much of the actions of those that CREATED the modern left — by this I mean serious people like the old Frankfurt School guys, not mindless fluff such as AOC — was at least as much a result of history and their culture (which definitely includes religion even if the particular individual claims to be an atheist— maybe especially in the case of an atheist) as it was of their own individual wills. Persecution, some real, some fabricated to comfort themselves in a perverse way, and the consequent paranoia and hatred of “outsiders” leads to strange and malignant behaviors. Which they justified to themselves as somehow improving the world, when it’s really “revenge” and malice. (In the Modern Times the WEF2030 and the supposed Bloomberg-backed 2040 agenda are more of the same.)

    BUT! I say this humorously, even though I’m deadly serious: “We MUST believe in Free Will. We have no choice.”

    1. There’s nothing but malice in the Old Frankfurt School. The Frankfurters, as I call them, were molded by their experiences, but that is not the mold that you want growing all over the planet…even though it is. Rotten hot dogs.

    1. Now that I have a degree in Geology (which makes me official) with an graduate degree in process, I can puff out my chest and tell you that there is more than enough lithium in the US for American needs for many hundreds of years – possibly many thousands of years. We can delve if you’d like, or you can take my word for it. Yes, this discovery is ironic and yes, there aren’t fossils in fossil fuel.

      1. Wot? So my plan to raise giant lizards, and then put them through a giant press to sell as an oil substitute isn’t gonna be profitable?

        1. Stinks when your 4th grade illusion get shattered…even if you have the towable Lizard-O-Matic Extractor 2000 (only 4 easy payments of $4999.99 plus S&H…but you get a second one for free…you only have to pay the S&H). Took me a bit – like 8th grade – then I realized all the oil deep in the earth would take a lot of dinosaurs…and how did it get so deep? That’s when I knew I was being told a bunch of baloney by teachers I was required to respect. Changed everything for me. Now physics…loved it…it just “is”.

          1. 4th grade? I came up with the giant lizard idea this January! Now I’m psychically crushed. Fortunately tomorrow is a holiday and I can maybe get my headspace and timing straightened out. Thank goodness for Juneteenf!

          2. Even worse, against the anti-petrol people, crude oil is almost an infinitely renewable resource.

            It’s the ‘damned easy to drill to and pump’ stuff, using 1800’s tech, that is hard to find. But you can use modern extraction methods on old ‘clapped out’ fields and produce as much or more than produced under the old tech, and if you do slow pumping, the oil fields are essentially eternal. Same for gas.

            Coal, on the other hand, yeah, that stuff is not really renewable on your typical human-based time scale.

            Oil? You mean the 2nd most common liquid on this planet Earth? Yeah…

      2. Great, because a guy can never have enough Li-Ion power tool batteries…EV’s can go suck an egg…too heavy on the road and battery tech – mainly storage – needs to take a massive leap forward before Duracell vehicles will be viable beyond urban areas for grocery-getting.

        1. Lithium batteries are easily recycled, too. Just don’t get the recovered metal foil anywhere near water, and you’re good-to-go.

  9. Definitely appreciate the effort you put into this blog and go back to it a couple of times a day to suck up the additional value added by all the knowledgeable commenters.

    Social security. Nothing like a mandatory government pyramid scheme. I feel for my kids and grandkids. It is pretty hard to set aside money every month in today’s economy.

    Congratulation on the Geology degree; another accomplishment to add to your long list. I have no interest in the degree but do have an interest in the subject. I am now going through Nick Zetner’s podcasts on geology of the PNW. Fascinating stuff.

    1. I’m [now] feeling like I’m not doing enough (save from lengthy commenting on VM)…geology degrees, art, AI…etc, etc…Amazing, and inspiring actually.

    1. Yeah, the content and the comments. That’s what makes good blogs great.

      Don’t like not being able to comment on something a blogger blogs. Really annoying.

  10. LL, I always look forward to inspiration from your blog and the feedback from fellows from the field who contribute. As a matter of fact, I chanced to meet a very young person who is of your former Navy career field here on base, working for the Land Mobility Division of the Unconventional Warfare group. Nice guy, getting a tour of my building, was interested in what I support.
    Talking of EVs, lithium, and technicals: previous employer did testing for a wide variety of wheeled and tracked vehicles, including some wheeled that had tracked capabilities. Nothing like seeing 50,000 lbs of armor-plated hybrid vehicle blasting by at 45mph, nearly silently. Tire noise, drivetrain gearboxes and motor whining away. And the technicals? Would love one! In the meantime, I’m building my LMTV “War Pig”/“Animal Mother” replica.
    As always, stay safe and really appreciate your forum in this world.
    Wandering Neurons

  11. As a country we are up to a knees in every mineral resource we need. Alas, we are up to are asses in econazis.
    You blog is a must read. Makes me think and fills holes in my education, or lack thereof.

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