The Edge of Tomorrow (Movie Review)

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It’s sort of like Saving Private Ryan meets Groundhog Day. But in a good way. I enjoyed the film. Let’s start with the trailer. 
Tom Cruise heads the list of stars, but Emily Blunt as a warrior is simply hot. Yes, I have a thing for confident, intelligent warrior women in reality and in the movies.  In that she’s not unlike Sigourney Weaver’s character, “Ellen Ripley” in the feature film, Aliens. The difference would be that Ellen Ripley is sort of there with the Space Marines in Aliens, and Emilie Blunt plays Special Forces legend Rita Vrataski, aka the Full Metal Bitch. To quote another reviewer, “She infuses a fierce intelligence and a no-nonsense personality with just a touch of crazy — and even a little bit of heart, which Cage (Tom Cruise) uncovers only after spending the same day with her about a hundred times.”
The screeching, spidery creatures known as Mimics are storming through every continent and the military is having a seriously difficult time stopping them. At one point Tom Cruise loses his mojo –and you have to ask yourself, can Tom Cruise and Emilie Blunt stop them? Well, we’re having this virtual conversation so I would say that they have been successful.
Given that it’s a sci-fi film, it delivers what one expects – and then some.
I give it an 8 out of a possible 10.

8 thoughts on “The Edge of Tomorrow (Movie Review)

  1. So is Emily Blunt only as hot as Sigourney Weaver in Aliens, or does she rise to the hotness of Linda Hamilton in Terminator 2?

    Thanks for the review. I will have to go see this one.

  2. You'll note that I didn't say much about Tom Cruise in my review, however, I thought that he did a good job with his role.

  3. I was going to let this one go unseen by me. Now I'll have to re-consider.

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