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I’ve mentioned this topic before on my blog. In Mexico, military style weapons are illegal.

The best source of high grade military weaponry to US citizens is Mexico. They are smuggled across the border the same as drugs are and are sold for top dollar. They are sourced in the Middle East, and from military stores in Central America (sold out the back door for cash by underpaid soldiers in banana republics with no ‘end user certificate’).
Democrats complain about too many guns. You’d think that they would want the border wall to be constructed to keep them out — from the country where they are more illegal than they are in the USA… if you take my point. But the Dem’s could not possibly care less.

The progressive firearms arguments make no sense unless you’re a chowderhead. The murderous little scrote who killed the kids in the school shooting would have obtained a firearm illegally if he hadn’t bought it legally, and he might have purchased a better grade of weapon.

Build the Wall (and lock Her up).


  1. I wonder sometimes what it will take to make Law Enforcement agencies like FBI and others receiving information about people obviously representing trouble more responsive. There seem to be enough information to know that the profile of some people are more risky than others. Mass shootings seem to be a US phenomenon and there is no sign it will stop in the near future. A combination of a more talented handling of the available information and follow-up on potential maniacs, a more efficient vetting process and training of sales people in guns shops in combination with what it takes to minimize damages if something happen could probably help without creating a totalitarian state with no guns. I worked in a task force and wrote a government white paper some years ago looking into homicides within a 5 years’ time period. My impression is that a lot can be done by using available information since many people (family, friends, neighbors, professionals and colleagues) have reported they are concerned to the police in advance of the homicide. The person committing the crime will obviously find something to take out his or her anger/frustration/demons. This can be a knife or a gun and for terrorists a vehicle or acid used by Muslims to push their women. Sales people can also become more aware and critical if they are trained properly. Good vetting routines and a system can also help sales people not to sell if they have concerns and thus gain time to inform LEA to check the motives of the person. Having a document from a third party like a shooting club knowing the person can also help if they recommend the person based on merits. Having a well-trained organization (school, workplace etc.) with routines and systems in place including people who know how to take out bad guys is also an option in the same way as people are trained in CPR. Risk objects (schools, shopping malls etc.) can also install better equipment to detect and control risk. I guess Israel has a lot to offer when it comes to experience in these matters. Criminals will never experience any trouble in getting what they want if they have some patients. There are made millions of AK-47 available on the black market and Africa, the Middle East, Balkan and Eastern Europe are saturated with all kinds of weaponry available for the right price. Still politicians tend to focus on the law obedient hunters and gun owners as the main problem. I guess the UK politicians have been willing to go to the extreme end of the scale and tried to forbid any kind of private ownership of guns. In 2017 they still experienced "The increasingly violent nature of England and Wales is underlined by double-digit increases in types of violent crime that, although low in volume, cause significant harm and alarm. They include a 27% rise in gun crime to 6,696 offences, a 26% increase in knife crime to 36,998 offences." Only criminals carry guns in the UK these days. And younger generations will have no training in handling a gun and as the army continue to diminish the island will have only a few police officers and criminals to defend them.

  2. Your masterful analysis of the 22 July 2011 shooting events (two sequential lone wolf terrorist attacks by Anders Behring Breivik) in Norway showed that the police there were not ready to confront a situation they never thought would reach there. (for reference to this blog's readers, John wrote the definitive after-action evaluation as a member of a blue ribbon team in Norway)

    In the US and in this situation, there were literally dozens of warning signs that things were going to get bad. Everyone knew or should have known from neighbors, to school officials, to the local city police and county sheriffs to the FBI. They all took some action within the spheres of their jurisdictions with the exception of the FBI, which looks bad for having tried to engineer a coup d'etat quite separate from this.

    In a free society, what can you do about a person who hasn't broken any law (yet) and is clearly a psycho? Can you deprive him of life, liberty or property for being a nut?

    Everyone who reads this blog knows people who can be classified as "nuts", yet most of those people are generally harmless.

    There is no legislation that will protect society from crazy people, not even in Israel where the targets are hard – but if you want to trade your life for a target, it can be done.

  3. Further — when I lived and worked in Northern Ireland in the mid-70's, Belfast's city center was surrounded by a wall. Every store had people who frisked you when you went in to buy something. AND STILL, there were bombings. It wasn't as bad as it was in the rest of N. Ireland, but they got bombs and firearms in through all that security.

  4. Cartels have started their own weapons manufacturing. If you had billions of dollars, how hard would it be to set up a few plants in a country like Mexico? People are trainable, cops and government officials bribable, and equipment can be pretty easily had. Probably hardest thing is the barrels and that is not too hard for skilled toolmakers / machinists.

  5. Most of your readers will agree focusing on the tools used, firearms, is a cheap and easy feel good exercise. What needs to change is the effort to make us a nation of pussies, IMO. Did anyone note the actions of the closest thing to warriors in that school, sports coaches and the ROTC program?

  6. There are 3 main ethnicities in this rural Texan haven. 2 of them account for most of the crime, 1 of them is particularly criminal.

    Perhaps we need TWO walls, one on the border and another elsewhere.

    Make that THREE. We need a special one for Hillary and the coup conspirators.

    Lock her up.

  7. Back in the dark ages when I graduated high school, 1961, a 30-40 Krag in a scabbard was in the back seat of my old Ford. Probably half the boys and several girls had rifles in their vehicles. Handguns and shotguns were a rarity but that was a regional thing. Very rural with a lot of ranch kids made firearms so common as to not be remarked upon. Nobody got shot though fist fights were common.

  8. And nobody will say a word about the SSRI's (prozak,etc) handed out like candy, that have been shown in multiple studies worldwide to induce suicidal and homicidal impulses in a small fraction of people under 25. Apparently in the EU there are strict controls on SSRI's for those under 25, for this reason.
    There is a warning on the box. Almost every school shooter was taking them. This is no secret, just look up ssri aggressive side effects on the web.
    It has an eerie resemblance to the plotline in the movie "Serenity", where an entire planet was drugged to ensure peace, and a small fraction went berserk from side effects.
    Apparently the drug companies have enough clout to keep things quiet.
    Prozak was introduced in 1988. So when did these school attacks start?
    Here is a list from Wiiki- not sorted for outliers like the Kent state shooting. Note the clear break from 1991 to 1976 and older.

    2018, 14 February – Marjory Stoneman Douglas High school shootings – (17 dead)
    2017, November 14 – Rancho Tehama Reserve shootings – (6 dead)
    2015, 1 October – Umpqua Community College shooting – (10 dead)
    2014, October 24- Marysville Pilchuck High School shooting – (5 dead)
    2013, June 7 – 2013 Santa Monica shooting – (6 dead)
    2012, December 14- Sandy Hook Elementary School shootings – (28 deaths)
    2012, 2 April – Oikos University shooting – (7 deaths)
    2008, February 14 – Northern Illinois University shooting – (6 deaths)
    2007, 6 April – Virginia Tech massacre – (33 deaths)
    2006, October 2 – West Nickel Mines School shooting – (6 deaths)
    2005, 21 March – Red Lake shootings – (10 deaths)
    1999, 20 April – Columbine High School massacre – (15 deaths)
    1998, May 21 – Thurston High School shooting – (4 deaths)
    1998, March 24 – Mitchell Johnson and Andrew Golden – (5 deaths)
    1991, 1 November – University of Iowa shooting – (6 deaths)
    1976, 12 July – Fulerton, California – (7 deaths)
    1970, 4 May – Kent State shootings (4 deaths)
    1966, 12 November – Mesa, Arizona – (5 deaths)
    1966, 1 August – University of Texas tower shooting – (17 deaths)
    1940, May 6 – Pasadena – (5 deaths)
    1893, December 13 – Charleston – (6 deaths)
    1893, March 26 – Plain Dealing high school – (4 deaths)

    People keep saying. "what has changed? Why have our kids gone crazy? This is as clear a correlation as can be, but nobody among the press or the Gov wants to even mention it.

  9. I am not going to argue the point because I don't know, but usually, they just land sea containers full of AK-47's, ammo, etc. at Manzanillo and ship them by road to the narcos who need another container.

    And while we're on the subject, I can't say that Hillary is any less corrupt than the average Mexican politician…nor are any of the democrat cadre.

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