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Identify the Aircraft

You need to be SPECIFIC. This is one of the harder aircraft identification challenges. There is one giveaway.


Bullet Points:

* Over at LSP’s blog, he’s poking fun at House Speaker Kevin McCarthy for owning a swimming pool. McCarthy is trying to make do as best he can with a wading pond for his R&R. He’s a man of the people who needs to unwind from his tireless service to his nation. That’s it, LSP.  I don’t sense much appreciation coming from you for all that Speaker McCarthy has done for the sake of globalization. For the world, LSP. For the whole world. I’m not saying that McCarthy is the messiah but he might.

Barack gives the medal to FJB for all he’s done.

* You can listen to Ed B grill me on his radio program HERE. We discussed Sam Bankman-Fried’s $37 million dollar donation of funds to the democrats in the mid-term election, laundered from US Humanitarian Aid to Ukraine through his FTX cryptocurrency company. Unfortunately, we could have spoken about this for hours while his listener’s eyes glazed over. Sam, a dorky fat kid with a homely girlfriend who is ugly as a busted blister, was a regular guest at the Brandon White House. Brandon had planned to give this turd the Medal of Freedom before his company went tits-up and exposed the laundering scheme.

* Researchers out of Ohio and Indiana have released two new studies showing that covid “vaccines” render a person more, not less, prone to infection. If you get jabbed for covid, you are at least twice as likely to get sick and test “positive” for the disease than if you had left your natural immune system alone to do its job the way God intended for things to work. The more jabs you get, the studies further found, the even greater your risk of getting sick. For instance, if you get “boosted” once for a total of three injections (if you took the mRNA route), your risk of illness is greater than if you just got the first two injections.

Not by way of evidence but as an anecdotal comment, I have two friends who are retired healthcare professionals. They’ve been repeatedly vaxed and boosted for the plague. They just recovered from their FOURTH round of Covid. Their comment to me is that it would have been much worse if they hadn’t been vaxed so many times.  Sorry, you can’t fix stupid.

* Brandon just blamed the death of Officer Evans, Capitol Police, who was killed by a Nation of Islam operative in a car on April 2, 2021, on January 6 demonstrators. FJB is a liar – has always been a liar – and the media reports every demented slur as the truth.

* New York’s hospital associations surveyed their members in fall 2022. Their new report, Critical Condition, explores the survey’s findings and provides context for the challenges hospitals face.

Survey findings include:

  • 49% of hospitals report reducing and/or eliminating services to mitigate staffing challenges while ensuring their most critical services remain available for patients.
  • 100% of hospitals report nursing shortages they cannot fill; over 75% said that other key worker positions cannot be filled — directly impacting the accessibility of healthcare services.
  • 64% of hospitals report a negative operating margin (losing money when comparing care-related revenue and expenses); 85% report negative or unsustainable operating margins of less than 3%.

The severe fiscal challenges facing hospitals nationally were noted in a November 2022 Hospital Flash Report from the Chicago-based research firm Kaufman Hall.

* Sen. James Lankford (R-Oklahoma) recently led an effort to push the Department of Defense (DOD) to re-instate rural and locally-owned pharmacies in the TRICARE network, after they were initially cut from the contract.  

Lankford says he is now hearing again from concerned service members, veterans, and local pharmacy owners regarding the loss of access to fill and obtain prescriptions at locally-owned independent pharmacies.

In response to what he calls alarming reports that TRICARE’s latest “fix” failed to adequately resolve the problem, Lankford demanded answers in a letter to Defense Health Agency Director Lt. Gen. Ronald J. Place, Express Scripts President Amy Bricker, and Cigna Corporation Chairman and CEO David Cordani.

The message you are relaying that certain pharmacies are actively choosing to not serve TRICARE recipients is false and harmful. I urge you to be upfront about how you are actually rolling out the new contract – without negotiation, favoring large chain pharmacies and urban communities, and without real action to remedy any of the problems raised by dozens of Members of Congress.

The decisions made by DHA and ESI/Cigna in the creation of TPharm5 have resulted in thousands of active duty and retired service members losing access to their established and cherished local community pharmacies, forcing veterans to travel sometimes long distances to access their medications.

These decisions are also blatantly giving an advantage to large conglomerate pharmacy chains while disadvantaging rural independent pharmacies as well as specialty pharmacies that faithfully serve specific groups of individuals.


The Weather

Woke Response: Do you want to talk about climate change but you’re not sure where to start? ecoAmerica can help. Check out our climate action sheet, 5 Steps to Effective Climate Communication. It provides steps to help you craft emotionally resonant, personalized, and effective messages on climate change so we can all be part of the solution: https://ecoamerica.org/climate-action-sheet/5-steps-to-effective-climate-communication/


  1. Climate Control, the Universes HVAC system. And think I am being funny here…Uranus being voted off the planetary system island by a bunch of eggheads includes a double entendre metaphor with those who believe man can greatly affect Earth’s climate. Mand says stuff like this and God shakes His head in disbelief.

    At one point it was called London Fog for a reason. And now? How bad is air pollution? Except for China, and a couple other throwback spots around the globe, it’s vastly improved from when deforestation for wood burning, plus coal stoves in every tenement, so people wouldn’t freeze to death. But now the culprit is cow farts and fossil fuel vehicles causing planet death. Better include EV’s for massive enviro destruction while you’re at it, social nose in the air status aside. The heavy arrogance to NOW decide man is a blight on the planet defies all logic and history.

    I figure those spouting off about the weather should begin sacrificing themselves to the Icelandic Volcano Goddess, see if she gives a rip about a few carbon-based lifeforms crisping themselves into oblivion…altho, would really help the planet ‘chi’ by ridding it of hyperventilation angst…Gaia is apparently sensitive to her surface inhabitants.

      • They must have had a lot of cattle ranching there at one time…just spitballing, but what else could it be (and I don’t even have a PhD in science).

        • In the 70s, there was a commonly accepted postulate that the presence of methane indicated the presence of organic life. We know that they were wrong, even though “science is never wrong” (Fauci). Whether the cattle roamed free on Uranus or were ranched is something that can only be determined by solid alien probing. A close encounter.

        • My engineer brain was too literal Ed, but re-reading…it WAS funny. LL did say to not “mess around with Uranus on the blog”.

          My fault for making an even worse joke…I take full responsibility for starting it. (let the flogging begin)

    • Do you want to talk about climate change but you’re not sure where to start?
      No. I just ask why the person I’m talking to is concerned. And then explain why they shouldn’t be.

      • People have a very limited timeframe of their own 4 sq ft and ‘x’ years on the planet, which tends to cloud sound judgement and rational thought.

  2. If I can just toss my two pennies (well, maybe three) into the pot re hospitals:
    1. Da Jab – how many quality hospital personnel did we lose due to the mandated “precautions”?
    2. everybody gets treated, very few actually pay anything and some, mostly non-citizens, honestly believe (or are told by their social care workers) that medical care in the US is free
    2a. The ERs around the country are overwhelmed by mothers (mostly unable to speak English and unable to pay) bringing in their children with little or no fever whose noses are running – ask any ER doc (one who’ll tell you the truth).
    3. I may not be stating this properly, so please forgive/correct me:
    Should a hospital (the corporation, not the individuals running it) make a profit – how much?

    • USGOV needs to take its thumb of the scale when it comes to healthcare. The market can figure out the problems in the system and react appropriately when the government is gone.

      ~with a caveat~

      America needs a rural hospital program that the market won’t respond to. In that case, it’s important that the development of rural hospitals is subsidized by taxpayer money.

      • America needs a rural hospital program that the market won’t respond to. In that case, it’s important that the development of rural hospitals is subsidized by taxpayer money.

        I’ll raise the same objection I make to any act of central planning: how do you compute that your plan is the best of all possible uses of resources?

        the giant ball of fire in the sky. Find it’s thermostat and learn to control it to make any changes

        Sunspot numbers were recently discovered to be correlated to the calculated tidal effects of Jupiter+Saturn+Uranus.

        • It’s a fair argument, EL. I’m not thrilled to advocate for government-funded rural hospitals, but in many if not most cases, that is the only way that they would exist. I am not saying that healthcare is a “right” either. It’s simply a compassionate function of a society and I don’t see how else it would happen. As with all things government, the cost would be too high and it would inevitably be mismanaged.

          • I heard TEA party members protested funding cuts at Kennedy Space Center. At age 4 it’s ‘I want a pony’, at age 40 it’s ‘I want a rocket and see it’s a market failure’. As far as I can tell the argument is circular. Government school teachers tell you legislators know better than the market, and 20 years later most believe and vote like it’s true.

    • 1. A lot! I know some.
      2. Emergency rooms used to be almost empty other than Friday and Saturday nights.
      I was shocked recently when I took my wife in with a critical condition to see so many people sitting around uninjured or unperturbed, getting looked at before a guy who was obviously injured.
      3. Hospitals were originally charitable institutions run by Christian religious organizations, notably Catholics and then Baptist, among others.
      Then secular groups started “People’s Community” hospitals, typically non-profit.
      Universities established them for research. Should university run a for-profit?
      Government intervention and health insurance provided a profit motive.

  3. My guess- Mitsubishi A6M5 Model 52 Zero-Sen (Carrier version type 0), also USAAF FE-323. If this is what I think it is, this bird was a ‘loaner’ to a university for ‘test purposes’ and assigned a US number…

    Re the pharmacies and TriCare, yes, that IS hitting close to home. We went from three, including two local to ONE Walgreens only.

    • I ended up going to express scripts, which is regrettably what the gov wanted. The nearby AFB does not carry some of the stuff I take and it is logistically too much of a pain to go to the base or split up prescriptions unless it is a “take this now” sort of thing.

    • The A6M7 dive bomber wasn’t a prototype. It replaced the Aichi D3A Type 99. (Val) later in the war. There were still Type 99 aircraft around at the time but the Japanese Navy moved on from that old and outdated design.

  4. Didn’t the WEF announce who the next Speaker was a week before the voting started.
    They must have a most excellent crystal ball…..

  5. The key to that picture is the lack of sunspots. There recently have been more, but the relative dearth over the past few years versus prior cycles suggest another cooling period is on the way, and when that happens, it is often accompanied by drought, famine, and war. The 2030s might be interesting times indeed.

  6. I tell anyone that will listen; “The climate on Earth is controlled by one thing and one thing only… the giant ball of fire in the sky. Find it’s thermostat and learn to control it to make any changes. Everything else is just a scheme to steal our freedom, property, wealth, and income.”

      • Bring that up and they will tell you the sun is about to implode and incinerate the Earth…next year. They must be science geniuses and know more than God.

        • We must be down to 6 months left to live unless we act now to eat all of the t-bones on the plant.

  7. The A6M7 was used by Hellcats for target practice. Not many got through the CAP. Nice looking Kite, though.

    • Very true.

      By that time of the war, Imperial Japan died. Some knew it and some refused to accept it. After the Turkey Shoot, the IJN didn’t have much of an air arm remaining, denying American aviators the chance to earn the coveted “Ace”.

  8. Thanks for the boost.

    Please don’t get me wrong, our Beloved Speaker should have all the pools he needs, which is many. After all, he’s a selfless public servant, which is just one of the many reasons we love him.

    Nice carbon tax infographic.

  9. The Tricare pharmacy debacle is more than just local pharmacies. Kroger pharmacy got the boot also. This is the second time in two years I have had to change pharmacies.

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