The Progressives have a Future —

— mapped out for you, best explained below, with an “Eye of Sauron” that doesn’t need a volcano. Live in your hive city, drink your Soylent Green and enjoy it, slave.


The Practice of Medicine

The AMA wants to do away with “meritocracy” in admissions, claiming that having the schools accept only the best-performing students is “malignant” and “creates harm.” Perhaps even more alarmingly, they want to stress that associating race with genetics in the practice of medicine is equally evil…more here

Let’s face it since mathematics has been declared racist because some genetic groups seem to struggle with it,  everything is on the table.


Military-Industrial Complex Wet Dream

…the self-licking ice cream cone… with a piece manufactured in each of 50 states.


Ringing the Bell I could frankly give a rat’s ass how much the negroes steal in woke cities, from woke businesses. In fact, maybe they need to loot the Salvation Army headquarters of all their cash just to show everyone how woke the SA really is? I mean, why beat around the bush with the used furniture and old clothes.  Just give it all to BLM in the form of cash. All of those SA corporate mandarins could work for free, donating their princely salaries to the mob. I’m sure that the mob would leave them…for last.

Print these and put them in the kettles. The Salvation Army will be thrilled.


Having a firearm handy doesn’t mean that you’re looking for trouble.  It means that you won’t be casting about for assistance if trouble finds you.


H/T Frank

This sort of thing was once Sci-Fi. Not anymore, sadly.


Just by way of note, I find that while traveling I encounter a number of people who in passing say things like. F*ck Joe Biden to me, without me encouraging it. While there are still people who sincerely love Jo/Ho, I think that the poll numbers are highly inflated. Maybe 10% loves Jo/Ho. There are that many village idiots/lunatics/dimwits running around.

Then again, maybe I have that generally pissed-off look about me where they feel comfortable saying, “Let’s go Brandon.” Or maybe it’s the MAGA hat?


Of course,  Tanks

Ferdinands on the assembly line being converted from Porsche Tiger I’s, Nibelungenwerk, St. Valentin, Austria


Identify the Tank Destroyer

Same above and below. It may be a bit of a challenge for you. They did go into general production toward the end of WW2.


Identify the Tank


  1. The second one is a Vickers Medium Mk. III .

    Give me a minute on the first, I’ve seen that before and am trying to remember.


  2. The AMA has gone the way of the other letter agencies we never gave a thought…until the Covid Crap, it now advises indicating “no sex” on birth certificates. We now have doctors saying sex is a construct. The end is near.

    And not to be outdone for the most daft, yesterday the CDC evil-ette came out with a Nazi Germany style announcement stating they are now a “surveillance agency”, only thing missing was the megaphone trucks running the streets.

    Who the hell are these people? Just once I would like to run into one of them for some impolite exchange of words.

    Never knew there were this many enemies from within. Need a MikeW style “cleansing”.

    Careful with that MAGA cap, the mRNA vax includes a DNA-level trigger mechanism against those wearing one. Wouldn’t want you in jail.

    • “Who the hell are these people?”
      The usual bunch of woke suspects, holed up in Chicago. The AMA does NOT represent US physicians as a whole, and it is highly likely that fewer than 20% of practicing US physicians are AMA members. (It’s impossible to get exact data because the AMA is desperately obfuscating numbers in an attempt to look more important than it is.) The linked editorial lists out problems many MDs have with the AMA. An excerpt below for those who don’t click on links:

      What is it about the AMA that America’s Doctors really detest?

      — The AMA touts itself as speaking for all of us — but rarely listens to any of us — they work to fill their own pockets with dollars from big pharma and government

      — The AMA tends to have a narrow minded political view and works to stifle any dissenting opinions (in an effort to continue to align with the government agencies that line the pockets of AMA executives with taxpayer money)

      — The AMA tends to have a narrow minded political view and works to stifle any dissenting opinions (in an effort to continue to align with the government agencies that line the pockets of AMA executives with taxpayer money)

      — The AMA has collaborated with the government to expand irrelevant and unfair payment codes (the hated CPT codes and ICD 10) — this has significantly contributed to the disparity in pay for different specialties.

      — The AMA has spent more (of dues paying member money) than almost any other company on lobbying in the last 20 years — to a tune of $347 million — only the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and the National Association of Realtors have spent more.

      — The AMA receives nearly twice as much money from the U.S. government as it does from membership dues, and has since the Clinton Administration when the AMA signed on to support price controls for physician services — in exchange for Washington leaving it to the AMA to decide how the shrinking pot of money for physician payments would be divided up between medical specialties. (Yes, this is all about how the self serving AMA determines CPT codes.) In 2010 alone, the AMA made 72 million in royalties and credentialing products sold to the U.S. government.

      The AMA is also RABIDLY anti-2A, as reflected in both their actions and in the editorial policies of the Journal of the American Medical Association. JAMA (along with the New England Journal of Medicine, The Lancet, and British Medical Journal) are the four most influential general medicine professional journals in the English-speaking world (and therefore the entire world).

      “Never knew there were this many enemies from within.”
      The enemies run the West. And from their perspective, WE are the enemy.

  3. I used to respect the Salvation Army and always felt they did fine work but no more. I may just print off some of those coupons. I also used to respect the Seedy C before they went into politics.

    • Yeah, I think that’s it!

      I knew it was a waffentrager something or a geshutzwagen-or-other. It’s easier to remember these things when they have names instead of descriptions. Nice work.


      • Glad you guys cleared that up, I was going for Fahrvergnügen…which according to Volkswagen translates to “Driving Pleasure”.

  4. Salvation Army is worldwide. They have issued a half-assed apology that, IMO, just adds fuel to the fire.

    A fond memory of the SA is their work in the red light district of Amsterdam, mid 60’s as they marched around playing hymns while beating on a big drum. When they came upon a couple engaged in negotiations, they would cease playing and remain silent. After the couple moved on, they would resume marching and playing. So polite!

    • I never had a problem with SA. I donated old stuff to them and usually put money in the bell ringer’s pot. They went woke, attacking well over 60% of the US population. If I think of it, I’ll put my white shame coupon in the bucket – but they’re dead to me. They became the AARP of the charity biz.

  5. my mail carrier left a note in my mailbox asking me where she could get a a “let’s go brandon” sign like the one i have at the end of my driveway.

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