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Why are there citizen journalists? 

The mainstream media hates blogs like this one with a rampant passion. But why do we exist? Are we simply people with nothing better to do? We are the generally voiceless middle class. Most of us have raised or are raising families, we work and we feel that the balance and integrity that the mainstream media should have is TOTALLY lacking.

Most bloggers are disgusted with the bias of the mainstream media, which propelled Barack Obama, a man wholly unqualified to hold public office, let alone that of President of the United States. It goes a lot further than Obama, but he is emblematic of the problem.
Obama said that after his election, he will have more flexibility. He said this to Russia, who Obama also said is our biggest concern. The only reason he would need to wait until AFTER the election to have flexibility to do something with Russia would be that it will be unpopular, and would jeopardize his reelection chances. Either that, or outright illegal. Neither would surprise me. However, imagine how the mainstream media would have covered it if George W. Bush or Governor Mitt Romney made a similar secret pact with the President of the Russian Federation on an open microphone.
The news media is ignoring signs of mass revulsion towards President Obama. In the West Virginia Democrat primary, an incarcerated felon received 40% of the vote versus Obama. In deep blue Massachusetts and Connecticut, GOP Senate candidates are even, or leading in recent polls. In pro-union Wisconsin, Walker won by a country mile. But worst of all for Mr. Obama, several recent polls show Romney competitive in Illinois — Obama’s home state. Romney is actually winning by a landslide in the suburbs of Obama’s Chicago. Even in Cook County, the country’s biggest Democratic stronghold, Romney leads by double digits among independents (43-31) and white voters (53-40). These are very bad signs for Obama. But you won’t hear it on MSNBC, CNN or ABC.
After the 2010 census, electoral votes were added to states that lean Republican in elections: Texas, Florida, Arizona, Nevada, Georgia, South Carolina, and Utah. Deep blue Democrat states like New York, New Jersey, Illinois, Michigan, Minnesota, and Massachusetts lost electoral votes. Why is everyone running away from these ultra liberal, high tax states in the first place? Isn’t that alone proof of the failure of Democratic Party policies as applied in governing? Many bloggers are suspicious and voice their concerns, but you won’t see the Mainstream Media probing it.
The Tea Party was manufactured by a combination of abhorrent draconian behavior of Liberal icons such as Pelosi, Reid and Obama. The mainstream media still refers to Tea Party members in negative terms. Why such disrespect for a political opinion. They don’t show the same disdain for the Occupy Wall Street protesters who destroy, soil and defame. Why?
Enter the conservative bloggers. Be proud mainstream media. You’ve created us. 
You’ve forced us to delve into stories that you fail to cover fairly and thanks to the Internet, we are able to express our opinions to the world without censorship. No, we’re not professional journalists, but you’ll note that our numbers are swelling thanks to you.

9 thoughts on “Citizen Journalists (Bloggers)

  1. It's the little "throw away" comments people make when they think nobody is listening that reveal the most accurate character references. This is a repeat of Yamamoto's awakening the sleeping giant.

    I almost didn't recognize you without the shades, LL!

  2. That's a proud blogger there. Me too. I will not let media trolls or any other critics silence my patriotism.

  3. I'd be surprised if any of those members of the Tea Party who demonstrated had ever demonstrated before in their lives. Obama (like King George before him) forced Americans to choose and declare their patriotism and support of constitutional principles. As with your blog, MAINFO@BLOGSPOT.COM, we try to stand for something that we don't see coming out of New York and Washington DC.

  4. The leftist’s, the Independent’s, and the undecided can now easily make up their minds. After yesterdays hearing, there shouldn’t be any doubt in anyone’s mind that this bunch of filthy lairs are in over their hears and can not even get their lying Cover-Up story together. They themselves state that they had evidence that the State Dept. knew of the threat and still they did nothing. The disgusting Democrats have made a political game over the death of 4 Americans to protect their dishonorable president and Madam Sec. of State while honorable people have died because of them. Madam Sec. of State should either step down or be thrown out of offic ehe is in way over her head, just like her boss is. How can they look the American public in the face after what they did! And they still call Nixon names for what he did. What he did was small potatoes compared to being responsible for the murder of 4 loyal Americans who died for their country.
    And these are the people who making American policies, and want us to vote for them? Are they kidding. And where was Hillary during those hearings? Why did she send her assistant there instead of her being there? Does she know something we don't know, and was afraid that she would be forced to tell the truth ?

  5. Chic, Hillary has PRESIDENTIAL ambitions that are undiminished and she doesn't want to stain herself with this. I suspect that she feels that it will blow over. However if Mitt Romney wins two turns and Paul Ryan wins two terms, she can have her shot in 16 years when she's 97 years old…

  6. "Most bloggers are disgusted with the bias of the mainstream media, which propelled Barack Obama,"

    But I can't help but notice the silence from the Progressive Spinmeister. When the Silence is Deafening it can only mean one thing. And that is that the Progressive Spinmeister has nothing to say after the resounding defeat of her beloved Messiah and Savior Barack Hussein Obama, who got the shit kicked out of him at yesterdays hearings. And things are getting to be very scary for her in the polls. I say be very careful of false prophets, especially those that hide behind the skirts of their Subjects.
    And one more thing, Who is going to be our Commander in Chief of the Food Police, after the election?

    By the way, great blog you have here LL., keep up the fight.

  7. Redneck, I hope the food police will no longer have the fat bottomed girl as their cheer leader.

    And thanks for the kind words.

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