Zero Click

During the Trump administration, and likely behind the president’s back but with the knowledge of senior folks appointed by him, the FBI purchased Israeli-manufactured software known as zero-click. Zero-click refers to the ability of the user of the software to target and download the contents of a computer without the need for tricking an unwary target into clicking on a link. The manufacturer of this diabolic software is known as NSO, and the trade name of the software is Pegasus.

When President Joe Biden’s staff learned of the FBI’s use of Pegasus without search warrants, the president signed an order banning it from government use, and the Department of Commerce banned all American purchases from NSO. The FBI now stores this software in a warehouse in New Jersey.

Why didn’t the Brandon regime just do its job and prohibit all warrantless domestic spying?

Last week, Rep. Adam Schiff, D-Calif., the outgoing chair of the House Intelligence Committee, revealed that the Drug Enforcement Administration has purchased a similar product to Pegasus, called Graphite, from another Israeli manufacturer, called Paragon.

Why didn’t Congress just do its job and prohibit all warrantless domestic spying, irrespective of the software?

The intelligence community knows too much about Pedo Joe,  the Ho, and too many members of Congress for Congress to defy it.


Identify the Aircraft


Bullet Points:

* Circuit Judge Jennifer Walker Elrod wrote the majority opinion for the Fifth Circuit and also opined that the framers of the bump stock ban did not provide a “fair warning that possession of a non-mechanical bump stock is a crime.” Judge Elrod noted, “A plain reading of the statutory language, paired with close consideration of the mechanics of a semi-automatic firearm, reveals that a bump stock is excluded from the technical definition of ‘machinegun’ set forth in the Gun Control Act and National Firearms Act.”

I don’t own and don’t intend to own a bump-stop. I don’t see a clear combat advantage to owning one. That said, BATFE should take a step back on this as the court suggests.

* A former co-CEO of the disgraced and bankrupt cryptocurrency exchange FTX donated laundered Ukrainian relief funds to House Speaker Kevin McCarthy, according to federal records.

Federal Election Commission records show that in the 2022 campaign cycle, Ryan David Salame made two donations to McCarthy, totaling $8,700. However, that pales next to the $2 million FEC records show Salame gave to the Congressional Leadership Fund, which is closely aligned with McCarthy.

* According to the World Health Organization (WHO), online “anti-vaccine activism” is more dangerous than terrorism, nuclear proliferation, and gun violence. Why thank you Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus.

* Nearly half of Americans say they think Covid-19 vaccines may be to blame for many unexplained deaths, and more than a quarter say someone they personally know could be among the victims.

That’s according to Rasmussen Reports.

The survey finds 49% of American adults say they believe it is likely that side effects of Covid-19 vaccines have caused a significant number of unexplained deaths. That includes 28% who say they think it’s “very likely.”

Thirty-seven percent (37%) say they don’t believe a significant number of deaths have been caused by vaccine side effects, including 17% who say it’s “not at all likely.”

Another 14% say they are not sure.

Forty-eight percent (48%) of Americans say they believe there are legitimate reasons to be concerned about the safety of Covid-19 vaccines, while 37% think people who worry about vaccine safety are spreading conspiracy theories.

Another 15% say they are not sure.

The documentary Died Suddenly addresses the adverse side effects of Covid-19 vaccines, including unexplained or sudden deaths.

* US-based investors are in for a wake-up call if they don’t avoid home bias and diversify their equity exposure toward international companies, according to Bank of America. Go global or go home? What about Ukrainian War Bonds, B of A? Good or bad investment?

* (Gateway Pundit) FBI Agent Robert Cessario was sentenced on Thursday for committing a federal felony.  Cessario was given an incredibly lenient one year of probation for destroying evidence in a political trial involving former pro-Trump Arkansas State Senator Jon Woods. Jon Woods remains in prison even though the government has admitted destroying evidence in his trial that might have been vital to his defense.

People close to Woods are saying that the Justice Department is just protecting its own in order to cover up the evidence that would prove former Arkansas State Senator Jon Woods is innocent.

Woods, a Trump supporter, was convicted of a convoluted and complicated scheme involving the transfer of state funds to support a local college and community college. Even though Woods had no direct involvement in the transfer, prosecutors say he received non-monetary kickbacks and was later given a paid consulting contract. The government put on a 19-day trial where they pressured Woods’ colleagues to say anything to indict the conservative pro-Trump legislator.


More Diabetics

A new modeling study has found that the number of young Americans who are likely to develop Type 2 diabetes in the country could rise almost sevenfold over the next 40 years — an estimate that has shocked some experts.

The study, “Projections of Type 1 and Type 2 Diabetes Burden in the U.S. Population Aged <20 Years Through 2060: The SEARCH for Diabetes in Youth Study,” was published in Diabetes Care, a journal of the American Diabetes Association (ADA), on Dec. 16.

It forecasts that up to 220,000 young Americans under the age of 20 might have Type 2 diabetes by 2060, which is a 673% increase from 2017 levels.

The overall number of youths with diabetes, both Type 1 and Type 2 combined, is expected to be 526,000 in 2060, up from 213,000 in 2017.

The study found a higher burden of Type 2 diabetes among Black, Hispanic, Pacific Islander and American Indian/Alaska Native youths by this time.

“This new research should serve as a wake-up call for all of us. It’s vital that we focus our efforts to ensure all Americans, especially our young people, are the healthiest they can be,” said Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) Acting Principal Deputy Director Dr. Debra Houry in a Dec. 29 press release.


Money for old rope

Old rope is just that, the rope that was used on a ship but has been replaced by new rope. There was a lot of rope on a ship, really a lot of rope, e.g. HMS Victory had 42km of rope for her rigging alone.


Old ropes at the dock of the SS Great Britain

The safety of a ship also depended on the quality and condition of the ropes, so worn ropes had to be replaced. Moreover, while the standing rigging (the ropes that supported the masts and did not move) could be impregnated with tar, the running rigging (used to control the yards and sails) could not be coated and had to be replaced regularly. Now there was a lot of used and old rope and so they were given a new task, e.g. as oakum, but even if a ship had to be caulked quite a lot, there was still enough dew over it.

Therefore, the sailors sold them in the next port to anyone who could use them (after explicit permission, of course). From the 17th century onwards, bookbinders, for example, shredded rope into millboard, a solid substance from which the cardboard for book bindings was made. So a good way to reuse old ropes and make some extra money for the Sailors.



  1. Did BOA advise on Venezuelan bonds, or maybe Petrobras stock now that Lulu is in charge? Maybe some more Chinese stocks like Black Rock was pushing a year ago?

    • yeah, every time i go to the grocery store. they waddle thru with a shopping cart full of mountain dew and mom with another cartload of junk food. not a veggie in sight. some of them still wear masks. takes every ounce of strength not to tell them the food is going to kill them much sooner than the covid.

      • Self-culling. Watch any detective investigation program and the most of the shows present people seriously overweight, especially inner city/urban dwellers, many on EBT cards. Welfare is a death sentence by the monthly installment plan. But it’s more than that…

        In 2012 we went to The World Equestrian Games in Lexington, the major sponsor was Alltech. Their tent maze display at the entrance was a world of food additives and microbiology manipulation, things I never would have thought were involved in everyday food or would even think of let alone eat. There business is primarily through food animal and crops. But the other items “in development” – now 10 years back – seemed to me very suspect.

        Plant a seed, grow a tomato, eat. But people have come to want carbs and sugars in everything. Drink a soda once in a while, no biggie. Drink one every lunch with your Mickey-D’s and you get hooked, craving more each day.

        Besides hormones and additives, kids these days are getting 100x the sugar of early 1900’s kids. And growing up none of us were fat, living on Skippy PB&J or Oscar Mayer baloney with mayo on Wonder bread, [good] hot dogs, burgers, big Sunday dinners…and soda was a treat. But the day I first had [an original] Doritos I was hooked…carbs suck you in. Difference is we were outside running around all day, playing sports, or doing chores. BTW, 90% of farm or ranch kids don’t have this problem.

      • During my IT career I consumed a lot of Mt Dew. Then I retired and will only drink it when some rare occasion requires me to stay awake and alert for hours at a time. I try to keep those events to a minimum.

    • There’s a group called the Nutrition Coalition that’s trying to get the FDA food pyramid to be science-based. I’ve been donating to them every year since they started.

      The Food Pyramid or My Plate (or whatever they’re calling it now) never has been evidence-based, for exactly the reasons you expect: too many people working on the dietary guidelines are connected to the food and pharma industries.

      They specifically refuse to address whether putting out things like sugary breakfast cereals are a better choice than eggs, or other nonsense like that, feeds into the insane growth rates in Type 2 diabetes since they started recommending that. Naturally, it came from a McGovern committee in the ’70s.

      Maybe it goes without saying nowadays, but in the dietary guidelines like everything else, If a Government Committee Recommends Something, Do The Opposite. A corollary to that is if you haven’t deliberately gone looking for the alternate evidences, chances are really good that everything you think you know is wrong.

      • what kills me is looking at “protein” bars and the like. connotations of being healthy, but 48 grams of added sugar in a tiny little bar. two bites max. may as well take a spoon to the sugar bowl.

  2. Best to not get sideways with those sunglass/shorts wearing boys at the FBI…buuut:

    “Hey FBI!! get a real job and quit entrapping innocent people and destroying their lives while you “watch” real terrorists and criminal…you bunch of tools!”

    tap, tap, tap… (That’s me waiting for my screen to blink knowing they got my “dog poke”.)

    When is it time to full Luddite? Yesterday?

  3. Incidentally, the McCarthy Speakership puts him in line for Installation into the Oval Office. How long will it take for Pedo Joe and Kammy to “resign” so Ol’ Kev gains the Seat O’ Power as selected by the WEF?

    But we are now hearing it was all about the “concessions”. Yeah, right…and I got some Florida Swamp land for sale.

    Hobbs’ appointment (aka. election fraud/theft) is another indicator that all this is bigger than we know…true One World Order nefarious crap.

    • Yes, if Pedo Joe was to meet his maker at the same time as Kamela choked to death on a cucumber, McCarthy would take power and be in a position to be installed for a second time in 2024. The Swamp wins again.

      • Power corrupts….

        Biden southern border visit. Another sham wow moment. His Handlers relocated the “homeless” (aka ILLEGALS) and powerwashed his route to present a 180 degree out of phase optic. How many will buy it?

        Everyone knows Hobb’s cheated through her lie-stained teeth, yet won the seat and is now moving on without much of a hiccup. People move on also as they are kept on their heels scrambling to make ends meet ($29 for a 60 egg box at Walmart when a year ago it was $11.)

        Back to your Solzhenitsyn quote, They know we know…and don’t care we know because there is zero accountability on this side of the veil. McCarthy as Speaker won’t change a damn thing. (The “begrudged” opulent pool proves he’s part of The Club.)

        • How many will buy it?

          All of the media will buy it and the propaganda machine will march on.

          The Uniparty won’t object.

  4. Random thought on the overweight issue: the big noises kept lowering the “Approved Weight” to the point that just about everybody was considered (by them) to be overweight.
    Did this encourage people to start ignoring weight altogether?

    • You may be onto something. As I’ve gotten older, I’ve had more weight issues, largely because knee problems make it difficult for me to run regularly. I have put off having bionic knees installed because I’m fine unless I go high impact.

        • Get an Infrared Sauna…been fixing what’s aching in myself after years of athletics and general “work” abuse. Weird magic, but I am not complaining.

          I haven’t gotten to the Norwegian Pro-Level of chopping a hole in the lake ice – in my case setting a horse trough – to take an afterbake icy plunge. That’ll have to wait…for Summer.

  5. Whoever follows the “Food Pyramid” the fed gov subscribes to is setting themselves up for diabetes. That with the level of inactivity that comes with sitting in front of a game screen for hours playing games has seriously hurt the youth of today.

    FBI Agent Cessario. Did anyone expect anything else. I am a bit surprised he got a whole year of probation.

    Bump stocks. I have used them and did not like them. Very good way to go through a surplus of ammunition as long as you are not expecting any great accuracy though. Glad the ban was overturned but still won’t buy a bump stock.

    Interesting about the rope, I did not know that. Thanks as always for the glimpse into history.

  6. I spent many hours in my youth cutting up old rope and making baggywrinkle out of it. When wrapped around the standing rigging it made fine chafing gear, protecting the sails from wear.

  7. Back in the day before insulin, a diabetic diet was meat, dairy and green vegetables. No starches. The original Keto diet, and it worked.

    Look today for what should be on a diabetic diet and it’s starches and plant-based protiens, especially soy. Just the opposite of what a diabetic should eat. But trust the ‘experts.’

    Want to cut juvenile diabetes? Bring back mandatory PE like we used to have in the 60’s and early 70’s where the fat little blobs would have to actually move quickly. That and quit picking up kids so damned close to their schools. And… shoot all the pervs and pedophiles and pederasts out there. Make the world safe for kids to ride their bikes again.

    Oh, and instead of so much EBT cards, how about going back to Government Commodities for welfare? Blocks of government cheese and powdered milk and potatoes and stuff like that. Healthy(er) stuff than all the sugar-loaded crap.

    Then again, if the schools actually taught rather than indoctrinated, that would help also.

  8. Saw the “mystery” airplane earlier, but I was on my tablet that is best for just reading. I knew it was a B-66 for a couple of reasons; the main reason is the camouflage paint job. I noticed the antennas on it and the bulge behind the nose gear. Ah, I thought, a SIGINT or EW version. Did some research, and it appears to be an RB-66C. I knew someone back in my active duty days that had been a crew member on one of those. He sat in the back compartment, which had been the bomb bay. No access to the flight deck from there. And while the front crew had ejection seats, I think he said that the back end folks didn’t. That would be bad if the front crew ejected.

    • Film Reference: During the last days of the Vietnam War, USAF Lieutenant colonel Iceal E. “Gene” Hambleton call sign BAT-21 Bravo, is flying on board an EB-66C engaged in electronic countermeasures preparatory to a major bombing strike. Without warning, a number of SA-2 Guideline SAMs are launched from North Vietnam, targeting the aircraft. A SAM detonation tears off the tail and Hambleton, in the navigator’s position, “ejects” as the sole survivor of the six-man crew.

      Those in the back never had a chance.

      Back to the film BAT 21 — While still coming down by parachute, Hambleton makes radio contact with Captain Bartholomew “Birddog” Clark (Danny Glover), the pilot of a Cessna O-2 Skymaster, flying a forward air control mission near where the EB-66 was destroyed. Birddog becomes Hambleton’s link to rescue.

      Hambleton, an expert on electronic weapons systems and who holds valuable information, is known to the North Vietnamese, who begin an all-out search, attempting to capture him.

  9. EB-66, Vietnam era USAF jammer. Re Pegasus vs. Graphite, VERY similar… Just sayin… And anybody with heart problems SHOULD be talking to their cardiologist about ANY shots!

        • Us too. If you go and feel fine but want a check up, they WILL find something. Luckily I’m married to someone who knows medicine. I’ll go when I’m in real need or half dead. Not tempting fate, but skepticism of anything these days, including establishment medicine and their handlers, the insurance companies (who are in bed with Big Pharma and the government), is healthy and wise.

        • That’s very kind of you guys, but I’ve been out of clinical medicine for long enough that *I* don’t trust me to be up on the latest and greatest….

          But as to the big picture, I honestly believe a majority of MDs are aboard with the Covid/mRNA vaxx thing out of genuine belief; they aren’t “doing it for the money”. Physicians are generally NOT great at critical/independent thinking. And if anyone thinks “but they diagnose people, isn’t that critical thinking?” Well, no it usually isn’t. It’s mostly pattern recognition. Don’t get me wrong, most MDs are not stupid, but the school and training programs are to mold you into particular worldviews. Not in a deliberately evil or sneaky way, but because it works – usually. The training/indoctrination is not designed to deal with deliberate misinformation and propaganda, which is what I believe we are now getting from our “betters”.

          It’s very sad to see the rapid destruction of the trust that nurses and physicians (in that order) once had from the public.

  10. Re. Kids now-a-dsys:
    Something I have noticed is a lack of manual dexterity in our youth.
    Their thumbs work ok due to texting, but as far as other tasks they struggle.
    I attribute the lack of dexterity to childhood toys that are no longer in common use: Lincoln Logs, Pick-Up-Sticks, Paddle Ball, use of sling shots, whittling tieing knots, baiting a hook, etc.
    Legos probably fill some of the gap, but fine motor skills are not being developed as they were in past generations.

  11. The only exercise that will help you loose weight ,is pushing back from the table. A marathon will burn up a Big Mac . Don’t eat white food . Fat and protein , vegetables and a little fruit in season. It takes work , but it does work. Combine that with occasional fasting , and you will need new britches. I am not opposed to exercise , it’s good for many things , but weight loss ain’t one of them. Ymmv.


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