The Axis of Stupidity

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There are a few people who I find to be and to have been wrong – continually – beating the axiom that even a stopped clock is right twice a day. Think on it. It’s difficult to be wrong ALL of the time.
Barack Hussein Obama, who you all know. I’d list out the lies, misstatements and misdirections but you know what they are.
Van Jones, community organizer in the Obama mold and Black Panther, elevated to “Green Jobs Czar” in the Obama administration.
Al Franken, failed comedian, rabid communist and Senator from Minnesota, elected to office from the Democratic-Farmer-Labor Party, caucuses with the Democrats. One of the only senators left of Bernie Sanders, but I like Bernie just on style – not so with Franken.
Jane Fonda, actress, and traitor, should have been tried and shot/hung during the Vietnam War, but skated, possibly because of her father.

Joe (Slow Joe) Biden, who has famously been on the wrong side of every issue since he first took office something like eighty years ago is not a bad guy….bit of a buffoon, but not ‘bad’ in the Baal/Mephistopheles sense of the word. His response to a home invasion robbery was to fire a side-by-side twelve gauge into the air. I’m ok with the shotgun, but wouldn’t fire it into the air.

Then there are the Democrats and the Never Trump Republicans who predicted an early demise for The Donald. I don’t think that they are of necessity wrong about everything, but they were clearly wrong about Trump.

It’s tough to call Hillary “wrong” on anything because her handlers poll the mood of the public, tell her what to say and throw it up on the teleprompter. If things change, she merely does a “reset” and changes the story. That happened almost a dozen times during the primary. 
Oh, it’s ok, it’s simply called a “pivot” by Hillary and her flying monkeys in the mainstream media.

20 thoughts on “The Axis of Stupidity

  1. I wouldn't be surprised if Hillary is an alien with a really ugly human skin on top.

  2. *sigh*
    Going to be a tough axis to beat when it's always 'do as I say, not as I do'.

  3. Lots more forever-wrong folks, all lefties, commies, pinkos:

    *Rosa DeLauro – not only wrong, but fairly hard on the eye as well
    *Chuck Schumer – never been right about anything, ever
    *Dick Durban – ditto
    *Harry Reid – God awful wrong on everything since birth
    *Nancy Pelosi – look up wrong in the dictionary, Nancy's photo is prominently featured.
    *Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, John Lewis, and the entire Congressional Black Caucus – so wrong, so often.

    Lot of wrongness out there, this I can tell you, this I can tell you.

  4. I wonder if you noticed that all these wrong people have something in common? Besides being wrong?
    They're all democrats! Wow!
    Can we interpolate then that ALL democrats are wrong?

  5. Progressives are 180 degrees wrong on every issue. The only reason they get it right sometimes is due to 1) lying about their position, 2) pivoting on their position, 3) they forgot for a moment that they were idiots.

  6. I don't think that all Dems are inherently wrong or stupid. Reagan was a Dem before he saw the light, and so were others. Perhaps "deluded" is a kinder moniker?

  7. The pivot is the thing that I find to be the single most entertaining part of the progs.

  8. Oh, absolutely.

    Can't she afford to get her teeth fixed? I feel like taking up a collection. It won't improve her looks…never mind.

  9. If they weren't our "rulers", it would be fine for a Saturday Night Live skit or something.

  10. Reagan & others saw the light and became bright enough to see the way.
    Dems today are bitter clingers holding fast to the dark side…

  11. The machine has better control of them. You vote the machine or you go out and work for a living. That's how it is. And we know that politicians wouldn't know what to do if they had to find work. The "money for nothing and chicks for free" scenario is a powerful magnet for them.

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