In Syria, Operation Olive Branch has stalled as a few Kurds, fighting for their homes are standing up to the Turkish Army. The Turks are claiming to have killed 1,500 Kurdish men, women and children in their effort to ethnically cleanse Northern Syria of Kurds. Independent sources put the number at about 300. 
CNN-TURK is trying to be optimistic and paint a picture of Turkish valor against difficult odds. Imagine that. Turkish armored and armored infantry divisions against far fewer Kurds defending their homes — where is the valor in that for Turks? The Kurds have been successful and fought the Turkish armored fist to a standstill. When the Turks send armor and helicopters forward, they’re destroyed. 
Turks using the “law of probability” in 
assessing casualties smacks of weakness.
Some of the Turkish success has been had from sending sniper teams forward. It’s low intensity and the loss of a couple of snipers here and there doesn’t impact the Turkish loss in terms of absolute numbers. A couple dozen snipers won’t take Afrin or hold ground for the Turks. The Turks planned to have snipers keep the anti-tank missile teams heads down wile the armor moved forward. Their problem with that metric is that the missiles range is triple or more the range of the best case sniper shot. It’s a very weak move for the Turks.
There best chance for success would be to move a division of dismounted infantry forward and overwhelm the Kurds with bodies, but that would cost a lot of meat and would end up being unpopular at home. Likewise the Turks could keep sending armor in until the Kurds ran out of missiles to destroy them…
President’s Day Plans
I do have plans for the day, but they revolve around hanging out in the US and letting people who work for me do the heavy lifting elsewhere. (the loyal workers would ask, “what’s new with that?”) I’m available on the phone if there’s a foul up. And I’m around if the White House calls for advice. They are working today, holiday notwithstanding.
A friend of mine named “H” expressed surprise that I’m still working at age 62. I pointed out that it’s difficult to call it “work”. It’s not like genuine “work” that I once did.  
I haven’t watched the Winter Olympics on TV yet. I doubt that I’ll do that today.
I’m eating breakfast while I type this blog. Left-over fried chicken and rolls (home made) from last night. I’m not a big left-over eater guy, but fried boneless, skinless breast filets and rolls never go to waste (they go to waist).
Have a splendid day.


  1. I don't guess the Turk and Kurds are taking President's day off, either. And one of my favorite late night snacks, when it is available, is cold fried chicken and a beer, or coffee or a coke… what ever the taste buds crave at the time. My waist can attest to that, too.

  2. My husband is of Armenian heritage on his mother's side so I can't even print how he feels about the Turks. Anything that hurts them is alright by him.

    As to left-over 'friend' (one of two typos) chicken for breakfast, it's the same stomach to me no matter what time it is.
    I've eaten worse.

  3. And now Sultan Erdogan is threatening to invade Greek islands in his ongoing attempt to restore the glory of the Ottoman Empire and establish a new Jihad Caliphate. Maybe the Afrin adventure will make the Sultan think twice.

    I'm eating leftover venison. Right tasty!


  4. This morning at 5 am when I wrote the post, I washed it down with Dr. Pepper – which combined with the roll and chicken was indeed a breakfast of champions.

  5. There's no excuse for the typo's.

    I'm trying to keep those of you who read this blog up to speed with the Turkish Army with it's might and prestige invading its southern neighbor with the intent of wiping out a particular genetic strain of people that it hates…and it's amusing to see them humiliated.

  6. Yes, the Turks have also turned their bloodshot eyes on the Greeks in the hopes that invading something belonging to the Greeks (who are just down their hate list from Kurds and Armenians) will be easier to capture. It also diverts the headlines from their misadventure in Syria.

  7. It might be more humiliating if the Greeks recovered Constantinople than if the US did. Maybe the Kurds could help them.

  8. And I wonder how much, if any, covert aid the Kurds are getting from us, likely through some third party if given. It's like peeling an onion – so many layers.

  9. Boring is good. I don't want adventures, because an adventure is someone in deep $#!+ in a bad place. (I'm not a "screamer" management-wise, but one of the few times I've read an intern the riot act was when an ER rotator loudly expressed the hope that we'd "have lots of codes [code blues] tonight". That person was also wriggling with excitement the day we were going to essentially euthanize a terminal patient. I still don't know if she was inherently a sick puppy, or just terribly naive and immature. Hawaiian/Filipina incidentally. A lot of what she did and said rubbed me the wrong way, so I gotta admit that by the time all that went down I had s decided bias against her.)

  10. The first batch of aid will likely see them through "Olive Branch". I think that we had to promise not to give them anymore. Eventually the Turks will declare victory and leave.

  11. My Aunt Sally always is mystified at just how many left overs there are that she sees the morning after her 'feast' she put out for the guests the night before. And nobody is clamoring for them in the morning any more than they were the night before.


    She figures she just made too much delicious food last night, and that her guests just aren't morning people. Mystery solved.

    The Fredd clan, however, knows the truth here, and it's not just a measuring cup issue. And the truth is that Aunt Sally would probably wash out of Army cooking school. And simply washing out of Army cook school is putting a happy face on things: she would be drummed out.

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