Climate czar John Kerry admits zero emissions in the US wouldn’t make a difference in global climate change just before Biden pushed a $2 trillion “Green New Deal”…


Terror Alert

DHS called on the public to report suspicious activity and threats, including those made online, to local law enforcement or the FBI. It also advised people to avoid large crowds and protests.

Does this mean that they’re finally going to shut down CAIR, AntiFA, BLM, La Raza, etc? No, but they do want to shut down anyone who disagrees with democrats.


The War on the Weather is Expensive

Taxes will be going up to keep the world from ending in five years. No sh1t, Sherlock. more here

During her confirmation hearing on Capitol Hill this week, Biden Commerce Secretary nominee Gina Raimondo admitted Democrats will have to raise taxes on all Americans, including the middle and lower class, in order to pay for President Biden’s “climate” agenda.

Biden promises that the long struggle with the weather is a war that we can win – to save humanity – and to pump trillions into the hands of oligarchs, who love the little people – who should really learn to code if they plan to eat.


Dispatches from the Plague

Pfizer admits that their vaccine does not prevent COVID-19. I’m not going to re-hash the article, that you can read in its entirety if you’re interested. In essence, ublic health officials have said over and over that they do not know if the vaccines prevent spread. Pfizer’s lead representative to the VRBPAC meeting, Kathrin Jansen, Ph.D., said that Pfizer did not test human subjects to see if those vaccinated could get and spread the infection.

But Jansen admitted that Pfizer did test primates — and found that vaccinated monkeys did get Covid infections despite being vaccinated. Their duration of infection was shorter than in the unvaccinated monkeys.

Take your vaccine, prole, it’s good for you.

A Ukrainian soldier armed with an AK-74 and wearing virus protection on the frontline of the War in Donbass. Eastern Ukraine, 2020


Identify the Aircraft



All those cargo ships inbound from China are backed up. (more here) I could care and maybe I should care, but I’m a hermit, living in the mountains and I really don’t.


Of Passing Interest

It’s interesting to see a situation where AOC and Don Jr. agree on the same topic.

Charles Schwab and TD Ameritrade paused trading of GameStop too & no one is suing them. Interesting.
Wall Street is slowly leaving NYC and the result will be predictable. Broadway is closed, tourism in NYC is non-existent, restaurants are folding and now the hedgefund scandal (move on, nothing to see here).

“The use of force to achieve equality will destroy freedom, and the force, introduced for good purposes, will end up in the hands of people who use it to promote their own interest.”

— Milton Friedman


  1. No one is treating it like a casino. For connected hedge funders it’s like an endless ATM card that is topped off periodically by their bought-and-paid for politicians. For the rebellious autists it’s about ripping the maskirovka off of what anyone paying attention (i.e. less than 20% of the population) already knew.

    The Autists Rebellion is not about making money. It’s about revealing the gigantic scam at the top of our economy. It’s about publicly humiliating the parasitic scum who act as if they are untouchable Lords of the Earth (and simultaneously helpless, utterly innocent victims, hated for absolutely no reason at all).

    The response to this will be savage. We’ll see it if this “screw you!” was worth it.

    • Yes – but I don’t think that it will change anything. The parasitic scum know that they are our betters and journalists will carry their water.

    • That’s EXACTLY like a casino, Mike C. The hedge parasites are the House, is all.

      The Autists are… autists. As a result, they can’t see the big picture (QED) and don;t understand that everyone knows that the House Always Wins, and the “scandal” has been yawned at for 1000 years.

      Do I agree that the Financial and Insurance (same thing, different hat) industries are evil scams that should be smashed, and the stock markets returned to their original purpose? Yes, vehemently. Does any demographically meaningful number of people agree with me? No, vehemently.

      It’s a big old waste of time, but it’s funny, at least.

  2. Covid Vax Lies: MrsC explained this is called “Post-exposure shedding”, and also said there is ZERO “Challenge Data”, which is required to determine efficacy. Lies and damned lies.

    Why anyone would get this experimental vaccine – like buying a first year model vehicle – is beyond me. But lemmings will do it as some way to gain attention and perceived special status. Nothing more than an excuse to stay at home and be a lazy bum.

    As for DC, it’s a club party of the massively stupid with their nakedness on full display. What we may see more of is this (h/t theZman):

    “On the other side of the glass is the rest of us, watching an increasingly bizarre political theater performed by increasingly grotesque actors. One performance this week was the arrest of Douglass Mackey, the pro-Trump on-line personality who played the role of Ricky Vaughn on Twitter back in 2016. He was arrested and charged with the crime of disrespecting the regime. The weirdos on the other side of the glass now think it is a good idea to arrest people who hurt their feelings.”

    Stay below the radar, but maintain observation…OODA loop in operation.

    • The new mantra (there are many) is, “Trust me, I’m a democrat.”

      BOHICA (bend-over-here-it-comes-again)

      • “Thank you sir may I have another!”

        Grifters on Wallstreet are feeling the pain. Good. I never envy the wealthy, could all be ill-gotten.

  3. I remember during Obama/Clinton years when the White House had a place on their website where you could report activity that was (contrary to their agenda) “false”. It did not last very long. I suspect it was a disappointment to the administration. I did my part though I reported Hillary several times.

    • I did the same thing, denouncing members of the Obamanation. And after about 2 million denunciations, they shut the website down.

      • I’m guessing that took, what? 18 hours?
        I honestly didnt pay attention to that little Stasi scheme when they did it, other than a brief mockery.

        • I played with it as long as it lasted – like a dog gnawing on a bone. I even called the hot-line and denounced some people in person.

    • I don’t think you’ll have long to wait. First GDP report after his election missed estimates, and I don’t think killing tens of thousands of jobs, increasing taxes, and the shenanigans of the administration leaning on retail brokers to protect hedge funds will help.

      • Bluey’s right. The economy will take a nosedive, the fed will raise interest rates to protect against inflation, the taxes will dry up the money supply. And they’ll lie about unemployment rates.

    • BW, it won’t collapse overnight. The economy is robust, consumerism is at the bedrock of the American psyche. But it can be wrecked and they’ve announced that they are setting about to do it. Because the US and Canada are locked in an economic (and even cultural) symbiosis, if we fall, we’ll drag you with us. Sorry.

      • It will take time and it can be wrecked. Canada has a mutually beneficial relationship that may be destroyed by this administration. We also have an idiot PM who seems bent on killing my country. He is lazy so it is taking him longer.

  4. Mao had vision for China and came up with The Great Leap Forward. 45 million dead chinese people was the result. Trying to destroy a country is absolutely doable.

    Biden want to have a similar vision. But he is not alone. All those people trying to profit on taxpayers expense will follow Biden.

  5. Ah, the Gigant. Started out as a glider (ME 321) pulled by, first, a FW90 then a twinned HE111 with an additional engine.

    Then some bright boy looked around at all the French Rhone airplane engines lying around and said, “Gott, Ve kan enmoterize der Glider!” And they did.

    Easy target for even P-40s and P-39s, absolutely an easy target for P-38s and Brit fighters.

    As to Lurch’s comment, so? Even though no actual climate change goal will be reached, the actual goal is the destruction of America and the imposition of serfdom upon the non-elites. Which high taxes and no domestic oil production will do.

    As to GameStopGate, again, it’s all about the Elites doing whatever they want, while punishing the proles.

    • Transforming a giant glider by adding structural support to the wings and 6 engines is innovative. And it would be a fun target for any fighter jock. Imagine sitting back and watching the wing camera footage of one of those monsters come apart.

  6. Messerschmitt Me 323 ‘Gigant’; it was a powered variant of the Me 321 military glider and was the largest land-based transport aircraft of all nations to fly during the war.

    • As with many German innovations during the war, they were ahead of their time. And the technology hadn’t completely caught up with the concept.

      • It would have been an excellent internal logistics platform, but then because it’s hard to be a bigger shithead than a Nazi (AOC, you have the nomination), they decided to use them to resupply North Africa, and, like, Stalingrad.

        Using a screwdriver as a cold chisel doesn’t make it a bad screwdriver.


  7. While I’m enjoying watching the mask being ripped off and the legitimacy of the system being destroyed, it’s a rather tragic thing to see. Between the stolen election, flurry of executive orders (how many now? 40?), and the conflict of interest of members of the Biden admin leaning of retail brokers to stop the little guy (including forcing the retail investors to sell!) I am VERY glad to be the other side of the world. Clown show all the way down….

    As I said in a previous post all I can do is wish you all good luck, you’ll need it.

  8. Hmmm. Looks as though “1 Stonk” Robinhood might implode. And that’s after an infusion of several billion. Another Lehman moment?

    Thank Gaia we’re finally fighting the Weather again, and war doesn’t come cheap. So pay your tax, serf.

  9. That’s an unusually crappy-looking AK that the plague doctor has. That’s saying a lot.

    I’m sure it works though… they always seem to.

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