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Life, Death and Politics
On January 29, a bill came to the floor of the US Senate, which if passed, would ban late-term partial birth abortion. In this procedure, the baby is dismembered in utero and pulled piece by piece from the mother. One key lobby that opposed the bill banning the practice was the so-called Catholic lobby – members of the Senate who publicly identify as Catholics and receive political contributions on that basis.
The Catholic senators who vote to allow partial birth abortion to continue in America are (in alphabetical order for your convenience):
Maria Cantwell – Washington
Susan Collins -Maine
Dick Durbin – Illinois
Kirsten Gillibrand – New York
Heidi Heitkamp – North Dakota
Tim Kaine – Virginia
Patrick Leahy – Vermont
Ed Markey – Massachussetts
Catherine Cortez Masto – Nevada
Claire McCaskill – Missouri
Bob Menendez – New Jersey
Lisa Murkowski – Alaska
Patty Murray – Washington
Jack Reed – Rhode Island
Far more children are slain by Planned Parenthood in one day than are slain by all firearm violence in one year. While all slaying for fun and/or profit is a tragedy, the one most easily put on hold is the one supported by your tax dollars.

By way of disclaimer, I am not Catholic, but I found that lobby in the Senate voting this way seemed ironic in the extreme. I found the lack of condemnation from the Catholic Church against these US Senators to be shocking. Nothing in the press (besides the usual hatred toward President Trump), nothing in print, nothing from the Pope – no hint of excommunication of these most Catholic senators. I’ve waited two weeks to hear the response of the Catholic Church before posting this. At best a whimper – business as usual. 
The ‘Vicar of Christ on Earth/Lion of Christ’ is very vocal on the subject of ILLEGAL immigration, and on the need to embrace Muslim savages. Not so vocal on the subject of carving up a baby in utero like a Thanksgiving turkey. The man is a whited sepulcher — that’s just how I look at him. Are no lines drawn anywhere? Sure, they’re elected, sitting senators and can vote as they wish, but should they do so and remain Catholic?

18 thoughts on “Sunday Sermonette

  1. The simple answer is no.

    They should be ex-communicated that very instant.

    But sadly Rome, and the Cardinals & Bishops are too busy destroying our one true Faith as fast as they can.

    They're CINOs like the Republicans are RINOs.

    But the Church will survive these serpents. She has prevailed before against much worst than these commies.

  2. I was raised a Catholic, but lapsed a very long time ago, The mind boggling hypocrisy of the church goes back a long way. The Kennedys broke commandments left and right with nary a word from the church. The current activist pope gets involved in every commie cause in the world, but not one word about late term abortion. Wickedness abounds and not just in the flock.

  3. Easy – They have essentially excommunicated themselves by latae sententiae (sentence already passed.) A latae sententiae excommunication is one that is incurred by the law itself, thus, in a sense, automatically, without any degree or decision of a bishop or Tribunal judge. Such an excommunication is incurred simply by doing some act freely, knowingly, and deliberately, and with certain conditions being met.

    If they are receiving communion (which no priest should be allowing, but do), they are also committing a serious sin of sacrilege.

    Add to all that the sin of scandal – leading others into sin, and you have a whole hand basket of bad juju they're raining down on their heads.

    I don't even want to consider the fate of priests, Bishops, and Cardinals, who are encouraging such thinking and by their silence condoning it.

    And, yes, we will survive.

  4. Reveling in the blood of the unborn strikes me as the worst sort of craven behavior. I didn't want to do an anti-Catholic rant, but I feel that if they as a church want to be true to their faith, they, the leadership, should take a stand against the slaughter of babies.

  5. It's not about survival, at least not to me. It's about somebody in authority in the faith standing up for what they profess to believe and holding legislators accountable for what they do. Legislating lawful homicide of the unborn even when viable outside of the womb — is something beyond the pale.

    And I simply wanted to call out the legislators and the clergy who support them (even if only by silence – which means consent). It's just one blog that people don't pay attention to – but what kind of person would I be if I remained silent?

  6. LL – when I started my blog it was called Adrienne'sCatholic Corner. I soon discovered that politics was much tamer then swimming in the Catholic ocean.

    Anyone (Catholic), who is paying the least bit of attention, can see the road some of the higher up's in the Church are traveling is running parallel to the road the secular peeps are treading down.

    The question is which came first. Is secular society following in the footsteps of the Church or the other way around?

    The Church is being divided just as secular society is being divided.

    I know my faith. While not qualifying as a theologian or canon lawyer, my upbringing before the time of Vatican II, and my approximately 10 years of teaching both adult and young people religious education has qualified me to see things the average (particularly today) pew potato fails to understand.

    What the bishops and this current whack job in the Vatican are doing, or not as is the case, is shameful.

    It is the reason I attend a "traditional" parish, which, I might add, is thriving and overflowing with young families having beau coup babies.

    When we say we will survive, it simply means that no matter how hard the evil one assaults the Church, which he has been doing since day one, the "gates of hell will not prevail."

    Is it hard to keep the faith? You betcha!

  7. I think it was Og, Neanderpundit, who said, "we've had horrible popes in the past and have survived them, so we'll survive this one, too". I'm not Catholic, but I can see how the enemy is targeting them on every front. Therefore, I have to conclude the church (that is, the people) are doing good and so the enemy targets the Catholic leadership to sow division and attempt to weaken them.

    What I know about Catholicism wouldn't fill a thimble, but what Adrienne says about them excommunicating themselves sure rings true.

  8. Well said, LL. I might have to quote you…

    You'd think heinous PBA would be something everyone could agree on banning. But no.

    These people are fast in the grip of Moloch. And the Priests, Bishops and Cardinals who support them by their silence have the greater sin.

    They will be relentlessly destroyed by Holy Spirit and the devil they worship.

    Here endeth the Lesson.

  9. We've had some bad Pope's, but this is the first time that I can recall one who appears to promote open heresy.

    I'm not Catholic, but I can see how the enemy is targeting them on every front. Therefore, I have to conclude the church (that is, the people) are doing good and so the enemy targets the Catholic leadership to sow division and attempt to weaken them.


    Sometimes it's easier for an "outsider" to hone in on the truth. Good job, Graybeard!

  10. And are sucking a lot of stupid women into joining with them – and businesses to fund their satanic practices. All that it takes for evil to prosper is that the good among us do nothing.

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