14 thoughts on “Synthetic Pond

  1. LOL, all I see is the amount of mold/mildew they'd be cleaning if they didn't install a damn good ventilation system… Remember the Hotsi baths in Japan and the chlorine odor? It was the bleach they used to wash the walls to get the mold off… 🙂

  2. Reminds me of the SEE-ment fishing hole on the Beverly Hillbillies. Only totally way cooler.

    And I agree with Odie. A pond like that needs some babes installed.

  3. Yes, I recall. I think that there are fungicides that you can use now. With no sunlight there would be no algae. Maybe do a salt water pool?

  4. Ugh, not a fake grotto person! The ol water tank is better than that, where I can see the stars, feel the breeze, hear the critters…

  5. The genuine grotto is always better than the synthetic variety unless you're in the tropics with leaches and such.

  6. At my stage in life, I'd just smile at the playmates and go back to sipping my scotch and soda, and trading stories with others similarly situated. The grotto does have a fully stocked bar, does it not?

  7. Every grotto needs a bar.

    —but what if the playmates were Icelandic women with freckles?

  8. You'd spend the whole day basking by the side of the pond instead of doing art. Where's the productivity in that?

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