Multiple Projectile Ammunition (MPA)

I mentioned that I bought some MPA for .45 Colt, to be fired from my Ruger Super Redhawk Alaskan.  Kle asked for more information. Here you go (link).  There are some cut-away pictures on the 5 minute video.

But while we’re talking about Lehigh Defense ammunition, you ought to look at this as well. It’s a short video. I’ve heard people balk at the price of some of the more exotic (and effective) defensive ammunition sold by Lehigh Defense, but you get what you pay for, in my opinion. It’s not training ammo. It’s go-to-war ammo.

Taurus Judge

.45 Taurus Judge – maximum expansion ammunition test. The Taurus Judge will also shoot .410 shotgun rounds.




If you put a round through his forearm, it makes it difficult for the terrorist to pull the trigger.


    • At close range it presents a number of wound channels, with lower penetration, good for indoors when you don’t want to clip somebody beyond the dry wall.

  1. “Freddy Krueger” bullets. Impressive. Talk about full energy transfer.

    I have no range time with any of the Judge series. From observation, is appears that the rifled barrel spins out the shot pattern somewhat, which is likely irrelevant at card table distance.

    Saw this in a meme the other day–

    1) “I said fire a warning shot”.
    2) “That was a warning shot”.
    1) “You shot him in the face”.
    2) “Yes, and now all his compatriots are suitably warned”.

    • I’m not big on warning shots. It wastes a round.

      Exactly, though. 90% of all police shootings are 0-7 feet, which is emblematic of a self-defense incident. I advocate for a mixed ammo choice in a wheel gun or a semi-auto. The last two rounds or so should be penetrators.

  2. I enjoyed shooting that Redhawk and want one. Of course I want all guns. Hmmmm.

    I’d say young Kyle did pretty well and far better than most would’ve done in his situation. Note — he only shot the immediate aggressors. Let’s hope his legal team prevail in this. Kid’s clearly a patriot.

    Still, tbh, I’d have been dismayed if one of my sons ended up at Kenosha at the age of 17 with one of my ARs looking for a rumble. Am I wrong in thinking this?

    The Dems who enabled and caused this UTTER wickedness need to be held to account. Perhaps on Nov 3 they will be.

    • I may have some somewhere. I haven’t ever shot anyone or anything with one. I think there are much better options.

    • They were okay, I always felt they were more hype than substance and were overpriced. I only shot static targets so can’t speak to effectiveness vs real ones.

    • In my experience they were crap. Two calibers, and both batches had primers that required multiple hits, and one had a cartridge that never lit off. .25acp and .38spl.

  3. Okay, stacked disks. Looks pretty dang good within it’s range profile, and the vast majority of handgun engagements are very close.

    That “maximum expansion” bullet is amazing, I’m surprised it held together.

    Looks like both are probably good news on overpenetration too!

    Thanks for the links.

  4. What I see is a random pattern of hits. When the pattern diameter varies by a factor of x2 at that short distance, I see a potential problem. Probably okay shooting across your kitchen when some BG kicks in the back door, but in a crowded store with said BG shooting clerks or customers while your family members are scattered around? Not so much. If you are limiting yourself to bad breath distance due to this limitation, might as well just carry a small gun like a .32 or .380, and at least get the benefit of a more concealable carry.
    Thirty years ago, Remington had multi-ball ammo. 38spl had two balls, and .357 had three, IIRC. I don’t recall if they did this with other calibers. IIRC, this at least patterned reasonably consistently in the 7 to 15 yard range. Still, you launch it, you own it. Some years back, a San Jose cop fired a 12ga 00 load at a BG on the street. A single pellet hit another cop directing traffic a block away and killed him.

    • The “golden BB” – if it’s your time… but other than that, the .45 multi-projectile is designed for point blank range shooting. Clearly, you wouldn’t want that load if you’re more than 10 feet away for the reason you cited. Inside a house, it’s a good choice because of light penetration of walls, as a general load with the Casull, I use Hornady hollow points.

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